Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Freds I have met

I am currently listening to an e-book called "the Fred Factor" by Mark Sanborn. If I was setting a curriculum for A U this book would be on my required listening list. I've heard both Dave Ramsey, and Dan Miller mention the book in their respective radio programs. I also attended a teleseminar last spring where Mark Sanborn was one of the speakers. Fred is the name of Sanborn's mailman. Fred gave extraordinary service in working an ordinary job. There are other example of "Freds" given in this book.

In my life I have experienced many "Freds". Here are just a few.

Charlie is the maintenance supervisor at the plant I work at. His office is located next to mine. he is the main reason I am now a NASCAR fan. Yes, Charlie is a "good ole' boy", but I've seen him go the extra mile for many co-workers. I bring in the Beacon Journal every day to work, except Friday, when the paper of choice is the Medina Gazette(NASCAR news). Charlie never fails to give me five dollars every month for paper delivery even though the only section he reads is the sports. He goes to several Nextel Cup races every year and quite often brings me back stuff from the track. He does this for quite a few folks at work.
Mary Ann is the benefits coordinator where I work. She goes the extra mile for everybody who is employed there, making sure that you get the service the company pays for. She also tries to get to know everybody she comes in contact with, employee or spouse. Mary Ann also reads this blog several times a week.
Another person I work closely with is Al, the safety manager. Among other things, he heads the committee for the annual company picnic, a thankless job in itself. When I was going through the worse part of my depression, Al made it a point to call me at my desk everyday to make sure I was doing okay.

My favorite booster group the WGBB(tm) is full of "Freds", the two head "Freds" are Brenda and LuAnn. They both have a smile a good word, and plenty of encouragement every time they, or any other member for that matter, see me.

But wait, there's more.

There have been folks that I've come in contact with via the Internet in the past year, mainly in the forums that have been "Freds" in my life, who have gone the extra mile or have offered to do so. People(in no particular order) like Danny(BoredOp0930), newsnomore, WZZP/RIPJoelRose, Danny Wright, the Danemeister, and the list goes on.

Recognize the Freds in your life, or better yet be a Fred.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Trivisonno-an insult to my intelligence

I usually get out of work at 3:30 in the afternoon, so first thing I tune into on my car radio is WTAM to listen to what Triv has to say. I didn't have to listen long until I hooked up my mp3 player for a class at my local Automobile University. Weather wasn't bad, traffic moved smoothly, so I had no need to listen, especially after he told this physical fitness expert to kiss his (rear).

As far as I was concerned the man made a valid point. People in this country are overweight and out of shape. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. It probably is hereditary, but I probably could have delayed it for a few years if I'd taken better care of myself.

Triv grew up believing "it is what it is." I have come to believe that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. After I come to know Christ as my savior, I had a pack and a half a day habit. I had some holier than thou people telling me that I was defiling my temple. Of course these folks were eating junk food. So what's worse? Neither as they are both bad for you. Overeating defiles the temple as much as smoking.

The potty mouthed people cry about their first amendment rights being taken away when they can't spew forth their foul language and who does that benefit? No one. A physical fitness expert calls Mike Trivisonno to tell him people should try to eat better and exercise more, and he's told not to call the show again and he shouldn't even listen.

Now the FCC has laws against, and levies fines on broadcast facilities that let their "talent" use words pertaining to bodily functions and sex acts. Racial slurs aren't tolerated by the community. But they can take the Lord's name in vain whenever they want. I lost count of how many times that Triv used the phrase "my god in heaven" during his monologue after he was rude to that particular caller. And I hope Triv knows that the same God he blasphemes will be the same God that judges him.

Pardon me while I download some GOOD listening material on my mp3.

A trip to the barbershop

I hadn't been able to keep my hard hat on so it was past time for a trip to the barbershop. Being one who grew up in the seventies, there was a time in my life that I wouldn't be caught dead in a barbershop. I went to a hair stylist, most of the time a woman. Having a full head of naturally curly hair used to get me some compliments from some very envious women. I still have a full head of thick hair, and even though it's totally gray, it's still my badge of honor. My hair was also a badge of honor in the mid seventies when I wore it shoulder length.

