Saturday, October 31, 2009

Notes for a Saturday

Last night was the final game of the season for the Rittman Fighting Indians, losing 56-14 to the Hillsdale Falcons. Due to tending to an emergency yesterday, I didn't have time to get the WIXYcam. Too bad, as the band was in costumes for their performance.

The band opened with Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music". The second Song was Abba's "Mama Mia" The band closed with "And All That Jazz" from the musical "Chicago."

After I made my final announcement-"The Rittman Indians Maarrrching Band!" The band replied by shouting in unison "Happy birthday Cliff!"

And speaking of birthday greetings, I want to thank everybody who wished me a happy birthday, both on this blog and on Facebook. Many of you know that I've been having a very trying week and the greetings helped make it better.

I will be playing catch-up in posting band photos from this all too short season.

Friday, October 30, 2009

On this date in 1955....

I was born!

Happy birthday to me!

And one of my best friends, personal as well blogging, Brenda of Snicker*Snicker*Snort fame, has posted a happy birthday greeting to me as well as a photo of her daughter from the homecomecoming game from a few weeks ago. check it out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From the Pressbox-Smithville

This past Friday night, the Rittman Indians faced the Smithville Smithies at a very waterlogged Rittman Stadium. This is the last home game for the varsity this year and the field has had more than it's share of use this season. Couple that with the very rainy October we've had and it gives the traditionalists high school football at it's finest.

This was also the 4th straight halftime of no marching for the marching bands, though both bands brought their share of entertainment.

The Smithville Band included in their show a tribute to Michael Jackson and their rendition of "Thriller".

Being senior night, the Rittman band featured their seniors in their show, with a trumpet solo on "Espana Cani,". Senior feature twirler, Aimee was next on Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock N Roll." all senior band members stepped out front as the cheerleaders and majorettes performed a dance routine to Fleetwood Mac's "Tusk." The show closed with the Abba hit "Mama Mia."

Back to the game. Final score Smithville 35, Rittman 7. I guess this is another character building season.

I will be back in the next day or so to write about the band show that took place Saturday night and was a huge success.

Friday, October 23, 2009

What Color are Your Glasses?

If someone is hopelessly optimistic, or a pollyanna type, they are described as looking at the world through "rose colored glasses." Nowadays we don't have an overabundance of these people.

Now there are no shortage of another type. They see nothing right with the world and it's always someone else' fault. They can never see much good in most people, and if they do acknowledge any good, "there's always an ulterior motive." These people are the type who brighten up a room by leaving it. These are the type of folks, whom I describe as those "looking at the world through crap colored glasses."

I like to think I wear glasses with a small tint of rose coloring, otherwise clear. Realistically, I've been wearing glasses since I was 11 years old, so they are a little dirty most of the time.

What color glasses do you view the world through?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let your conscience be your guide

I had some running around to do this afternoon and I stopped at Evil Big Box Store(tm)1812 to pick up a few items. After picking up a few items, I went to the register to pay for them. The cashier asked me how I was and I told her that I was fantastic and improving. She rung me up. I paid her and after she gave me my change, I gave her my now customary "thank you for working at Walmart." As I was leaving the store, I realized I was thirsty and went to the pop machine to get a can of Coke Zero. I put a dollar in, made my selection, took my quarter change, and reached down for my product. There were two cans there.

On my way to the WIXYmobile, I was thinking about how I was going to blog about getting this deal from, of all places, the Evil Big Box Store(tm). Then in the back of my mind, I was reading the comments that I would potentially get:"Why didn't you return the other can, WIXY?" "Do you think this was the honest thing to do WIXY?" "Cliff, you are the fault that Walmart's prices are going up!"

I turned around, went back into the store, and gave the extra can to the people greeter, explaining to her that I only paid for one can. She was a bit surprised, but I was satisified that I did the right thing.

The irony of this thing was that I left one bag at the register and had to return to the store after I realized it, which was when I got home. I had to go back, otherwise our cats would be going on strike as this can contained several cans of cat food.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have times changed that much?

