Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Musing: Extra! Extra!

Many old television shows show some of the younger characters on the living room floor in a prone position reading the comic section of the local paper. As we would get older, the attention would go over to the sports section where they would devour all the stories, box scores, and standings. Or we would want to see the latest in entertainment stories. All this would happen while dad would catch up on the news, and mom would see what specials the local grocery store was running. This is a picture of Americana.

As we grew up, we would see pretty much the headlines covered on the evening news. We would need 30 minutes for local news and 30 for world and national news. Most of the analysis of these stories would be in the next day's paper, along with the rest of the news. Now we can go to one of many channels and catch up on any developing story and by the time we read about it in the paper, it's history.

In the past generation, the number of newspapers have declined greatly. Most metropolitan areas had two papers, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Cleveland lost their afternoon newspaper in 1982, when the Press ceased publication. That was one of many papers that have gone under in the past 30 years.

Now the trend has begun for newspapers to go digital and just be available online. I feel that the metropolitan dailies will eventually only be out 4 days a week, Thursday through Sunday.

I think that the small community newspaper will be the eventual survivor as they seem to be the only ones with a personal touch. The local Girl Scout cookie sale, trivial in the metro daily, is news in the small community weeklies.

In the town I live in we have a paper called The Post. There are several editions that are delivered in a four county area. It's printed by Trogdon Publishing. In 1975, Bruce Trogdon printed the first edition of the Chippewa Valley Messenger. This was a paper that was mainly classified advertisements. This later became the Trading Post, then the Post. What started during a recession in 1975, has experienced it's latest surge in the current recession.

I'm also partial to this paper because I've had several bylines, stories taken from this blog.

There are stories written in the small town pappers that would never make it in the larger circulation papers. My inlaws, who moved to Ohio from West Virginia in the fifties, get a paper from her home town, called the Clay County Free Press. One story that recently published was about a man who had died. He was buried with his pick up truck as he specified in his will. Another story in that edition was about this man who didn't get zoning in his favor by the county commissioners. He had been storing bottles of drinking water for the counties in one of his barns in case of emergency. He took the water to the parking lot of the county administration building and set the pallet in the middle of the lot. The county then offered water to anyone who wanted it.

Just something special about reading this stuff from a newspaper instead of online.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potsie Aces a Test

Part of this past Sunday's Musings was about Happy Days. Often there were songs performed by Potsie,aka Anson Williams. This clip was a song written by Potsie(in the story.) Potsie sang the song to prove to his college professor that he knew the answers to his biology exam.

I just wonder why the prof was looking through the textbook to verify the answers?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unimportant things that make me happy

I was tagged by Mike of Rambling Stuff fame for this.

I'm to list six things that are unimportant but make me happy then tag six others.

1. Favorable comments about me made by morning radio show hosts.

2. Unfavorable comments made about me by an ignorant afternoon talk show host.

3. Eating a dinner of very unhealthy fried chicken in a certain Barberton restaurant.

4. Watching the same rerun of MASH over and over again.

5. Cranking up my car stereo to the max when a favorite song comes on and I'm by myself.

6. Getting a smile from a cashier when I thank them for working at.....

Now I will tag the following:

Brenda of Snicker*Snicker*Snort fame.
Karen of Karen's Corner fame.
Michelle of Crow's Feet fame.
Buzy Bee Suz, of Day by Day fame.
Margaret of Bellathena's Blog fame.
Clean and Crazy of My Recovery fame.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer is officially here, I guess...

Here we are past Memorial Day, so I guess Winter is officially over. Someone just needs to tell the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the exception of Lebron James, that basketball season isn't over. But being a life long Cleveland sports fan, I won't accept the fact that there is a championship major league team in town until the people start celebrating by doing some real stupid things.

I'm hoping that I have a productive summer. I have been working on totally rearranging my office, hoping that the change of surroundings means a more productive Cliff. I'm hoping to do some of the same in my home.

I'm in the thinking stage of my coming Sunday Musing and the thoughts are in regards to newspapers.

And thank you to those who reacted to my disparaging remarks on my Facebook page the past few days. On another note, my brother Allen called me yesterday and we talked for a few minutes.