Anyways, I go to Wadsworth to get my hair cut. There are two shops in Wadsworth that have charged $7.00 for a cut. Chuck's on Broad Street, next to the Blue Sky Drive in Theater is one. Wayne's on High Street on the south end of town is the other. Chuck is a good guy, also president of the Wadsworth school board. He is also active in the sports boosters as well as president of the Hunt Club. So if you want to talk about things such as hunting, fishing, sports, and politics, you get your haircut at Chuck's. One thing about politics though. to say that Chuck is conservative would be an understatement. He has bumper stickers on his bulletin board that say things like "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my guns". I would say that Chuck is slightly right of the President. Chuck has also been interviewed by the papers on political issues, with the reporters going to the shop. One more thing about Chuck. He was telling those of us waiting for a haircut one day that he was cutting the hair of this man who noticed his bumper stickers. he asked Chuck if he was a conservative. Chuck answered in the affirmative. The man then then said "I'm a liberal and proud of it"(Now I don't know if I would have had the guts to say something like that, seeing that Chuck had several pairs of sharp scissors within arms length.) Chuck stopped in mid haircut and told the man to find a liberal barber.

I used to go to Chuck's. I now go to Wayne's. There are three barbers, it's on my way, and they pay more attention to you then sports boosters who stop by. And besides, if you get your haircut on Saturday and Traci, the owner is there, she brings donuts from Ann's. If Ken opens the shop, he gets the donuts from Wal-Mart. But he does good work anyhow.

When I went yesterday I had noticed the price went up to $8.00. But still after I paid Sarah for the haircut and gave her a two dollar tip, I still got by cheaper than going to Best Cuts.

WIXYjr called me last night and told me he had noticed his hair was falling out(he takes after his grandfather) so he shaved his head. My, how times have changed.

Monday, February 26, 2007

For classic radio fans and lovers of good donuts

After having a prescription refilled at the Ritzman Natural Health Pharmacy in Wadsworth, I went across the street to get a dozen of, in my opinion, the best donuts in Medina County. As you can tell by the picture, the name of the bakery is Ann's Pastry Shop, which is located on High Street, just north of the square. I have admired that clock for some time now and just had to take the picture so I could share it with those who take the time to look at this blog. I hope those with Akron radio connections enjoy this piece of history. Another neat thing about the shop for me is on the door. When they list their hours open, they have for Sunday "C U in Church" But if you are in Wadsworth, you have got to give this shop a visit. They have some of the best cream sticks, cinnamon rolls, and glazed donuts around (my favorites).

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday's here; no Post to read

My regular readers know that some of my posts have been published in the local edition of The Post newspaper, a publication delivered free of charge. Well this week I'm Post-less. I woke up this morning to get my paper and it was on my front step-soaking wet. No biggie, I'll just go into town to pick one up. I go to the Stop N Go, no papers. I go to the Rittman Quik Mart, no papers. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

Bruce Trogdan, your circulation people in your own hometown blew it this week.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday and nothing planned

It's been said that when you fail to plan you plan to fail. Well my plan this weekend was not to go any further than maybe Fairlawn. And also not to go to any emergency rooms.

My wife got called into work for about three hours today, but the case(she's a home health aide) is in town. So I decided to take some time to blog.

I forgot a birthday this week: I ought to be ashamed of myself. Being a fan I should have been aware of February 21. Yes, it was the 59Th anniversary of the National Association of Stock Car Automobile Racing, or NASCAR for short. So you know that there will be a big celebration next year. I just started watching NASCAR in 2003. Before that I was one of those who didn't see the sense of cars driving round and round for anywhere from 100 to 500 laps. Since then I have realized that it is indeed a team sport with the driver being the most notable part of the teams. Being one who has followed Cleveland sports teams, I have soured from watching good players go to so called greener pastures. In NASCAR, your favorite driver might go from driving a Ford to driving a Chevy, but he's always at the same track competing with the others week after week.