Watching the latest Rittman football game, led me to wonder if the players on the sidline were told it was respectful to be quiet. How come when I was on the Highland football team in the early seventies(I won't say I played, as I spent most of my time on the sidelines) if we weren't supporting our teammates we would be getting our helmets slapped by an upperclassman and the headache my be gone before we caught the bus...on Monday morning. How come the coaches cannot instruct the upperclassmen to be leaders.

Okay, the Rittman team is now 1-7 after the 47-6 drubbing from Dalton. The one good thing was that they treat visiting announcers well in the pressbox. They also treated the visiting announcer's grandson well. Ben and I both got pizza.

For the third week in a row there wasn't marching, but I would put Rittman's band not marching against other bands marching anyday. Hopefully the Rittman field will be in good enough shape next Saturday for the band show.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

And why do I need to upgrade?

On Fridays I work at a different location. The QA lab at that plant doesn't have a radio, so I usually take my MP3 player and have an amplified speaker. I also have my earbuds, as I sometimes listen to things I want to pay extra attention to, or if another radio is playing. Problem is my MP3 player doesn't have an FM tuner. Yesterday I had my Sony Walkman AM-FM cassette player with me. My supervisor walked into the lab and told me that I needed to upgrade. I asked him why, as my Walkman still works fine. I'm also assembling myself a neat collection of cassettes from thrift shops.

I also found a new reason as I looked around the Salvation Army thrift shop in Barberton today. I was looking for something else when I came across this 20 cassette set called "The Pros Speak About Success." The collection of tapes was $1.99. I looked at the speakers in the collection and there were a few I recognized. One of note to long time readers of this blog is Mark Sanborn. Mark is a leadership expert and the author of "The Fred Factor," "You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader," and "The Encore Effect." Mark has also commented on this blog in the past when I recommended, and still do, to read "The Fred Factor." Cliff Note: Click here for my review of "The Encore Effect."

Another reason I like Mark is that he is a transplanted Buckeye. He currently lives in Denver, but had to endure "the drive " and "the fumble" along with the rest of us. He even gives an account of dealing with management at a McDonald's which I've eaten at on several occasions.

There are other speakers in the collection which I've heard of, such as Jim Cathcart, Cavett Robert, and Brian Tracy. No Zig Ziglar, so I will have to rely on iTunes for Zig.

So with my find, my Walkman is good enough and no upgrades are necessary.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I like Tim Lones because.....

One of my oldest online friends is Tim Lones. Tim and I first got acquainted with each other through the media message boards. He is one who can be really called a media geek, which in his case is a compliment.

Tim writes a blog called Cleveland Classic Media. In it he relives the old days of television. You see, we were both in our infancy during the inancy of television. He also posts a bit about radio.

As I have wrote before, Tim puts a lot of effort in his blogs. He lives with his wife, Linda, in Canton, Ohio and due to physical problems doesn't drive. But he will take the bus to Cleveland and Youngstown in order to do research for his blog, which for him is a labor of love. He has an extensive collection of TV guide magazines and also goes into microfilm files at the library to get material for his blog. In fact the newspaper article in my last post was gleaned from his blog.

Another thing Tim keeps up on, is events happening around the area pertaining to television history. He posted October 5 about a special airing later this month on PBS 45/49 called, Turn Blue:The short life of Ghoulardi. He also has some info about the upcoming Ghoulardifest.

If you haven't yet read Cleveland Classic Media, give yourself plenty of time to go over and read it. Even if you aren't from the area, there will be something of interest to you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WTAM-1100 The Big One

Seeing that this is post 1100, I thought I would do something fun with this post and write about an 1100 that has had a presence in most of my life. At night it can be heard in 38 states and half of Canada(in the right conditions). Now currently doing business as Newsradio WTAM/1100.

It started out in 1923 as WTAM. It was said that the call letters meant "Where The Artists Meet" and the original owner was the Willard Battery Storage Company. NBC eventually became owner of the station and shortly after I was born, NBC coerced Westinghouse to trade with them their Philadelphia AM, FM, and television stations. WTAM-AM& FM became KYW AM & FM(105.7) and WNBK-TV3 became KYW-3. This was in 1956.

