Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long life comes to an end

We got a call yesterday evening. My great uncle had passed away. He was 94 years old. The best thing about this was that he was ready to go home to the Lord. He had been saved since he was 93.

Of course getting to 94 took some doing. Perry had taken real good care of himself and told me to stay away from white bread.

I'll miss him. It was neat to have my grandfather's brother around. It's getting lonely as my parents have passed on, and so have all their brothers and sisters.

Also makes me the oldest Feightner on this branch of the family tree. Funny, I don't feel much like a patriarch.

I like Chelle because....

Early February, my family was going through it's latest crisis. Liquid put a prayer request for me and my family on her site. One of the bloggers who saw this and came over here to give her support was Chelle. So, being the good guy blogger I am, I went to her blog, Life is What You Make it, to check her out.

I found we have some things in common. She's a behavorial health worker and I'm a behavorial health recipient. We both also think the world of Liquid. Chelle is a cousin of Liquid's soon to be ex-husband, but even after the legal relationship ends the two intend to be closer than sisters.

Soon after we got on each other's blog rolls, Chelle responded to a challenge to go through the alphabet, a letter a day. She was also supposed to post a picture for it. So when she got to "C" she originally posted about "creativity." I left a comment that she hadn't posted a picture and gave her a suggestion on a "c" post with a picture . She then wrote another paragraph about me, complete with my picture.

Chelle was also there for me when my brother passed away last month. She was one of the people who wrote a post in his memory. And she left a message in the online guest book.

Chelle is currently on the injured list after participating in the dangerous sport of gardening.

Chelle also has a poetry blog, Thoughts From My World. Check it out, as she is very creative.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grandparent's revenge

Yesterday evening, our daughter, Martha, of Welcome to My Crazy Life fame, came to visit. She brought our three wonderful grandchildren with her. Ben, the oldest, wanted to play outside, so he went in back to get a bicycle. He brought up a 13 inch bike, much too big for him. It had training wheels on it and his sister, Makenna, was trying to get on it. Ben saw that she was trying, so he decided he wanted to then get on that bike. after a struggle, Makenna backed up, started stomping her feet and screaming. I had to her mother that Makenna was having a "Martha fit," named after our oldest child who made this famous.

Ahh yes. What goes around, comes around...

Monday, April 28, 2008

An award I have to give

Usually I hand these out at the end of the year, but I made a new friend today and under the circumstances, I have to give her an award.

This is the "You make me think" top Banana, and it goes to Cathouse Teri. Teri visited my Seek Him First blog today and brought up some good points about forgiveness. We also bantered back and forth on her blog The Road Lester Traveled. Teri, you gave me a few smiles and a few new wrinkles in my forehead today.

Mississippi Girl-Dedicated to Liquid

We're praying for you!
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A weird day when you look at it

This evening, Mrs74 and I went to the world's largest employer to get a few items. When we went to check out we decided to use the self check outs. Everything scanned fine, then come the time to pay. I had two 20 dollar bills. The bill accepter didn't want either. That struck me as funny that the Evil Big Box Store(tm) wouldn't take my money.

Earlier in the day I was watching the NASCAR race. It was being run at Talladega, deep south, Dale Jr. country. Also very American. The race was won by Kyle Busch in the #18 M&M's Toyota. Second place was Juan Pablo Montoya. He's from Columbia, by the way.

Must be a cold day in the place of eternal punishment.

Repost: All I'm askin', is for a little respect!

Cliff Note: This post was originally written a little over a year ago. Because of the subject matter, and to remind us that words do hurt...a lot, I want to post it again.

I think one problem with people today is that they lost respect for others. That is why we have the language problems I discussed in my last post.

The death penalty was carried out in Ohio today(April 24, 2007). Some think it's a deterrent to crime. I think a bigger deterrent would be to teach children some good old fashioned respect. And applying the board of education to the seat of learning wouldn't hurt either, at least not in the long run.