I will be so glad when winter is over this year. My wife and I have been talking about walking and riding bikes when the weather finally breaks and it gets dark later. I know that I need the exercise badly, and it probably will be good for my mental state. And with the kids all grown, we need the time together for just us.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Automobile University- A great place to beat the blues

I've about given up on getting much useful information from the radio on my commute to and from work. That's a sad thing for me to say, especially since I have a number of folks who read my words that are either current or former radio station employees.

But motivational speaker Zig Ziglar has given many the following idea- Turn your car to Automobile University. I spend about as much time in the WIXYmobile everyday as I would in a classroom if I would be taking two college courses.

Last night I loaded into my trusty mp3 player "48 Days to the Work You Love", the weekly radio program hosted by Dan Miller and Tim Knox, originating from Nashville Tennessee. I am one who is always looking for ways to expand my horizons and keep my options open. Even if you aren't looking for a new job, this podcast will give you new ideas on enhancing your present situation. If you happen to feel stuck in your current J-O-B then the podcast might be something you might want to look into.

Also being someone who likes Christian teaching programs, I will load "Proclaim!" the Moody program, as this week they are featuring a message by E.V. Hill given at Founders Week in 1980.

Many complain about what's on the radio. With the help of modern technology, I am doing something about it, at least for myself.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Temperature is up, so are my spirits.

I was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast coming home from work this afternoon. It was a theme hour about giving, which is the seventh of the baby steps listed in the Total Money Makeover. It was pretty neat hearing about folks who could give like they could. Should be a goal everyone would like to attain.

I enjoy my mp3 player more each day. Beats lugging around tapes or CD's.

If you haven't checked out iTunes, I recommend you do so. There's tons of free things available for everybody, including some local radio podcasts. And I can load those podcasts into my RCA Lyra mp3 player, so you don't need an iPod to receive the podcasts.

The WIXYmobile's car stereo has a cassette player. I hook up my mp3 player using the CD adapter, same way, plug it into the headphone jack. Makes my 46 mile(one way) ride into work alot more pleasant. Sometimes with a limited number of options aimed at my particular demo, it's good to have other options. And satellite radio is not one of them.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On my way out of a blue funk

Mama said there'd be says like this: After coming home from helping WIXYjr get his car back, I get a call Sunday evening while I'm watching the Daytona 500. It was WIXYjr. He told me that his driver's side windshield wiper wasn't working and his brake light and battery light was on. Another weekend probably will be shot to heck, and my wife isn't too happy about it. Neither am I for that matter. Guess where I probably will be headed this weekend?

One certainty in life: I arrive to work yesterday to find one of my friends had passed away Saturday afternoon, while working on his daughter's car. We still don't know the cause or when visiting hours are going to be. Being one of the company's original employees, he will be missed by all. We were all very numb when we heard the news. I'm half in tears typing these words.

Bright spot in all of this: Driving home from work yesterday, I was getting tired of hearing Triv's mindless drivel, so I hooked up my mp3 player and was listening to Dave Ramsey's free podcast. I had a Friday program on, listening to debt free success stories. By the way, there is a new revised version of "The Total Money Makeover" in stores now. The stories made me feel better. I listened to some more coming to work this morning. I feel the Salem stations have done a real disservice by not working with Dave to keep his program on. their infomercials they have on at that time do nothing for me.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, I made it back to the ranch(style of my house)

This morning I hopped in the WIXYmobile at about 6am to head south to Nelsonville. Trip was fine till I got south of Mansfield, when I met old man winter. Next thing I found out was I was out of "blue juice" or windshield washer fluid. That was when I decided to get off the freeway to tend to other needs. So a cup of coffee, a snack, and the necessary washer fluid, and I was on my way. Light snow and some blowing until I got into Columbus. Then the fun began(I'm being sarcastic). The freeway then became a mess. Between Columbus and Nelsonville I stopped twice. Once for a restroom break, and once because I was fighting snow blindness.

US 33 was sloppy. I saw a few vehicles off the road, but the worse thing I saw was a pick-up truck which had been pulling a horse trailer. It had rammed into the back of an ODOT salt truck. The front end was mangled badly and there were a couple of emergency vehicles, along with three police cars on the scene.

