Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things are looking up!

I'm still around and I'm enjoying summer some.

Also, after 9 months on the job, things are going quite well. There are opportunities presenting themselves.

In the past 18 plus months, I have learned quite a bit about patience. And it is true where it says in the Bible that tribulation brings patience. And I'm also realizing that I'm not too old to advance anymore in life.

Many time in our life we impose a glass ceiling over ourselves that starts with the word "too", as in too old, too young, too inexperienced, etc. Zig Ziglar likens it to putting a lid on a jar of fleas. The fleas start out by jumping high enough to hit the transparent lid. They keep on doing this until they realize that they cannot make it out of the jar. We do the same things, but after listening to enough SNIOPs (Susceptible to the Negative Opinions of Other People) we have a glass ceiling that we feel we can't make it above. We have to clear our minds of all this and fill our minds with good positive thoughts.

I found that 9 months ago I was at entry level of a new profession. Most of the time I try to do the best I can and now it's starting to pay off. I'm making it above the "too old" glass ceiling. The "white stuff on top of my head" has no bearing on my future success.