Catering to the least common denominator as your audience and dissing anyone who wishes to disagree with what you do certainly isn't respect. Remember you reap what you sow. You plant disrespect, you will harvest disrespect.

Sometimes we promote disrespect when we talk to young people. I've been guilty of this in the past. Teenagers will say hi Mr. Jones, or hello Mrs. Smith. They will reply, call me John, or please call me Mary. Mrs. Smith makes me feel old. Instead you should compliment their parents for doing a good job of rearing them.

I have been haunted for the past 32 years of something that happened after I graduated from high school that maybe disrespect from students, including myself, helped cause.

When I was at Highland High School, I was in a senior math class taught by a first year teacher. His name was Mr. McCormick. We started out by calling him Cy, short for Cyrus, the inventor of the reaper. Well for the last period senior math class, that was one of the mildest things we called him. We took him to the limit including using every curse word known to man. Some carried it further than that. One person even kicked the fender of his car in. I spent more than my fair share of time in the hall during that period. I had even heard Mr. McCormick was reduced to crying because of what was done to him.

The following spring, I came home from work one day and my brother showed me the paper. Mr. McCormick had jumped off a bridge in Akron. I was told he had other issues, but I wonder if we had attempted to show some respect if maybe we could have prevented it. I say we because, in this case I was part of a mob mentality.

I think of this often.

Cliff Note 2:The following is a comment on the original post, left by Struke. I felt I had to make it a part of the post.

That is a powerful story. Good one there, WIXY.

You hit it on the head with respect. I have had my fair share of students who "pop off" and see nothing wrong with it. I think because we live in a time where it's been seen as ok to challenge authority but these kids don't understand that there is a proper time and place to challenge authority instead of personally insulting the teacher or making a scene in front of the class. I always tell the class about the proper time/place thing.

One of my favorite teachers in high school at Massillon ran a tight ship in class when I was there. I respected him tremendously. Unfortunately, times change and so did the students. Supposedly, this teacher had enough and one day, just left school, never to come back again. He walked out after having 30+ years in.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mean People SUCK

And so do thoughtless teenagers, and their parents who should have brought them up better.

I'm proud of you Sindi, for sticking up for your friend.

I am proud of your efforts so far, Stacy.

And I apologize for the non Christian like tones of the title of this post.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hand washing questions

Today we had to go into Wadsworth to take care of some business. No time to prepare supper, so it was dinner at Wendy's. Good thing there is no reservation required. Only problem was there was no specials and we had no coupons. I hear the Burger King in Meridian Ms. was having a fire sale.

Anyway, I had to use the restroom(I would say little boys room, but Liquid gave that term a new meaning the past couple of days,) and I notice this sign on the mirror-"Please wash your hands before returning to work." Well I figure I didn't want to wait 12 hours before I washed my hands again, so I washed them there.

However I have some common sense questions about hand washing in public restaurants. You see, at one time, I was a health care worker and had many in service classes on hand washing. Most public places shoot that all to blazes. First, when you have a hand dryer, how do you turn off the water, as you have no paper towels to turn the faucet handle with? Next thing is how many viruses are on the door handle that you have to turn to open the door?

This panic inducing post has been a public service of the staff and management of WIXY's Gone Bananas. It is not necessarily the views of Blogger, Google, or Myron Derhammer.

Why do I blog?

Like Diamond said in her A Day in the Zone blog, I am addicted to blogging. Yeah I promoted her again. She pays well.

I originally started blogging because I have a desire to communicate. First, I wanted to be in radio. First as a disc jockey, then as a sportscaster, then back to being a disc jockey. Never happened. My fault.

I never met a microphone I didn't like. First when I worked at Broadview Developmental Center, in a variety of things. Then when I later worked at Wal-Mart, people loved my announcements over the public address. Since the 2000 football season, I've been announcing halftime shows.

I also enjoying answering the phone in professional situations.
"Thank you for calling your Fretter Superstore. This is Cliff speaking, how can I help you?"

