Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Freds I have met

I am currently listening to an e-book called "the Fred Factor" by Mark Sanborn. If I was setting a curriculum for A U this book would be on my required listening list. I've heard both Dave Ramsey, and Dan Miller mention the book in their respective radio programs. I also attended a teleseminar last spring where Mark Sanborn was one of the speakers. Fred is the name of Sanborn's mailman. Fred gave extraordinary service in working an ordinary job. There are other example of "Freds" given in this book.

In my life I have experienced many "Freds". Here are just a few.

Charlie is the maintenance supervisor at the plant I work at. His office is located next to mine. he is the main reason I am now a NASCAR fan. Yes, Charlie is a "good ole' boy", but I've seen him go the extra mile for many co-workers. I bring in the Beacon Journal every day to work, except Friday, when the paper of choice is the Medina Gazette(NASCAR news). Charlie never fails to give me five dollars every month for paper delivery even though the only section he reads is the sports. He goes to several Nextel Cup races every year and quite often brings me back stuff from the track. He does this for quite a few folks at work.
Mary Ann is the benefits coordinator where I work. She goes the extra mile for everybody who is employed there, making sure that you get the service the company pays for. She also tries to get to know everybody she comes in contact with, employee or spouse. Mary Ann also reads this blog several times a week.
Another person I work closely with is Al, the safety manager. Among other things, he heads the committee for the annual company picnic, a thankless job in itself. When I was going through the worse part of my depression, Al made it a point to call me at my desk everyday to make sure I was doing okay.

My favorite booster group the WGBB(tm) is full of "Freds", the two head "Freds" are Brenda and LuAnn. They both have a smile a good word, and plenty of encouragement every time they, or any other member for that matter, see me.

But wait, there's more.

There have been folks that I've come in contact with via the Internet in the past year, mainly in the forums that have been "Freds" in my life, who have gone the extra mile or have offered to do so. People(in no particular order) like Danny(BoredOp0930), newsnomore, WZZP/RIPJoelRose, Danny Wright, the Danemeister, and the list goes on.

Recognize the Freds in your life, or better yet be a Fred.

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Mike Dane said...

Thank you for the kind words.
Just so you know, I think my
life is a little better thanks
to you.

Mike Dane