Monday, October 05, 2009

A very long(for Tribe fans) baseball season is over

And it couldn't have ended fast enough. The Cleveland Indians limped to a 65-97 record this year after being projected to be a playoff contender. All of a sudden we have been whisked back into the seventies with this team. Those years, my favorite part of the season was the off season, or hot stove time. This is when trades are being made and other personnel is being hired. And hope will spring eternal.

Wait until next year? I'll be 54 the end of the month. How many more next years do I have to wait?

This area has also been waiting for this poor excuse for a football franchise to start producing. Lost in overtime yesterday. I can't get excited about that.

Rittman lost again Friday night. The coaches need to teach more of the fundamentals, especially since a pair of penalties, one for unsportsmanlike conduct, changed the complexion of the game. The JV game on Saturday was a 12-12 tie. There was also an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty called on Rittman. At least this year, Rittman is able to field a JV squad and they aren't being run over by the opposition so bad that Rittman is playing their second string before halftime.

Oh well. At least Tony Stewart won the Sprint Cup race yesterday. In case you didn't know, he drives the #14 Chevy.


Margaret said...

The Orioles aren't much better. I miss the Cal Ripken days.

Pat Jenkins said...

we will be rooting for another 50 year old, mark martin...