Have a great day. And look for less "classic" posts in the next few days.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Classic Post: Those you know were affected

Last May, the traveling Vietnam Memorial was on exhibit in Wadsworth, Ohio. My family and I went to see this and the traveling museum that went along with it. There was an air of reverence in the town square those days as folks were looking for names of family members and others they know. I would think that the servicemen who lost their lives during the Vietnam war would never imagine people taking pictures of their names on a wall using their telephones. Following is a post I originally wrote on May 31, 2008. There was also an edit made to the original post.

I was 13 years old at the time. I remember my sister showing my mom the Medina County Gazette this particular day exclaiming that Pat Duffy had died.

During the Vietnam War, whenever someone from Medina County had died in combat, that would be the main headline of the day, complete with a large photo of this now deceased hero. I recall that one family in my town had been notified that their son had died in Vietnam, the story and photo had been run in the Gazette, only to have the story retraced the next day. It was, thankfully, a case of mistaken identity.

Sgt. James P. Duffy Jr was a friend of my cousin Billy. I knew him casually but since he was 7 years older than I, we had nothing in common. Pat was one of those young men who was drafted into the service, so he had no choice of joining the army or where he was to be deployed.

I got this computer printout when I went to the information center(you can click on it to enlarge) and one thing I noticed was that had Pat Duffy not been killed in action, he would now be a few weeks short of his 61st birthday. He went to 'nam when he was 20. At the time, he couldn't vote, couldn't drink hard liquor, but he was required to fight and die for his country.

Instead of being almost 61, Pat Duffy is forever 20.

This was one post of a series that ran for about a week from May 30-to about June 5, 2008.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Musing: A tale of two TV families.

As there are many baby boomers who read this blog, we realize that we are the first generation raised with the aid of television. We come to know many fictional families that way: The Bunkers, the Jeffersons, the Bradfords, the Cleavers, and many more. In this edition of Sunday Musings, I want to dwell on two of my favorites: the Cunninghams and the Winslows.

First the Cunninghams. The Cunninghams were the main family on Happy Days. We met them in January, 1974, and spent 11 seasons as a guest in their home in Milwaukee. Howard Cunningham owned Cunningham Hardware, Marion was a housewife. When we first started visiting their home in Milwaukee, we also saw their three children, Richie, Joanie, and Chuck.

The Winslows were the stars of the series, Family Matters. We were their guests in their home for nine seasons. Carl Winslow was a member of the Chicago police department. His wife Harriet held a variety of jobs during this time. When the series began, the Winslows had three kids: Laura, Eddie, and Judy.

As I promised last week, I will tell about some similarities between the two families and their shows.

First the Cunningham living room and the Winslow living room looked a lot alike. Matter of fact, the set from Laverne and Shirley, a spinoff of Happy Days, looked vary much like the set of Perfect Strangers, a show in which Family Matters was spun off.

Both families lost a member during the series with no explanation. The Cunninghams lost Chuck, who vanished without a trace after he went to college. The Winslows lost Judy, the youngest. I think she was abducted by aliens, who used a memory erasing ray on the rest of the Winslows. I mean, what other explanation do you have for a child missing from a cop's family?

Both shows had a non member of the family take over the show. Happy Days introduced Arthur Fonzerelli, aka, the Fonz. Fonzie portrayed the ultimate in cool. He would eventually move into the apartment above the Cunningham garage.

Family Matters had Steven Q. Urkel, the ultimate in nerd. He would eventually move into the Winslow home.

The reason I liked both shows and still will watch them if it's convenient is the the innocence of both families. There was some physical comedy and some intellectual comedy. No need for overt sexual or vulgar humor. We learned to like the characters because they were, for the most part, pretty much as human as we were. The exception to this were some of the things that were done by Urkel and the Fonz.

I've never needed for any crossing of lines to be entertained or have some good laughs. You can find enough to laugh about in real life.

Tomorrow: A classic post from last May when the traveling Vietnam wall was in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Classic post:Dr. Seuss I ain't

or, Horton blogs a who?