When I was at Wal-Mart, when everybody else in the department would answer the phone, "Electronics" I would answer "Thak you for calling Wal-Mart Electronics. This is Cliff speaking, how can I help?"

Even nowadays, I answer my phone at work with more than twice as many words than anybody else.

Just seems that blogging would be another way of expressing myself. Mary Ann at work says that maybe blogging is what I was meant to do.

I like the promotion aspect of my blog too. When I can send some of my readers over to somebody elses blog, that gives me a good feeling. I feel that we all have a unique message to tell one another and I also feel that we can help one another with a question or struggle we might have.

I like the group that assembles here. I like the friends I can see and those I have never and may never meet in this lifetime. I can touch those, via the World Wide Web, that I could have never touch if I went into radio.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Personal to Liquid

Is the Burger King in your town having a special on flame broiled Whoppers? Just curious.

Monday, April 21, 2008

New blog by a current friend using a slightly different name.

Update 04/23/08: Diamond explains her "Nonsense" blog in one of her posts today.

I have known for awhile that Diamond, of A Day in The Zone fame, is also known throughout Bloggerita-ville(copyright Liquid) as Diamond Sapphire and under that name has a blog called "Nonsense, Fun, Tears, Happiness, and Anger all rolled into one." This blog deals more into Diamond's personal life than A Day in the Zone. Since we all aim to lift each other up and are supportive to each other, I recommend you all check it out. I always like to support a fellow quality inspector.

Also be in prayer for Diamond's family, as she has a sister in law who is in some legal trouble. That is the topic of Diamond's latest A Day in the Zone post.

Oh and the "Nonsense" blog is Diamond's first blog. Enjoy your visit there while you catch up on her life as you get to know our friend better.

Murray Saul-the "Get Down" man.

Thanks to John Gorman, author of "The Buzzard"
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

More from the sountrack of my life...

Cliff Note: One thing I neglected to mention when I originally wrote this post is the period of time covered in the book was from 1973-1988. I apologize for that omission.

In northeast Ohio, John Gorman is either deified or demonized by those associated with radio. A large part of his legacy will be an FM radio station that he, and several other folks with a common vision helped build into a powerhouse-WMMS.

WMMS/100.7 started out as a progressive, album oriented radio station and exploded into one of the most popular Cleveland radio stations of all time.

The Buzzard is John Gorman's account of the glory days-1973-1988- of WMMS, the radio station that was very influential in launching the careers of many rock acts that would have possibly faded into obscurity. WMMS was also one of the many voices in the area that helped Cleveland land the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and museum.

I write this post more as a fan of the station during it's glory years, than as a onetime broadcast student. I was one of the many listeners who would enjoy things like the weekend salute, and in this book, I was able to read the story about how Gorman turned a phone call that Murray Saul made to his elderly aunt into an idea that turned into a Friday afternoon tradition for many of us. Many of us remember Murry Saul as the get down man. One of the many humorous stories that Gorman relates in the book takes place during a live "get down," when during the end of the "salute," things reached a frenzy, Saul dropped his microphone and a fan picked it up. You will have to get the book to read what the listener said into the mike.

I wanted to read the book because I was a fan 30 years ago. I was also intrigued when I was reading a sample chapter of the book and saw that Gorman was a fan of Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie, two of my favorite motivational authors, and that he recommended their books to those he worked with.

He was also an advocate of "guerrilla marketing," which was how WMMS became one of the best advertised radio stations around despite a low advertising budget. I know. I had my share of buzzard t-shirts and bumper stickers. Yes I paid to advertise their radio station, as back in the day a good part of my wardrobe was WMMS t-shirts.

If you're a fan of radio history, you owe it to yourself to read "The Buzzard." It's a story of the benefits of hard work, from beginning to end. They successfully fought all competition, but in the end, they brought themselves down. The book, to me, was an enjoyable read, 289 pages. One word of caution though. There is some profanity and accounts of drug usage in the book. But to me, it's worth it to read John Gorman's account of some history I got to listen to first hand.