Well I got to the college later than I planned, but earlier than WIXYjr. expected. WIXYjr., being low on food was fixing himself hot dogs for breakfast. I brought him some food, so he put it away and then it was off to Micky D's for some real(?) breakfast.

Then it was off to Ashville to pick up my wife's brother in law since he knew where the WIXYjrmobile was being kept. We got the car, I paid for the repairs(the bearings on the alternator seized, causing it to catch fire) then I headed north. The trip back was much better.

As I mentioned in the comments of my last post, Adam was supposed to have his training at the campus radio station WLCI-LPFM. However before he got there the computer at the station crashed. The station manager told him to play CD's and tell the audience the title and artist. I suppose it could have been worse. He could have had to cue up some vinyl. I could just imagine him "wowing" some records.

Now for an unrelated rant: Last night I went to Save A Lot in Orrville to get some items to take to WIXYjr. I had noticed when I was walking through the parking lot that whomever had been plowing the lot had piled snow in some handicapped parking spaces. As one who has had mobility problems in the past(and a handicapped permit that has since expired), I notice this alot, and I feel that anybody who does this should be fined heavily. Many folks who are in worse shape than I ever have been need those spots, whether they have arthritis, heart problems, or difficulty breathing.

Friday, February 16, 2007

On the Road Again

Once again the WIXYmobile heads to Nelsonville with a care package for WIXYjr. I also have to take him to Columbus to get his car from the mechanic. The alternator caught fire two weeks ago when he arrived at his aunt's place. His mother called him tonight to ask what he wanted from Save A Lot. He gave a brief list then said he had to go because he was on the air. He also told his mother to tell me that he got on the air before me. Oh well, I have a better blog.

Hopefully for me it will be a quick over and back, since I really need the rest.

Changing gears: I noticed this morning when I checked the message boards that someone did some cleaning over at Most of JimOhio's posts had been deleted. Now Jim can be annoying and repetitive, but what I found the most offensive was those who responded in a less than civil way to his posts. The combination of all that gave the Listening Party a very bad reputation.

I will add that when it was just the two of us interacting on the board the dialogue would be civil. Last week when everybody was encouraging me, Jim pretty much left me alone on the board, which I took as a show of respect. I don't agree with most of what Jim posted, but I tried to treat him the way I wanted to be treated. I wouldn't doubt, however that he enjoyed the reaction he got from others.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We miss our grocery store

The past couple of days was proof that we need a store to replace the now defunct Rittman IGA. It's now been over three months and still no word of a replacement. People were going around town Tuesday evening, cleaning out the perishables at both the Family Dollar and Dollar General. Wadsworth in inclement weather becomes a major trip.

Some word that I have heard around town was what really doomed the IGA was mismanagement.

I went around town this evening to get my wife, who has been ill, some ice cream. She wanted moose tracks, however I stopped at four stores, Stop N Go, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, and the Rittman Quick Mart, and no moose tracks, so she had to settle for peanut butter cup. And I had to settle for paying about 6 dollars for 1.75 quarts. That's right, not even a half gallon!

We need you Save A Lot!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something I'm grateful for

This blog gets some of the same readers as Ohio Media Watch, but I'm not nearly as popular. But then OMW provides a very valuable service to those who want to keep up on media happenings.

All I want to do is inform, entertain and inspire my small, but loyal, audience.

The other day OMW reported on a radiothon Akron/Canton radio station WKDD was having for Akron Children's Hospital, a facility that's probably touched the lives of almost everyone who reads these words. OMW then received about 24 comments on this particular post, the first by myself. All I posted was a "Well done". Others wanted to question the integrity of the radio station and the owners, Clear Channel. I am not the biggest Clear Channel fan, but I think that some of the rude comments were completely uncalled for. At least when somebody makes allegations like that they could have the guts to sign their names to the comment. OMW wisely closed comments to that article.

I checked again and there were 27 responses before OMW closed the comments. 02/15/07 11:40am

OMW is in the process of making changes to the comment section of his blog, and I don't blame him.