Cliff Note: I've gotten several of you who have come to this blog because you discovered my poet "talent" on my Whattville blog. The following post was the first poem I posted though I had been writing poems in comment sections at other blogs. I wrote this last June 12. I coined the "Whattville" name, a takeoff on Dr. Seuss' "Whooville," a couple of posts later,

They say we bloggers aren't so smart
We have no brains, we have no heart
Well I am here, I want to say
We are special in every way.

We blog of laughter
We blog of tears
We blog of chicken
And imported beers

We blog of our houses
We blog of our cars
We blog of signs
We blog of bars

We blog when it's raining
We blog when it's sunny
We write our comments
When your blog is funny

We blog of our work
We blog of our food
And when we are finished
We blog of our mood

We blog of our spouses
Our sisters and brothers
Our friends and our famlies
And then we find others

We blog of our drives
We blog of our trips
We make some mistakes
We blog of our slips

We blog in a car
We blog in a boat
In the middle of winter
We blog in a coat

We blog about peanuts
We blog about coke
Some of us even
Blog about smoke

Some bloggers live near
Some bloggers live far
If you're on my blogroll
I think you're a star

And while I have blogged this
It popped in my head
Dr Seuss couldn't blog this
Because he is dead

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Classic Post: One of my all time favorite magazine covers

I originally posted this in September, 2007. And I think of this cover every time I'm somewhere where there's a new cashier who couldn't scan a UPC symbol if their life depended on it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Promised update

I went to the hospice to see Allen this afternoon. I sat with him for a little over a half hour. He was in a chair asleep. The hospice staff had told me that he was confused today. I left to go home before the evening rush hour traffic was at it's worst. And I was deep in thought as I drove. The thoughts were pretty much centered around "why?"

Allen was the black sheep of the family and we were at odds for awhile. I'm glad that we had made peace in the past few months.

I'm a little indisposed....

There is painting and rearranging going on in my office today, so I will not be able to check in during break and lunch.

I do plan on going to hospice to see Allen today. I will check in this evening about that.

I'm doing fine and am over the funk for now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some loose ends for a Tuesday

Most important: I wish to thank those of you who left me words of encouragement the past couple of days. Sometime later I will share some more of the story about my relationship with Allen.

Traveling with Leesa: Leesa, of News From France fame has been busy running around Europe and wants to share the experience with all of us. She now has a blog specifically for her photos called, appropriately enough, Our Vacation Photos. Check out the pics, I think they are quite good.

I have some new friends as a result of my request on the Prayer Hubs and I'm looking forward to getting around to all your blogs. The Prayers is open to "whosoever will" or anyone who has a burden to share.

I also want to give a shout out to those who come via Mike Golch's blog Rambling Stuff. Mike is good about posting prayer requests on his blog and I'm sure that God will reward his efforts there.

Once again thank you and keep praying for Allen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I still don't understand life and probably never will

I spent a good part of my weekend feeling sorry for myself. About 1:30 Saturday afternoon, we had received a phone call from my brother Allen. He told Kathy that he couldn't bear the pain he was going through and was being taken via ambulance to the Hospice Center on E 185th St., in Cleveland. In the past 12+ years, I have heard the "H" word applied to a member of my family all too much. I have known for a few months now that Allen had cancer. Up to about a month ago, we hadn't been in the same place together in about 10 years. As a matter of fact, the photo above is me with all my siblings at Christmas 1979. It was very rare that the 5 of us could get together at any time.

On March 8, 1997 my half sister, Bev, had passed away in the same facility where Allen is now. She had challenges from the day she was born when the doctor had scarred her with the forceps. Neurofibromatosis caused unsightly growths and one eye to be blind. She almost choked to death giving birth. And when she passed away at age 45, one of her two children was 11 years old. Kathy and I took custody of him and he lived with us until he graduated from high school.

My father passed away from heart failure on September 13, 2000. My mom died from COPD on April 4, 2004, and my brother Richard passed away March 4, last year. My youngest sister, Deirdre, who has some challenges, lives with us.

Sometimes I have to wonder why? Why have I lost most of my immediate family and am only 53. It's been said that the Lord doesn't put more on you than you can handle. I don't know...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday muse: I don't levitate and I don't walk on water!

