Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My friend, Dick

Well, I figure I will get quite a few hits for the wrong reasons with this title. I will explain this and my photo.

I received the t-shirt from Richard Henry, the president of Henry Tools, inc., this past Monday. I promised Dick I would have my picture taken wearing the shirt and would post it on Facebook. I also figured I would post it on my blog. Why? I'll tell you.

At my last job, I was a quality inspector. My office was adjoining the maintenance supervisor's office. Whenever someone came to see Charlie, the maintenance supervisor, they had to go past my desk. Some would go by and say hi, or give me a nod on their way to Charlie's office. Dick Henry would come through and would always stop and inquire as to how I was doing, sometimes spending several minutes shooting the breeze. He was one of only a few who even knew my name.

Long time readers of this blog know that I was called into the outgoing company president's office on December 31, 2009 to be informed that I was being laid off. A few of my former coworkers contacted me through Facebook to inquire as to how I was doing, and I have talked to some over the phone. But in all fairness, life goes on.

Within the month after my layoff, I get this call at home. It was Dick. He called to see how I was doing. Besides those in the HR department calling about my COBRA, Dick was the first one to just check up on me, and he was a vendor. Not only that, he has maintained email contact with me over the past 2-1/2 years. Dick was one of the first from there to know when I got my current job. He also kept up with me when I broke my ankle last fall, and congratulated me when I was honored a few months ago as employee of the month. I have also been chastised by Mr. Henry when I don't let him know how I'm doing.

If you are reading these words and you use pneumatic tools, such as grinders and chipping hammers, check out, or call 1-800-826-5257. Henry Tools are American made and durable.