Cliff Note:I had left a comment on the Buzzard book blog last night. John Gorman emailed me the following:

Thank you for the kind words.
I was fortunate to have worked with some great people over the years. We also had strong competition and supportive listeners. They deserve the credit.
I'm glad you're enjoying the book.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Are you full of yourself?

The other week I was looking on the message boards. Those I spend the most time on are the radio boards. One of these boards have been having an ongoing discussion on an incident which happened over 20 years ago. One of the people involved has been giving his account and others have been countering with what could be construed as hearsay.

One of the posters, not involved in the discussion, posted that he thought the person involved in the incident was "full of himself."

It's my belief that anyone in any broadcast medium has to be in some degree, full of themselves, if they are to do a credible job. I also feel that anyone using vocal talents has to have faith in their talents and feel that people want to hear what they want to say. I say that, being the loudest high school band announcer in northeast Ohio. I know people want to hear me, just sometimes not so loudly.

I would even go as far as to say that us bloggers have to have enough self confidence to think that there are folks who want us to post often that we feel that we let our friends down if we aren't posting every day or two.

So being a little full of yourself is a necessary tool if you want to put out a good blog. Use it wisely.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cleveland Saftey Director, it's Your Turn

These signs were spotted on E55th St., between I-490 and Woodland Ave. Please make up your mind.

Oh, that Cleveland Police Department

I was traveling between shops this morning as I had to take a defective bar over to my boss. On the return trip to my plant, I saw this car come out of a side street. The car ahead of me had to slam on his brakes to avoid broadsiding this car coming out of the side street. The WIXYmobile was maintaining an assured clear distance. I'm funny that way. Anyway, sitting across the intersection was a Cleveland Police car. How did this member of Cleveland's finest react to this incident of reckless operation? He sat there for a minute then turned. In the other direction.

I guess Enos wasn't authorized to apprehend this scofflaw, since he didn't have a loud exhaust. And no I won't get over it yet. It still cost me 8 dollars to park and two hours pay-at time and a half.

Diabetes and Depression

My post on my doctor's visit caused a commentator to ask a question concerning depression. Happy Gram stated in her comment that her husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes and he has had constant depression. She wondered why.

I can only speculate since I am not a doctor, I don't play one on TV, and I'm not going to pretend I'm one who writes a blog. But here are some basic facts. Diabetes is a condition where your body does not produce enough insulin. It could be caused by a number of things, heredity and obesity just being a couple of them.

I have been overweight for much of my life and heredity wasn't on my side either. Those were probably the biggest factors in my being diabetic. Mine is type 2 diabetes, the most common type. And if you want to consider diabetes a disease, it is probably reaching epidemic proportions today.

Now why is depression so common among diabetics? My thoughts are this. In order to manage your health, you have to change your lifestyle, sometimes drastically, depending on your blood glucose levels. You also have to be on the lookout for such things as sores on the feet. And the biggest problem is well meaning people who, without thinking, have this habit of telling you horror stories of folks they know who are diabetic. Cancer patients get the same well meaning stories. I do have to give a kudos to Brenda who did email me a story with a happy ending. Another reason she is such a good friend.

If unchecked, diabetics can lose their eyesight, have heart disease, kidney failure, or have limbs amputated. Diabetes can effect blood vessels and nerves. If you are looking at the negative aspects, then it would be natural to have depression.

You add the stresses of everyday life and you could walk around with the proverbial storm cloud over your head. All my regular readers know that my personal life hasn't been all that rosy since the first of the year. Within a 1-1/2 month period, my son was hospitalized, my wife totaled our car, and my brother passed away. So not only am I prone to depression, but my motivation has been disappearing. The other day, I was sent into a depression from something that was said during a conversation. Things like that scare me.