As I was getting ready for elementary school in the morning, we would listen to the morning show on KYW, hosted by Harry Martin and Specs Howard. I remember some of the skits played during my wait for the school bus, such as Congo Kirk(takeoff on Tarzan) and Sponsor Place.

In 1964, my family moved to Brienigsburg PA. The station we listened to before going to school was WKAP "in the Lehigh Valley". One of the TV stations we watched was from Philadelphia, WRCV, channel 3. One Saturday morning in 1965, I had noticed that channel 3 was now KYW. In my nine year old mind I wondered why this was so. Fact of the matter was that the FCC had ordered the swap of 10 years prior to be reversed.

In August 1965, we moved back to Ohio. What was KYW/1100 became WKYC. The format was top 40, and it was on in our home most of the time when we listened to radio. My favorite DJ during that time was Big Jack(Your leeeeaaader!). In Cleveland, John Larsch was originally on WIXY as Jack Armstrong, and could not use that name on WKYC(radio 11).

In Cleveland, the top 40 airwaves was eventually ruled by WIXY/1260, so KY-11 switched to a more adult oriented format. The airwaves in my home were ruled by my mom, so WKYC remained a fixture on our home radio. But I would have more reasons in the future to listen to 1100.

In September, 1972, 1100 became WWWE, or 3WE. Along with the change of calls, came play by play of the Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers. Also one of the greatest sports talk shows of all time moved to the "Midwest Sports Giant"-Pete Franklin's Sportsline. Sweet Pete was very knowledgeable in sports and the show was a ratings giant. Although many swore that they didn't listen to the show, many others knew who the regular callers were. Callers who called themselves "The Swami", "The Prosecutor," and one who Pete had sarcastically named "Mr. Know it All". More about the last one later. Pete Franklin left 3WE to go to WFAN in New York in 1987.

In the late eighties, WWWE nearly lost their broadcast license due to the antics of shock jock Gary Dee. He was one of the original personalities to push the envelope and the station almost payed the price for his transgressions.

The nineties brought change and deregulation. For years WWWE was an also ran in the ratings and ownership in the attempt to shake things up decided to change the call letters. They wanted to let their position as AM 1100 known and to their surprise the original calls of WTAM were available. Mike Trivisonno, the afore mentioned Mr. Know It All, was now doing a sports talk show in the evening. His show was changed to issues oriented talk and he became the afternoon drive time host. Triv has also mentioned me on his show, not always complimentary...Well not ever complimentary.

I still listen. The station has the Indians, Browns, and the Cavaliers. I get my news there driving home in the afternoon. I don't depend on it for traffic reports though.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sometimes email can be my best friend

Normally at this time, I'm brushing my teeth and getting ready for my almost hour on the road to work. This morning I've been given permission to arrive an hour later as I was doing computer work for the plant manager on my laptop at home last night and then emailed it to several people at the shop. Sometimes having a five year old "Linux box" at work can be a blessing, but those are rare occasions.

A small progress report: I got home from work last night and checked my blood glucose and it was 99. That's the first time in quite awhile that it's been below 100. We were also able to treat ourselves last night and went out for supper. I got the soup and salad bar and behaved myself as I didn't make myself a "lettuce sundae." I also stayed away from some of the other goodies, such as rice pudding.

Sue Wilson's latest post on her Voiceover blog is called "Can't We all Just TRY to Get Along?" In this post, Sue muses about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and some of the political overtones from it. She also urges all of us and the politicians of this country to work together and support one another. It's more a post about cooperation than politics and a compelling read.

And finally: Leesa, our teacher friend from France, sent me a prayer request the other day concerning her friend, Mira. Mira is in her 20's and has been afflicted with cancer for the second time. Click here for Mira's account of her affliction and details of her latest treatment. Please, please, pray for Mira. And may God bless you Leesa for sharing this with us.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another one's getting older. Happy Birthday Scott!

Scott Wynn of Wynn and Wilson Morning Show and Scott Wynn's Window fame is celebrating his birthday today.

Go on over and wish him the best on his special day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

She says it's her birthday!

I hope she has a good time!

My blogging friend from the Keystone State, Michelle of House of Lime fame, is celebrating her birthday and her bloggerversary today.