Cliff Note: This is something new that I'm attempting where I'm working on this post all week. I'm hoping that I will be able to do this every week. I'm attempting to make this look like a column in a community weekly paper. Those are the papers that will be the survivors.

A year ago Suzanne and I had constant email contact. At the time, she was going through a messy divorce and I was just trying to be a friend. We lived 800 miles apart so I felt safe as far as this just being a good friendship. I was then, and still am very secure in my marriage.

We would send each other jokes through email and would also share parts of our lives with each other. There was also a time when some of us met for chicken in Barberton, Ohio and called her in Mississippi. She was a friend to many of us. One time she replied to an email I had sent her by telling me that if we ever met, I would probably levitate. I told her that was not hardly the case. Another time, I had emailed her after I was stopped, and cited, by the police in one of the most dangerous parts of Cleveland, Ohio for having a loud exhaust. I told Suzanne the terminology I used in my assessment of the officers. Believe me it wasn't something you would want to impress your pastor with and we will leave it at that. I also asked if she still thought I levitated. She said that was nothing compared to what she was screaming through her kitchen window.

I can safely say by the shoes I have worn out that I don't levitate.

I was accused of viewing myself as a "water walker" on one of the message boards recently. I was trying to make a point while discussing a current topic. We were debating a local talk show host who saw it fit to insult one of your favorite bloggers over the air and as all you know, I'm eating this all up. Most of the time I use the same demeanor posting on the message boards as I do blogging. Sometimes I might post something tongue in cheek. Needless to say, there are some that don't know how to take a joke. There are also some who resort to fighting dirty when they are losing a battle and sometimes the rules governing message boards are looser than that of professional wrestling.

The only way I would ever want to walk on water is if my total concentration was on Jesus, almost to being at the point where I would be too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good. But then again what good would it do if I were walking on water. I can travel anywhere I want on land by car, by bicycle, or on foot. So there would be no need to get the soles of my shoes wet.

But both comments have to do with attitude. The first, where Suzanne told me that I probably levitated was one that told me that she thought highly of me. The other, where I was told that I looked at myself as a "water walker" was one in which the person was telling me that he thought I was arrogant. To be honest both make feel a little uneasy.

I prefer to have my feet firmly on the ground and my head attached to my neck. I don't want to be unapproachable by anybody and I don't want to be talked down to. If my attitude is that "I'm the greatest," people will start to avoid me. If it's all the time "woe is me," the only ones who will want to be around will be those who want to make me feel lower. There is a definite advantage in being yourself and being the best yourself. And the only one you have to be as good as is you.

Everything in life is dependent on what you do as yourself and not as anyone else

You don't need to walk beneath me or above me. Walk along side me. This way if I slip, you will notice and can come to my aid a lot sooner.

Thanks for stopping by this week. Next Sunday I hope to muse about two of my favorite TV families and some similarities with them.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Personal Request on Prayer Hubs

I want those who come here please pray for my half brother Al Short. He has cancer of the spine and is on his way to the hospice center as I type this. I have posted this at the Prayer Hubs.

Thank You

Update 9:12PM My sister Deirdre, Kathy, and I went to the Hospice Center of the Western Reserve and visited with Allen late this afternoon. The reason Allen is now there is because he couldn't manage his pain at home. Our older sister was there in 1997 before she passed away and we know by the care she received that this is an excellent facility. Please pray for grace.

Summer is coming

This Summer is coming
And nature is humming
And starting to grow
To give us a show

The gardens are growing
The buds all are showing
Some growing for looks
And others for cooks

Our days will be longer
Our tans will be stronger
The birds will be singing
All life around springing

We'll need to cook out
The aroma will shout
The flavor will seem
Making taste buds all scream

At the end of the day
We all want to say
Please a double dip cone
We won't eat it alone

So now all my friends
Here this poem ends
Now go find a pool
And splash like a fool

Friday, May 15, 2009

To be fair....

Last weekend I shared with you the Armour Hot Dog commercial and I figured I had the tune in your mind. This is now a walk down memory lane for us baby boomers. And seeing that next weekend is Memorial Day, I want to give you some ideas for your holiday cookout.