I am more than grateful that most of the comments here are signed by the commentators. And those that are not are civil enough that I don't have to worry about deleting them. Since I've been writing this I have only deleted one comment, and that was a misunderstanding on my part.


As I'm trying to get back into the loop, this latest round of inclement weather strikes.

I was going to have to leave early to take my wife to the doctor had I gone to work. As everybody is well aware, I have a 46 mile drive one way to work, and I couldn't even open my storm door at 4am. So not wanting to deal with any slipping or sliding, as the WIXYmobile is economical on gas, but being a Chevy Metro, it isn't the heaviest car on the road, I called off from work. That's fine, as I didn't want to watch 4x4's being driven by morons, who think they should be in NASCAR, whip past me.

I did have to go out today. As I mentioned earlier, I had to take my wife to the doctor. By the time I got out road crews did a decent job making roads passable, providing you used common sense in driving.

Funny thing is you can tell where one ODOT garages responsibility ends, and an other's begins. Heading up Ohio-57, the crews from the Burbank garage did a great job clearing the snow, and salting the roads. Once you passed Eastern Road(which is the Wayne-Medina County line), the situation changed. I know that the reason is that in Wayne County, 57 is the main drag from Orrville to Medina. In Medina County, things are somewhat different.

Hopefully everybody who reads this today is doing it from a computer in the warmth and safety of their own homes.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Trying to get back on track

Dealing with depression: I was first diagnosed with depression this past August, about a week or so before starting this blog. I've seen symptoms of it sometime before that. After the August diagnosis, I was prescribed Prozac, which seemed to work fine until Super Bowl Sunday, when I found myself in the emergency room at Akron City Hospital. I then followed it up with a 36 hour stay at St. Thomas Hospital.

Only reason I wrote the above paragraph is to let others know that help is available in case you feel helpless and can't figure how to cope. At the very least, find someone to talk to. I am talking to a twelve stepper at work and getting some pointers from him(for the record, I don't drink) I am seriously thinking about going to an Emotions Anonomyous meeting sometime soon.

Stick and stones may break my bones: But words spoken, e-mailed, and posted last week made me feel great. A poster named "larrydolan" had noticed that I had not posted in the past few days before that and wondered where I was. My first response was to let others know that I wasn't mad at anybody, but that I was dealing with "personal issues". In my next post, I did mention that I was dealing with depression. I then got several posts in response to that one, basically telling me that I had their prayers and/or support. I got more support than I expected. Thanks everyone.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Baker: We went to Columbus Saturday in the MrsWIXYmobile to attend the wedding of our nephew, Josh Baker. First thing I was told when I got to the church, from the parents of the groom was that they were praying for me last week. The wedding itself was a real great affair(the groomsmen and preacher came out to the theme for "cops"-bad boys, bad boys). After the ceremony we were walking through the line of the wedding party shaking hands when the bride, Torri, hugged me and told me that she had been praying for me and said that she couldn't imagine getting married without me there. She made me feel special on her special day.

I will be fine.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To all my friends

If you take any extra effort to read this blog, even though we may have never met, I consider you my friend. In the past several days life has happened, and I have had to take time to get my head back together, which is why I've been away from the keyboard. I may not be writing a lot in the next several days, as I will be busy.

Funny thing about life is there are ways for God to get through. I was looking at my e-mail and got a very thoughtful message from a reader who is a fellow forum poster. I printed it out to read over and over.

I also got a book in the mail from Morris Cerullo "Seven Steps to Personal Victory" I will give that book a definite read.

Hopefully I will be back with something to inspire soon. Until then, please pray for me.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Staying warm as it's about to get frigid

I was going to call this post quick hits, but I copy OMW's style enough as I try to put out something to inform and entertain those who stop this way.

First a plug for my friend the Danemeister. He's puts out a general blog where he touches areas of interest to him, such as what I try to do in this space. He's also the host of the request show from 9:00pm to Midnight on the Sunday Oldies jukebox. Maybe when I finally get a vacation, I will go to Streetsboro on that Sunday night and take him some Hartzlers. It might sweeten his disposition.

