Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Around the blogs-April Edition

I guess this is one of the times when I can say my blog is about blogging.

First, I have designated Cleveland Classic Media as the featured blog of the month of April. I have mentioned on many occasions that Tim Lones does a spectacular job of educating those of us interested in his hobby. One of Tim's latest posts is of a YouTube video featuring Mike Douglas and Patty Duke singing "Something Stupid." Tim has some classic material there. Check it out. It's very entertaining. And while you're there wish Tim a "happy bloggerversary." As of this past Friday, March 28, Tim has been doing his thing for us for one year.

Sometimes you can expect company from someone else's good word about you. I got a visit from Jennifer today. She writes a blog called "Dust Bunny Hostage." From what I see this is a blog that caters mainly to my readers of the fair sex. Jennifer is a proud parent and a prouder Christian. She left a kind comment here, then left to visit Diamond, as she is looking for some inspiration. While she was at A Day in the Zone, Jennifer left some words of encouragement for Diamond. Stop by anytime you wish Jennifer.

Jennifer heard about me from some kind words written by Sindi, of Life is a Roller Coaster fame. Sindi found herself awake last Thursday night(for her). She sat at her keyboard and wrote a post called Random Thoughts, and in it she wrote some very kind words about things I do. I discovered this while I was getting ready for work early Friday morning(for me.) It was actually minutes after Sindi posted her thoughts. Jennifer came over here because of the post Sindi wrote. So...Thank you Sindi.

Pilgrim posted today about his DW(Darling Wife) who is now a professional blogger. The post is called New Kid on the Blog, and he tells about her now 2 blogs-Organizing Connections blog and Minimalist Mommy. All you dedicated mothers check them out. You see Pilgrim, I not only look out for my friends, but their spouses too.


Pilgrim said...

Thanks for the plugs on Niki's blogs Cliff. She was very excited to be recognized by you this morning.

(I told her you were one of the most famous bloggers on hte web. She didn't belive me but she still appreciated the mention).

Amias said...

I really enjoy your Blog visiting ... you are a dear friend to all of us. Thank you.

jennifer said...

Thank you so much for these kind words. I just found this, in JUNE mind you. It was a wonderful surprise!

Be blessed.