However, I don't know if I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I like Clean and Crazy because.......

Cliff Note: After too long of an absence, I like...Because is back. If I don't get sidetracked again, this will continue to be an at least once a week feature here.

Clean and Crazy, aka Suzi, is one of the recovery bloggers. I hold all recovery bloggers in high esteem, as they are making positive strides in bouncing back and improving their lives. CNC is a member of Narcotics Anonymous and is very active with it. She is also an up and coming gardener. And I would be remiss to say that she is the proud mom of some very cute children.

Clean and Crazy started following my blog early this year and has been a great supporter. She also has been eager to follow other blogs and is a delight to have around. And when she gets the impression that I'm not having a great day, she's quick with the encouraging comment. Even when I haven't been to her blog in awhile, she is faithful to come to mine. She has learned quite a bit about blog etiquette.

One time I blogged about my identity and she started her comment with "My name is Suzi, and I'm an addict." I admire her dedication to NA and her friendship to other NA members along with the other recovery bloggers. I feel that because of Suzi, there will be others who will be able to express their gratitude to her for helping them improve the quality of life with the example she sets every day.

I enjoy reading about her life. She blogs about her daughters, her gardening, her partner, Wes, and her friends. CNC is a very bright light in the blogosphere.

Check out Clean and Crazy's blog. It's called My Recovery. I also have to say that I love her web address, It gives you the essence of ALL everyday life as we cannot do it on our own.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Request at the Prayer Hubs

Please go to the Prayer Hubs, where Amias has posted a request on behalf of her friend, Jeffrey.


Mike Golch, of Rambling Stuff fame has bestowed me with the Super Blog Award. Actually, he did this this past weekend and I appreciate the honor.

Today I am passing the award to the following bloggers, by calling your attention to a recent post which they wrote.

First I want to recognize Jeremy, of Personal Thought/Observations from N. Ky fame. I really enjoy the fact that Jeremy has taken one of my ideas and has adapted it to his blog. He has written several I Like...Because posts for his Facebook friends. He also wrote one dedicated to his mom.

And speaking of mom, the next blogger I would like to give this award to is Karen, of Karen's Korner fame. Karen wrote a birthday post for her mother who has now been gone for 11 years. It was a very touching post.

Busy Bee Suz, of Day By Day, My Life as a Busy Bee fame wins the next award because of her post for A-Z Monday. This week the letter was R. Suz had, hands down, the best post of all participants(in my opinion of course.) It's an enjoyable read unless your name happens to be Elmer Fudd.

Leesa, of Leesa's Stories fame took a long lunch last Friday and saw the new Star Trek movie. Irony about this was that she isn't a trekkie. But she was entertained by the audience in the theatre. she blogged about this in her own unique way.

Last, but not least, I give you Margaret, of Bellathena's Blog fame. Margaret needs your help. Someone sent her a picture of an object that she, or none of us who have commented, know what it is. Margaret posted the photo of the object. Hopefully it's something legal and moral. But I give her this award for her courage to post it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few bits

Yesterday I went to the in-laws to spray the apple trees. On my way there, I stopped at the Goodwill. My latest treasure is a cassette tape by Foreigner, a compilation of their greatest hits. That's where I luck out having a cassette player in the WIXYmobile. Good tape too. I think that the real bonus is that "Hot Blooded" is a live performance.

It's also good to have a mother in law who is grateful to us for our help and a real good cook. She sent me away last night with some apple cake made with Splenda. I've been sharing it with some other diabetics here at the shop. I think I'm going to have her make me a whole one to share at work. I feel it's a real pleasure to be able to make the in laws lives a little more comfortable.

If you take a look at the upper part of my sidebar, you will see that I'm trying something new. It will be tentatively called Sunday Musing. I will work on a post all week and schedule it to post early Sunday morning, sort of like the columns you find in the community weekly papers. I normally don't do long posts but I figure that you can take your leisure on Sunday and read this. Please make it a point to visit me this Sunday and also let me know what you think.

One last thing: I still get hits about bananas and sleep apnea, so I included the link to that post in my section on my sidebar dedicated to sleep apnea.