If one feels depressed, they should see their PCP, who could either give you a prescription for antidepressants or refer you for counselling.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WIXYcycle now set for season

Today, I made sure tires were properly inflated and moving parts were well lubricated. Once I was done with that, I put my helmet on. Then I got on the WIXYcycle and started pedaling around the development.

I knew I was doing something right when I felt my quads wanting to explode. This was my first time on a bicycle since my trip to Florida. However in Florida the roads I was pedaling on were all flat. Here in Rittman, I immediately started going uphill. Nice thing was when I got to the other side, which of course, was all downhill.

I will now have to find meals to make that will be sensible and not want the rest of the family to want to kill me. Maybe I can get them on board. It would make all our lives easier.

Tagged Again, this Time 5 Words

I've been tagged by Chelle, of Life is What You Make it and Thoughts From My World fame. I have to come up with 5 one word descriptions that I would like to be remembered as when I'm gone. So here's my five:






Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a drag it is getting old

Yesterday, I went to my Primary Care Provider, which is HMO speak for family doctor. Good news is my blood pressure is down. It was 134/76. The bad news is I gained three pounds since the last time, my blood glucose was high and my cholesetrol was high. I was given one more prescription for my diabetes.

One thing that goes along with the territory when you have diabetes is depression. This is especially true when people tell you about others with diabetes who are having heart failure, kidney failure, etc. you wish for someone to tell you a story with a happy ending.

I went into a depression yesterday evening and it carried into today. I called a health coach from the HMO, and they set up an appointment with my counselor. I had been putting off getting an appointment since the holidays, but felt that I needed this, especially since I've been treated for depression for over 1-1/2 years now.

Another problem is changing habits. Fortunately I don't consume alcohol, so that is something I don't have to worry about. My problem is things sitting around the house. My wife's number two vice is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and she likes to have them around. My son likes to cook things, usually some sort of dessert. So sometimes my resistance is tested.

I'm hoping now that the weather is breaking that I can get my bicycle out and get some exercise. I can also take the WIXYcam with me and get some shots of Rittman to share with my blogging family. If I can drop a few pounds I may be able to shake some of the problems I'm having now.

Of course with the cholesterol up, the newest problem will be saying no next time the family suggests going to the chicken house. Let's see, no carbohydrates, no cholesterol, no saturated fats, no sodium, no taste.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Food, Good Music

Saturday evening, April 12 the World's Greatest Band Boosters served a tasty spaghetti dinner while Ed Sims direct the Rittman musicians to an evening of entertainment, all to raise money for the student musicians of Rittman High School.

Members of the band boosters were on hand to serve dinner and sell mementos of the Rittman band past and present. Items on sale included compact discs of the Jazz band and Steel Drum band as well as t-shirts and license plate frames. The most unusual of the items was a "buffalo" hat, last worn when my daughter, Sylva marched in 2001.

The bands alternated between the jazz band, the steel drum band and the concert band. Each played two sets apiece, with some students playing for almost three hours before they got to eat their meal, which they all earned. The bands did their usual superb job.

And seeing that this was the last official WGBB function for Brenda, as her son, Tyler, is graduating this year, I do have to put a gratuitous photo of her in this post. She has been a good friend to me, a daily reader of this blog, and my number one supporter among band parents for the past several years.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Like Melanie Because......

Melanie has been one of my most constant supporters here since I've added her to my blogroll. And every time I post one of these I Like...because... posts, she is one of the first, not only to comment here, but to go over to the blog I'm supporting. And she's also a caffeine freak!

Melanie writes a blog called Monday Through Sunday. The title itself reminds us that we should behave like Christians 7 days a week. The blog is Christ centered and gives us something to think about whenever we go there, and usually it's in devotional form.

I met Melanie through Pat Jenkins and Frasypoo. Melanie, like Frasypoo put great value in God and country and are politically active in the blogosphere.