Go on over, wish her a happy birthday and drool over the photo of the red velvet cake her mother made for her.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Musing: All my friends online are super!

I was reading Terry Pluto's latest Faith and You column. It was concerning online friends. As usual, Terry's column was designed to hit home, as he writes with the person on the street in mind.

I have found in the 38 months since I have had an online presence that I have made many friends. A few who live in Northeast Ohio, I have met. A couple, I have had dinner with. There are several who exchanged Christmas cards with me last year.

I receive emails from many of you on a regular basis and many of you I forward a devotional I receive, sometimes I add a Cliff Note to them. I find in most cases, these are well received. I think we all like hearing from each other.

We are from diverse backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common; we like to communicate with each other.

I communicate with some online who are very popular while others keep to themselves. Those who keep to themselves are sometimes comfortable in that. I don't hold that against anybody, but I have been described as a "people person". While I do well with my online presence, I do my best at times as part of a group. I don't think we are made to be loners.

Now to all those who don't get out a lot I think you should do this: Go out and make conversation wherever you may go. Find some catchphrase to use as you communicate. It could be something as simple as "Have a super day." Something to get one's attention. Nothing Earth shattering. Then after you get enough smiles, tell them about all your fantastic online friends.

Come back and let us all know about your great day. Tell us about all your face to face friends.
And seeing it's the middle of October, start working on your Christmas Card lists.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Rainy Fridays in the Fall...

A rainy Friday in October is a real bummer for me. It stinks worse when it's the night of the homecoming game. There probably won't be much marching tonight, but the game will be against rival Chippewa, so maybe the Rittman Fighting Indians will be able to turn it up a notch.

Going through Wadsworth this afternoon, I noticed that I need to fuel up the WIXYmobile. I also decided to get Kathy a peanut buster parfait from the Dairy Queen inside the store. And of course, I stopped at the BellStores Marathon station on High Street. The world's greatest convenience store manager(tm), aka Beth, runs the store. We had a conversation, like we usually do, talking about life in the seventies, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Also about school days. Although most of our conversations in school occurred during the seventh and eighth grades, I had a respect for her all during our school years. She was one who had followed the golden rule, not the one that stated "those that had the gold rules, but the one that paraphrased said, treat others the same way you want to be treated.

While I was there, I was paying for a couple of Powerades, and told the cashier have a great day and thank you for working BellStores. Beth asked me if I wanted a part time job. That's not the first time a retail manager offered me a job after I said that. What I would love to do is be a customer service coach, as I feel that excellent customer service is fast becoming a lost art. I had sent an email to the corporate office of Bellstores, telling them how much I enjoy shopping there. This is mainly for the way they treat me when I come in there, no matter when it is I come there. And this has been ongoing for years. Part of that was to get some kudos in for Beth, but there has been good people working at that location for years. A former BellStores employee is Brenda of Snicker*Snicker*Snort fame.

Enough rambling from me. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

You have to watch those made up numbers

Bob Dyer wrote in his Akron Beacon Journal column about this man who bought his daughter a souvenir of a cross country meet that she had just run. It had a saying on the back:"How's my running? Call 1-800-EAT-DUST." This is sort of a takeoff on a somewhat popular bumper sticker.

It seems that this number is already in use as a transvestite porn line.

Brings to mind the movie "The Santa Clause," when Tim Allen quipped that his ex-wife's husband, a psychologist, could be reached at "1-800 SPANK ME." That number was also actually in use as a porn line.

You have to be careful about seemingly innocent jokes with today's technology.

Cliff Note: If you click on the link, the story will be halfway down in the column, but read the whole column as Bob Dyer is one of the more talented writers in this area.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Patchwork Wednesday

Jeremy Requests Help: Jeremy, of Personal Thoughts/Observations from N Ky fame, has requested help regarding placing photos on his header. Anybody who can assist, please go on over and give him a hand.

Brenda Laments Middle Age: Check out Snicker*Snicker*Snort for Brends's latest post. She tells about her observations entering middle age and not looking forward to having an empty nest. Oh, and her daughter is in the homecoming court. There may be photos about that in two blogs this coming week.