Have a terrific day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Monday

First an introduction. Meet Ben, of Streetpolo fame. Ben is a former resident of Baltimore, much like his sister, Margaret, of Bellathena's Blog fame. Both Ben and Margaret went to college in Ohio. I assume Ben also attended the College of Wooster. But Ben stayed in Ohio because he doesn't like cities that steal other city's football teams.

But seriously, Ben has a very interesting blog, and like others on my list, enjoys participating in A-Z Mondays and Weird Object Friday. He posts many photos of his world for all of us to see. He also shared some real good news with us last week. Last Tuesday, his wife celebrated 5 years of being cancer free!

On another note, Mike Golch, of Rambling Stuff fame has given me an award. I'll be back later this week to dwell upon it and pass it on.

And I hope all the mothers had a blessed Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The dog kids love to bite

Cliff Note: This post is brought to you, in part, by Ohio Media Watch. Not only the leader in media news, but also an expert on chili dogs. Depend on Ohio Media Watch as your source for breaking news in the ever changing media world.
I was putting some window blinds up in my son's apartment this afternoon. When I had finished, I had to pick up some grocery items. Closest store was Discount Drug Mart. I picked up what I needed and was looking around to see if I could get any ideas for a light supper when I happened upon some Armour Hot Dogs. They were on sale so I got a pack. I also got some buns, chips, and chili sauce. From the moment I saw those hot dogs I had a sixties flash back and this jingle kept coming into my head:

Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs
What kind of kids eat Armour hot dogs?
Fat kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks
Tough kids, sissy kids
Even kids with chicken pox
Love hot dogs, Armour hot dogs
The dogs kids love to bite.

When men like dogs that's news they say
But when kids like dogs they yell, "HURRAY!"
For hot dogs, Armour hot dogs
The dogs kids love to bite.

Now if you've read this far you either are hungry, or you have this jingle running through your head.

If it's the latter, I have a possible solution. Start singing to yourself, Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner....

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Smile Awhile

Enjoy an instant vacation.

While you're here, I want to send you for some laughs.

Click here to view the Laughter Movie, courtesy of Simple


Friday, May 08, 2009

Amias, Spam, and Manny Ramirez

I am trying to get back to basics and in doing so, we will have to do some time travel.

First, we shall discuss Amias, of The Magic of Integrated Circuits fame. For those relatively new, Amias is a writer of many kinds of prose and poetry. She draws much of her material from the events in her life. She also presents a challenge to the reader with her blogging. Amias latest post is an acrostic dedicated to all mothers as it's a "Happy Mother's Day" theme. Give Amias a visit as she's good at exercising your mind.

I first made Amias part of my blogging family about a year and a half ago, though we had crossed paths for months before that. Our common bond was that we were both close to Suzanne aka Liquid. We both find ourselves catching up on each other's blogs.

Now you are probably asking why Spam? And why are we traveling in time for this? And why did this come to mind?

Today at lunchtime, Charlie, the maintenance supervisor at my shop and also the occupant of the office next to mine asked if I was ready for lunch. I knew something was up, so I asked what we were eating. Charlie then opened a can of Spam, brought out some hot dog buns and shared it with me. I told him all we needed was a frying pan. We were also discussing other ways to serve Spam, as it's the ultimate in mystery meat. My suggestion was to place it on it's side, cut wide patties, fry it up, serve it with sauteed onions and mushrooms and a baked potato. there you go, poor man's steak.

Now anyone who has Gmail, gets links to spam recipes when we go to our spam folder.

We need to travel back 10 years for this one. We were all getting ready for Y2K. Some folks were stocking up on bottled water, canned foods, including spam, and generators. I wonder how many folks had spam to spare on January 2, 2000?

We now discuss Manny Ramirez, currently baseball's version of Spam. My question, if I could ask one to Manny is this: If you make so much money, why can't you get a doctor who knows what prescriptions are on baseball's banned substance list?