Story about Melanie: Last month, Melanie and her family was geting ready to move from Colorado to Florida. During all the necessary preparation, she took time out to visit everybody's blogs and also took the time to post a comment in the online guest book for my brother after he passed away. And by the way I want to thank everybody who wrote a comment. My family appreciated all comments. she has that thing about "Christian bloggers" down pat
Go read Monday Through Sunday. You'll enjoy it!

If you come to Rittman tomorrow, come hungry.

Tomorrow morning, April 12, my church the South Main Street Church of God is having their monthly fundraiser, country breakfast(yum yum). It will take place from 6:30am to 11:00am. We will be serving eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, fried apples, biscuits, gravy, ans a few other things. It's all you can eat for $6.00, take out $4.00.

And tomorrow night at Rittman High School the World's Greatest Band Boosters(tm) will be having a spaghetti dinner. Cost will be $7.50. Entertainment will be provided by the jazz band, concert band, and the steel drum band.

I hope to see you at both places.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

.....New Blog Alert....New Blog Alert.....

The blogging bug has hit one of my friends. Scott S. Miller is a teacher in Wooster, Ohio, and desires to communicate with us in the blogosphere. His new blog is called the Remember Love Canal Blog.

He has put up his first post, which is an introduction. It looks to be a structured blog, which is a foreign concept coming from this keyboard. Scott will have a little something for everybody. Check it out now and see the coming events. Then go back next week and prepare to be dazzled.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

From the Mailbag

Tim Daugherty, morning show host at 97.5/WONE, part of the locally owned and operated Rubber City Radio Group, responded to an email I sent him. Last Friday, I was listening to an exchange between him and his co host, Christi Nichols. They were talking about the weather, and giving an impromptu forecast. Tim used to be the weather man at WAKC-TV 23, or as he once told me, he wasn't a weather man. He just played one on TV. He said it would be sunny on Sunday. Tim said when he was young he thought Sunday was named that because the day was always sunny. Christi said she thought because of the way it was spelled Wednesday was a day for weddings I emailed Tim, using the fact that we met during marching season, as he's the announcer for the St. Vincent-St. Mary high school marching band. I told him that with his sense of humor he would make a good blogger. His response was that his boss wants him to start a blog on I responded back, telling him that I would publicize it, as you all know I would.

I was contacted by another 1974 graduate of the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique. He was looking for some information about Jack Armstrong when he came upon this site. He told me that he was on the air on WIXY/1260 and he was going to send a link to one of his friends, also a WIXY alumni. He was excited buecuse of the content of my blogs since he was a Christian. Come back anytime but next time tell me your name. Cliff Note: Anybody looking for information about Jack Armstrong, real name John Larsh go to the WIXY/1260 tribute site, where webmmaster Ray Glasser has put together a nice tribute to Big Jack.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

"Media Matters" Student Rant pushes a button

Those who visit around my blogroll are familiar with the blog, Media Matters. Struke is a teacher who wishes to change the world in whatever way he can. He has allowed one of his students to post their views on a topic of their choice. This student rant appears once a week, and the chosen student receives extra credit for their efforts.

This weeks rant has caught my eye and I wanted to post my response here. This is two fold. One is my response may be long and the most important reason I am posting it here is to promote a very well written rant.

The rant is by Jayme from Mayfield. Her topic is exaggerated stereotypes in media. Jayme looks at these from a Christian point of view and how people take extreme examples and make them the rule, rather than the exception.

In my opinion, Jayme is someone wishing to make a change in a medium that needs change. Jayme desires to be salt of the Earth, or as the late Bob Briner put it a Roaring Lamb.

Roaring Lambs is a book written by Briner, who was a media executive. He wanted to see Christians in the mainstream making a difference, feeling that it was easier to change from within instead of trying to force it from the outside.