One thousand Limes: Michelle, of House of Lime fame is commerating 1000 posts on her blog. Go on over and check her musings out. Michelle has a very unique view of things and always manages to put a smile on my face when I go over there.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Of grandchildren, football, and non-marching bands

And also a bit of "From the Pressbox."

Friday evening I took my 6 year old grandson, Ben, to the Rittman-Norwayne football game. Ben likes watching the band, but also cheers the Rittman team. Ben is becoming very observant as he sits in the stands. He also feels that he could go in and do the job, but then again, Ben is six. He feels that he can do everything including most fix it jobs. Oh to have that kind of confidence in yourself. More on that in a later post.

The game was played in Norwayne's stadium, in Creston, Ohio. It had been raining all day and some of the benches in the stands had puddles in them. One of the band parents had to take care of a nail sticking up through one of the seats. A better use for these bleachers would be firewood.

The game itself was close during the first half, Norwayne leading 7-6 going into halftime.

Instead of marching during the halftime show, both bands performed on the track in front of the home crowd. Rittman performed the "James Bond Theme", Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll", "(I can't get no)Satisfaction, and the Wild Cherry hit "Play That Funky Music."

The second half saw Rittman go ahead by a 14-7 score. then the tide turned turned as Rittman was hit with an illegal block penalty, coupled with unsportsmanlike conduct. This changed the complexion of the game. Norwayne then scored twice and the final score was Norwayne 21, Rittman 14.

Saturday morning I took all three grandkids, along with their dad, to the junior varsity game, which was played at Rittman. Ben enjoyed sitting and watching most of the game, which ended in a 12-12 tie. There were some mistakes made during this contest which you can only attribute to inexperienced coaching.

Rittman's head coach was an assistant coach for several years at nearby Smithville. The Smithville program for many years had produced winning teams. Along with periennal winners come benefits such as favorable calls from the game officials. A program in developmental stages has to execute the fundamentals along with following the rules very closely. There have been some penalties called during this season that have either negated some big plays, or given the opposition much better field advantage. I know that a developing team will make mistakes, but there have been things called that should have been addressed suring the "two a day's" in August. And the unsportsmanlike conduct penalties committed during both games are inexcuseable. That is a negative reflection on leadership.

Despite all this I did have a good time with the grand kids.

Monday, October 05, 2009

A very long(for Tribe fans) baseball season is over

And it couldn't have ended fast enough. The Cleveland Indians limped to a 65-97 record this year after being projected to be a playoff contender. All of a sudden we have been whisked back into the seventies with this team. Those years, my favorite part of the season was the off season, or hot stove time. This is when trades are being made and other personnel is being hired. And hope will spring eternal.

Wait until next year? I'll be 54 the end of the month. How many more next years do I have to wait?

This area has also been waiting for this poor excuse for a football franchise to start producing. Lost in overtime yesterday. I can't get excited about that.

Rittman lost again Friday night. The coaches need to teach more of the fundamentals, especially since a pair of penalties, one for unsportsmanlike conduct, changed the complexion of the game. The JV game on Saturday was a 12-12 tie. There was also an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on Rittman. At least this year, Rittman is able to field a JV squad and they aren't being run over by the opposition so bad that Rittman is playing their second string before halftime.

Oh well. At least Tony Stewart won the Sprint Cup race yesterday. In case you didn't know, he drives the #14 Chevy.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October is here...

The past few days I have worn long sleeves. Won't be long before the jacket is on. Days are getting shorter, and the leaves are starting to fall. Fall in Ohio.

Nice thing about October will be to see the grandchildren in their halloween costumes. Don't worry, I will not be sampling trick or treat candy.

Three birthdays in the immediate family, including mine. Hopefully we can get through these without my blood glucose taking a beating. My attitude should be that I WILL get through these fine.

And I will finally be taking time off from work the last week of the month. I haven't got any plans for the week yet, but I'm planning for it to be Cliff and Kathy time. Kathy's birthday is the 25th and mine is the 30th, so we will be treating each other to a very nice, relaxing, week.

Oh, and the Rittman Marching Band Show will be on the 24th.