For those not aware, Manny first come into the major leagues as a member of the Cleveland Indians. He was on the team for the tribe's appearances in the 1995 and 1997 World Series. We now travel to the summer of 1995. The Indians had won quite a few games in the last at bat that year. One game that comes to mind right now was a game against the Oakland Athletics. I think it had gone into extra innings with Oakland coming to bat at the top of the tenth and going ahead. The bottom of the tenth the A's brought out their closer, Dennis Eckersley. The Tribe promptly put one on base and up comes Manny. Ramirez crushed the ball over the fence, and during the replay, Eckersley was shown amazed and saying "Wow!" We remember our top sports moments in these parts as they are few and far between.

We now arrive back in 2009. Thank you for flying WIXY's Gone Bananas!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Broadcasting versus Communicating

My friends over at WQMX have this contest called "A trip a day in May." Now those who are familiar with my blogs know that I play around with poetry a bit. After hearing Sue and Scott banter about and do some other rhyming with this, I started thinking about this myself. And you know that I am game to practice my Seussian skills. Anyway I got to work that morning and sent Wynn and Wilson the following email:
A trip a day in May, you say?
Tell me the rules and I may play
Thank you for helping me kill some time
Driving to work and thinking this rhyme

Well the next morning Sue read this over the air and they said that they were going to build on this poem for the promotion. I sent Sue an email thanking her for the shout out and she told me that they like to involve the listeners. Last Friday, Kathy and I heard a variation of that as the details of the contest were given. Anyway that's a good example of using the airwaves to communicate rather than just to broadcast. There are those who like to interract that can't express themselves verbally as well as others. Scott and Sue have this way of bringing out the best of listeners.

Once again, I've been taking pot shots, so I must be doing something right. I got to thinking about this communication stuff. That's why I like those who interract with me on these blogs. We communicate very well one with another. Communication is two way and occurs when we aren't thinking that what we have to say is any more important than what others have to say. It's also the way we learn from each other. We are fresh water streams when we communicate. When we just broadcast and not take anything in, we become cesspools.

When we have the attitude that "everybody's entitled to MY opinion," we are on our way to becoming a legend in our own mind. We get the feeling that we are only talking to ourselves, and you know what? We are. You can have that kind of ego if you are the type who like to hear yourself talk.

As for me? I enjoy communicating with others.

How do you achieve success?

I gotta get away from the message boards.

My idea of success is way different from theirs. For the past 10 days one of the most common arguments is of success in radio. No secret that the "shock jocks" get the high ratings. Mind you most of these people say things on the air I wouldn't want to say in front of my grandchildren. And they have masses of people listening to them that think this is "genius." I look at it as compromising one's values for a little fame. Who's going to care 100 years from now? The ones who made a success of themselves are folks like Struke, who got out of broadcasting to become a teacher of media, and Don Olson, a broadcasting hall of famer, who left the business to devote more time to his family.

Pro sports have those who had to bulk themselves up with performance enhancing substances to get a large payday and some mention in the record books. Some bulked themselves out of the hall of fame. Is this too high a price to pay?

And professional wrestling? I've said enough over the years about how some have died way too soon, or are crippled once their careers are over and the money's gone.

All I need to do is pour my heart out on this keyboard and I get a few people to read it. I don't know everything, never claimed to. All you good folks who visit me on a regular basis are a real surprise. I never expected to have this many people come here repeatedly when I started writing this blog in August, 2006.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To the Clear Channel people....

....who spent almost 40 minutes reading this blog today, thank you for stopping by. And come back often. Tell all your friends about me.

Things not going as planned...

Update on school levy vote: It was a renewel levy and it passed by a 381-200 margin. 581 voters out of a town with a population of 6300. I don't know how many registered voters are in Rittman, but I'm sure that it's considerably more than 581. Update #2: The number of voters in the Wayne County precincts in Rittman who voted in the presidential election in November was 1511.

Well...I left the house this morning and picked Adam up. I then found out that we were going to Mansfield and not Massillon. Then Adam thought he had told me the wrong time, so he called to confirm the appointment. Well, it turns out that this person did not write the appointment down and had double booked, so he had to reschedule. But I also forgot the WIXYcam. I took Adam back to his apartment and went home.

I still had a day of vacation, and being Cinco de Mayo, I decided that Kathy and I were going to her favorite Mexican restaurant, El Canelo. We ate very well for 14 dollars.