Mark Sanborn, the author of The Fred Factor, and You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader, had sent me a copy of Roaring Lambs. Mark is a Roaring Lamb himself. And Mark, if you are reading this post, I encourage you to go on over to Media Matters and read Jayme's student rant. I hope others do the same and encourage Jayme with your comments.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Another blooper from Freecycle

Seeing that I am in a sarcastic mood today, I will post something I found on Wayne County Freecycle.

wanted...carpit for my liveing room

There were other bloopers in this posting, but I like the subject line.

I would like to know what a "carpit" is? Is this a place to park your vehicle? Why would you want it in your "liveingroom"?

When Kathy and I were first married, my 10 speed was in our living room. Of course if I had a carpit, I could have parked that along with both our cars there.

I wish Yahoo Groups would have a spell check. Well, maybe not. It helps when you want to exercise your pet snark.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Taking prayer requests at Seek Him First

I have now added a prayer request list at my faith based blog, Seek Him First. I have a link on the upper right hand corner here to the post that will have the request list. If you need to post a request, use the comment section. I encourage those who want to pray for those of us who have needs, stop by for a reminder.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Repost: I like Liquid because.....

Cliff Note: To commemorate Liquid's blog going public once again I want to repost this, which was post 500 originally.

I want to start this post with this fact: Most folks who read my blog that reside outside of Northeast Ohio would not be reading it if I hadn't discovered Liquid last June. Through Liquid Illuzion, I discovered Pilgrim, Frasypoo, Bella, Amias, Mel Kaye, and Chelle. Through those blogs I discovered others and others discovered me. and I have had the privilege of introducing Liquid to my base here in Northeast Ohio. Those who I personally know that read my blog have mentioned that Liquid Illuzion is one of their blog stops after checking what I have to write. Liquid's fans include my oldest daughter, Martha.

A great friendship begins: Lets back up to last July. I was surfing the blogs by clicking the "next blog" button. I come up to this blog called Liquid Cowgirl(this blog has since been retired). My first mention of Liquid was July 3. The next day she made her first comment here. I had sent her a "greetings from a fellow blogger" email, with the hopes I would get at least an acknowledgement. Suzanne sent me a very kind reply, complimenting me about the content of my blogs. My next post was a rip off of one of hers, you might be from Mississippi if: Believe me, in the past 8 months I have probably learned to type Mississippi in my sleep. Mississippi is my favorite four letter word. Think about it. As reference to a song, I started referring to Liquid as my Mississippi Queen. She then commented that she couldn't be a Mississippi queen without her Ohio King. Another time I had posted a picture I received in my work email. The picture itself was funny, but Suzanne noticed that there was a reference to an adult oriented website. Lesson learned. I proofread better nowadays.

Happy Birthday to you: As my readers know, if I find out when your birthday is, you will get a greeting on this page. I found out Liquid's but also found out that she likes to celebrate it in style. Her birthday, by the way is August 13. That was also the first day we heard each other's voice, as we spent my lunch break on the phone with each other.

One day devoted to...Me! I was the star on Liquid Illuzion last August 27, which was the one year anniversary of my blog. I did a series of posts that week, including this one devoted to my friend of, at that time, less than two months. There are several of us here who probably feel that we've known Suzanne all of our lives. Suzanne spent the day posting picture after picture, commemorating the anniversary.

There have been times when Suzanne has had other obligations in her very busy life, but always sends me an email to let me know that I am important, and she will be back blogging soon. I have emailed others and they always tell me that they are good friends with Liquid and that does not surprise me in the least. Suzanne treasures all the friendships she has made online and sets a very good example for all of us to follow by the way she expresses herself in the comment section of all the blogs.

Lately, Liquid's world has been falling down all around her, but she has found the time to continue her friendships online. She has friends because she knows how to be a friend.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

How about antibiotics?

I belong to a Yahoo group called Wayne County Freecycle. Members of this group can either post messages to give away items they no longer need, or post a message if they want something in hopes another member has a like item they no longer need. Freecycle has many regional groups and has been written up in many publications and websites.

I got this message in my email yesterday.

