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I like Tim Lones because.....

One of my oldest online friends is Tim Lones. Tim and I first got acquainted with each other through the media message boards. He is one who can be really called a media geek, which in his case is a compliment.

Tim writes a blog called Cleveland Classic Media. In it he relives the old days of television. You see, we were both in our infancy during the inancy of television. He also posts a bit about radio.

As I have wrote before, Tim puts a lot of effort in his blogs. He lives with his wife, Linda, in Canton, Ohio and due to physical problems doesn't drive. But he will take the bus to Cleveland and Youngstown in order to do research for his blog, which for him is a labor of love. He has an extensive collection of TV guide magazines and also goes into microfilm files at the library to get material for his blog. In fact the newspaper article in my last post was gleaned from his blog.

Another thing Tim keeps up on, is events happening around the area pertaining to television history. He posted October 5 about a special airing later this month on PBS 45/49 called, Turn Blue:The short life of Ghoulardi. He also has some info about the upcoming Ghoulardifest.

If you haven't yet read Cleveland Classic Media, give yourself plenty of time to go over and read it. Even if you aren't from the area, there will be something of interest to you.


Tim Lones said…
Thanks for the shout...You were my inspiration to start blogging in the first place..Its been fun, pretty much, except when you run out of things to write about on occasion..I am gratified by the response to the blog..Thanks again for your freiendshp..We have to meet someday..
clean and crazy said…
i am on my way, thanks for the way you so graciously introduce me to others in this blogging world!!
Mike Golch said…
I'm truckin' on over.
Hey Cliff Cant Wait Till Next Weekend Our Show =) but kinda sad cuz band season is wraping up soon... Could You tell me the names of the bands at our show this year?. ive been updateing my site some... iam still behind on my posts from some games and band shows i really need to get this stuff up on my page!! my post that iam currently working on is a long one thats why iam so behind... i plan on useing my digital camera this year too film our show i usually use my camcorder but it goes dead in no time anymore and the digital camera i buy the long lasting lithum batteries or how ever you spell that. and let me tell you they last a VERY long time i taped the whole band show in wooster with out haveing to change em... my camera is the best! =)just hope it never goes bad. when i use my camcorder i can only tape so much but i can taped as much as i want with my camera... the only thing is the batteries are NOT cheap!!!

your pal

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