Now, we also had to vote today as there was one issue on the ballot. We were the only ones there to vote at the time and numbers 36 and 37 for the day. that was at three o'clock. I wonder where all the ACORN people were when it was the time to get out this vote. I feel local issues are MORE IMPORTANT than national ones. I also wonder how people who registered specifically to vote for the presidential election are going to feel when they get called for jury duty? I also wonder if I would want to go to trial with a jury comprised of some of these folks who obviously have a "herd mentality." Cliff Note: I might as well get more than the radio people upset with what I post.

I will say this again. I feel that this country's political ills will not be cured until we have a strong third party. It has to start at the local level.

Off Day Today

I had to take a vacation day and play chauffeur for a little bit today. Good news is I was able to get a few more hours sleep than normal. I have to take Adam into Massillon today for some job training. I think I'll grab the WIXYcam on my way out the door.

I am also going to make sure I have a good book and my mp3 player.

I may be back later today with some photos of interest.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Make new friends, but keep the old...

I want to start this post by apologizing to "the bunch." I have neglected the majority of you this week and I'm sorry I did. I had some fleeting fame this past week, simply by writing a post about a friend who lost his job. Keep in mind that there are thousands of auto workers that are looking at the same fate. I have said this before and I will continue to say it. For this country to continue being the great nation it is, we have to start working on building better mouse traps.

Now I cannot write a friends based post without mentioning an award bestowed on me by Clean and Crazy, of My Recovery fame. It's good friends like her that make this worthwhile. Anyone who wants to claim this award, come and get it. It's not that I'm being lazy doing it this way. Problem is I'm behind in some of my blogging.

And to those who have started reading this blog this week, check out those on my sidebar. We all have something to say and usually say it in our own unique way. The above mentioned Clean and Crazy is a recovering addict who has taken the lemons handed to her, and some she has picked herself, and is in the process of making a very refreshing lemonade.

Another recovery blogger resides in my home area. His name is Mike Golch and his blog is called Rambling Stuff. Mike is a very compassionate blogger and an active supporter of other blogs.

And there are some radio personalities in my home area who don't regard me as a "screwball moron blogger." Note to a certain afternoon talk show host. I will get some mileage out of that. Thank you for reading my blog.
Anyway, Sue Wilson is a regular reader of this blog and others on my list. She is program director at WQMX. Her blog is titled Sue Wilson'sVoiceover. Her partner on the morning program, Scott Wynn, is another follower of this blog. He writes a blog called Scott Wynn's Window. Both blogs are on blogger and Akron News Now.

There are several Northeast Ohio bloggers which I follow and have a section designated on my sidebar for them. A very good cross section of this area's talent.

But by all means check out the others. There are those who have a terrific sense of humor as they look at their lives. Buzy Bee Suz is a great example. She writes a blog called Day By Day...My Life as a Buzy Bee. You will see that she is a little over 5 feet of very humorous dynamite.

I also have several teachers on my list. One of them is Sandy Carlson, who writes a blog called Writing in Faith. It's a great collection of photos, poetry, and general musings from her corner of the world in Conneticut.

Keep on coming around and I'll give you reason to come back and also visit my friends.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Breakaway Friday

Okay, I've had my fun.

Brenda was affected by the Clear Channel cuts. She was a regular listener to Brian and Joe. Let me suggest that you listen to Mix 94.1 WHBC-FM and the live and local morning show. I had heard from Becky Clark, the WHBC sales manager, this week when I had posted a comment at Ohio Media Watch about the lack of live and local radio. She wanted to let me know that WHBC/1480 and Mix94.1 were still live and local.

Everything is greening up here in Northeast Ohio and I cannot keep up with my lawn mowing, and it also looks to be a very busy weekend as I help WIXYjr move into his apartment.

More information about Town Hall for Hope: Downloads and DVDs are available of this event hosted by Dave Ramsey. Click here for details.

Oh, as I type this I am listening to the Mike Trivisonno podcast and I am flattered that he's reading this blog. Or he may be having someone read it to him. I think he's dyslexic, as he referred to me on air as "W-X-I-Z". That's not good when you participate in those "focus groups."

I will be around to most of your blogs this weekend as I get the time...