As some of the readers will be nesting in front of their televisions tomorrow to enjoy the big game, my church, the South Main Street Church of God, in Rittman will be having the sooper bowl of praise. The mispelling was intentional, copyright problems, you know. The festivities start with a praise gate party at 4:00. My prediction of who will win the game? You can't argue with statistics, it's always the team that has the most points at the end of the game.

Just took a look at the latest edition of The Post, delivered to my door. Nothing earth shattering. Noticed in the Moment with the Mayor column, Bill Robertson makes mention that some Rittman band members will be participating in the honors band concert tomorrow in Wooster, and I wish them well.

Got my taxes done today, and for once I don't owe the city anything, so they won't get a visit from me at the last minute. I still get taxed 2% in Cleveland, but can only get credit for 1.5% of that for Rittman. Can anybody say taxation without representation? For what the city of Cleveland has done for me, they should be paying me.

Keep warm the next couple of days, and put an emergency kit in your cars just in case...See you later.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Some interesting storylines

I feel like I am working on a high school assignment. There is so much I'm skipping over, so I am going to post a link to the Obsessed with Wrestling site that I've gotten so much of my material for these last few posts.

It's obvious to me that I can't do this topic justice, so unless I get a special muse, this will be my last post on it.

The eighties brought us some interesting characters, such as the Bushwackers, Undertaker, and Brother Love. There were also some interesting storylines. I will mention a few.

Rick Rude hits on Jake "the Snake" Roberts wife: Ravishing Rick Rude was part of the Heenan Family. Bobby Heenan lead Rude to the ring as stripper music played. At the conclusion of the match, Heenan would pick a lady in the audience to come into the ring to receive the "Rude Awakening" where he would "plant one" on the lady. One particular show, one was picked out of the audience who refused to come into the ring. Upon interrogation, it waas revealed that this woman was Cheryl Roberts, wife of Jake "the snake" Roberts. For the next few months a feud ensued between Rude and Roberts. Rude would wear tights with Cheryl's picture airbrushed on them, and on one occasion, Jake came into the ring after match and tore the tights off Rude. The feud concluded on Saturday Night Main Event, when rude was on the receiving end of a DDT. Roberts was about to take the tights off of Rude when Bobby Heenan called Andre the Giant from the back. this lead to the next storyline I'm about to describe;

Andre the Giant is deathly afraid of snakes: As andre came into the ring to intervene, Jake went for his bag and pulled out his pet snake, Damien. Andre fainted from terror. In the next few month leading to WrestleMania, Andre's fear of snakes would cause Andre to flip out during interviews. Bobby Heenan went on the Brother Love Show and said that Andre went to a faith healer and was healed from his fear of snakes. Even though Andre won the match at WrestleMania, he was spooked when Jake brought Damien out of his bag.

Rick Rude is suspended for making fun of Big Bossman's mother: Bobby Heenan was making cracks about Big Bossman's mother while he was doing commentary on WWF Wrestling Challenge. One particular show Bossman was making his way to the ring when he stopped at the announce table, grabbed Heenan, took him down to the ring, and hancuffed him to the ringpost. this caused Rude to come out and say that he told Bobby to say those things about Bossman's mother. WWF president Jack Tunney announced on television that Rude was suspended indefinitely(truth is his contract was about to expire) and that Bobby Heenan was to take Rude's place in matches against Bossman.

Sapphire is wooed by unknown benefactor: Dusty Rhodes was brought into the WWF in the latter part of his career. Vince McMahon had him playing a buffoon type character that was well received by the fans. During a match between Rhodes and the Big Bossman, a fan in the seats started harassing Bossman and his manager, Slick. This lady was Sapphire who became Dusty's valet. After awhile, Sapphire received anomyous lavish gifts. They turned out to be from Ted Dibiase, the Million Dollar Man, who lead her away from Rhodes.

Just a few examples that show the human comic book was becoming a male soap opera. The product that wrestling has become nowadays is hardly entertainment that I would feel safe to have any children view by themselves.