"I have a small yard and need a pus lawn mower in working condition."

Guess it was a harder winter than I thought. Wonder how their yard got infected?

Pilgrim in need of prayer

Our good friend up north, Pilgrim needs our prayers. His eyesight is getting progressively worse and he desires to slow down the process. go over to his blog, Peace of My Mind and read the post titled Detox. Give him your support.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Around the blogs-April Edition

I guess this is one of the times when I can say my blog is about blogging.

First, I have designated Cleveland Classic Media as the featured blog of the month of April. I have mentioned on many occasions that Tim Lones does a spectacular job of educating those of us interested in his hobby. One of Tim's latest posts is of a YouTube video featuring Mike Douglas and Patty Duke singing "Something Stupid." Tim has some classic material there. Check it out. It's very entertaining. And while you're there wish Tim a "happy bloggerversary." As of this past Friday, March 28, Tim has been doing his thing for us for one year.

Sometimes you can expect company from someone else's good word about you. I got a visit from Jennifer today. She writes a blog called "Dust Bunny Hostage." From what I see this is a blog that caters mainly to my readers of the fair sex. Jennifer is a proud parent and a prouder Christian. She left a kind comment here, then left to visit Diamond, as she is looking for some inspiration. While she was at A Day in the Zone, Jennifer left some words of encouragement for Diamond. Stop by anytime you wish Jennifer.

Jennifer heard about me from some kind words written by Sindi, of Life is a Roller Coaster fame. Sindi found herself awake last Thursday night(for her). She sat at her keyboard and wrote a post called Random Thoughts, and in it she wrote some very kind words about things I do. I discovered this while I was getting ready for work early Friday morning(for me.) It was actually minutes after Sindi posted her thoughts. Jennifer came over here because of the post Sindi wrote. So...Thank you Sindi.

Pilgrim posted today about his DW(Darling Wife) who is now a professional blogger. The post is called New Kid on the Blog, and he tells about her now 2 blogs-Organizing Connections blog and Minimalist Mommy. All you dedicated mothers check them out. You see Pilgrim, I not only look out for my friends, but their spouses too.

My favorite local author will be in town

Well a town close by. I got this text message from my daughter that Terry Pluto is going to be at the Wadsworth Library this coming Saturday at 2pm. He's going to give a talk about his new book, "The Franchise- LeBron James and the Remaking of the Cleveland Cavaliers." I hope to be there, as I want Terry to autograph a book for a good friend.

Many of us who live in northeast Ohio can really identify with Terry because he's one of us. A lifelong Cleveland sports fan, starved for a major championship. I have always felt at ease when I've communicated with Terry, either in person or via email. Like me, he's a born again Christian, and we are also close in age as he's about 4 months older than me.

Terry writes a sports column for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Twice a month he writes a column called "Faith and You," touching on faith topics from a layman's point of view.

And since it's also the beginning of baseball season, I am going to make Terry my featured author on my sidebar. Check out the links for books about sports and faith,

Another Award for Me Being Me

Diamond, of "A Day in the Zone" fame, has awarded me with this latest honor.

As she bestowed this on me, here's what she had to say: "If you know Cliff then you know he has to be one of the most kind hearted bloggers I have met. He always has something nice to say or a great blog to promote. He has been one of, if not my biggest promoter for A Day In The Zone and for that I am sooo thankful."

Thank you Diamond. As long as you put out a good blog I will promote you.

Diamond has a very worthy mission in the writing of A Day in the Zone, and that is to help others, while she is trying to help herself. Once again, if you are looking for some inspiration in a quest to shed some pounds, or are looking for some tips to live a healthier lifestyle, give Diamond a visit. Or if you want to add a new friend on your blogroll, go on over and get to know her. She's a sweetheart.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Important Day Today


Our very own Green Nurse, Bella, of It Is What It Is fame, is turning the big four-oh today. Head on over to her blog and wish her a "happy birthday" today.