Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moving Right Along....

I have enjoyed the comments from the last post and I wish to further the dialogue along those lines.

Even being unemployed, I don't find myself watching a ton of television. In my mind, the only thing that has improved about it are the sets themselves.

I also know that as people, we all have different tastes in what we prefer to watch. I would rather watch shows from the 60's and 70's over most of what's being presented today.

Some of my favorites are Andy Griffith, Happy Days, Welcome Back Kotter, All in the Family, and MASH. I can sit and watch several hours of a show like Sanford and Son, and not get bored and have quite a few laughs. I also like to watch crimes solved within 30 minutes by Joe Friday on Dragnet. If all those shows are too old for you, how about checking out the gang at Cheers? That was a very good ensemble show.

I shouldn't get Struke started by mentioning the news, but too many news outlets have watered down the product and made it seemingly necessary for news producers to think they have to entertain instead of perform.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

An idea for some reality shows

This month, I've had more of an opportunity to watch some reality shows, like the staged auditions on American Idol. I've also wanted to go to the Biggest Loser ranch and slap that lady from the red team.

I do have a proposals for some reality shows. One would be The Normal Life where people are just themselves. Another idea would be for a surreal show called The Golden Rule. On this one everybody treats one another like they would like to be treated.

Along the nice lines would be one called Your Mother's Watching. On this one, if you are caught doing something your mother wouldn't approve of, you would either be sent to bed without your supper, or made stand in the corner. And the actual mothers would be the judges. For something real bad, the father would come to the house and take you behind the wood shed. And you would always have to eat your veggies.

Of course right now I'm in a real life reality show called Unemployment. If I win, I get a job. There are too many contestants in this show, and we all need to win.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If it looks too good to be true.....

I'm sure that most of you here in the states are familiar with the 4 dollar generic prescription drug plans, as the Evil Big Box Store(tm) has it in all of their pharmacies. I happen to use Giant Eagle when I fill those prescriptions, as I can also get fuel perks. At this time, I can save 60 cents a gallon.

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, he was concerned about my blood pressure, so he doubled up one of my prescriptions. This one happened to be on the 4 dollar list, which also allows you to get 90 days worth for 10 dollars. He faxed it over to the Giant Eagle, and since I had enough to take the double dosage, I decided to wait until today to pick it up.

When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised, or at least I thought. The cost of my prescription was $2.11. I picked up a few grocery items, checked out and went to my car. I then checked my prescription and saw that I paid $2.11 for THREE TABLETS. Luckily for me, my doctor's office was just around the corner(literally). I went in and showed the medical assistant what my money got me. By the way, we were both laughing. What the doctor had put in as a three month supply, they translated into three tablets. the prescription was rewritten right and sent to another Giant Eagle, one closer to my home and all is as well as possible at this time. Cliff Note: Had I taken better care of myself throughout the years, I might not be writing this post.

More proof that computers aren't quite ready to take over the world.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lookin' like a fool.....

...with your pants on the ground!

And with those words, I give to you my favorite new song, "Pants on the Ground."

"General" Larry Platt, you have a hit! The song echoes the sentiments of many of us.

When I was in school, the style was to wear your pants skin tight. That was when bell bottoms were in style. I would have been stylish, but it was my shirt that had the bell bottom.
The pants were up over the hips, and it was the old folks who wore the boxers. The youth wore briefs.

I have no problem with what you wear under your pants, as long as it stays under your pants. Also to those who show "mechanics cleavage", if your pants don't go up all the way, get some shirts that come down a little further.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Late night wars.....

Since my bedtime has changed from 8:00pm to whenever the heck I please, I have been watching some of the late night television wars. It seems that Conan O'Brien and I will have one thing in common as of tomorrow night. We will both be unemployed. However, I think Conan will have an easier time paying the bills.

Between all the jabs from Leno, Letterman, and Conan, the comedy makes for some good drama. Of course all the tabloids have, or will be weighing in with their observations, since empty inquiring minds want to know. And since controversy attracts, NBC has been getting extra viewers. And the boy riding the bike into the Kia plant probably likes that.

When all is said and done, television is still a vast wasteland.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I got this in the mail

Out of my mailbox come an offer for a pre-approved platinum Visa card. Now at this point in my life, the last thing I need is a credit card of any kind. As I'm getting ready to shred this gem, I noticed that the annual fee for this card was $69. You know, that is quite appropriate considering what credit card companies end up doing to millions of people.

In case anyone was curious...

Here's what I now look like without all that hair. My neck and ears have been very cold the past two weeks.

This is Super!

Our friend from Texas, Amias, has started a Happy Birthday Friends blog. this is where she encourages all of us to stop by and wish someone a happy birthday. She wants to get things rolling a little early and wish a happy birthday to northeast Ohio's own Michael Golch, who is celebrating his birthday later this week.

This is a great idea from a great lady and a great writer.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have been approached......

Let's see.....Since about noon December 31, as I was driving home from work in Cleveland for the last time, I have not been north of Medina, or Bath, or Fairlawn. Anyway, unless I have tickets to an Indians game, I have no plans to go back into Cleveland anytime soon. Today, I had Cleveland(dot com) come to me. John Kroll from the Plain Dealer wrote me this email:

The Plain Dealer and are creating what we hope will be the most comprehensive directory of Northeast Ohio bloggers. Your WIXY site is one I've been following, and I'd like to see it on our list. Please sign up at

To be honest, I am flattered to get that personal invitation from the Director of Training and Digital development of the Plain Dealer. And if you are a Northeast Ohio blogger and you haven't been approached by the PD then let them know you exist by clicking on the link above. As bloggers, we all have something to say and if we didn't think it carried some degree of importance, we wouldn't be hitting the "publish post" button for all with an internet connection to see. You could potentially get more readers or encourage someone to start publishng their thoughts.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Top Banana Hall of Fame 2009

As my regulars know, last year I established the Top Banana Hall of Fame, naming Suzanne Horne, who departed this life on December 24, 2008 as the charter member.

This year, I want to present you with a new member of the Top Banana Hall of Fame: Kathy Eckermann wrote the blog Kathy's Klavier until she officially signed off April 9 of last year as life was just preventing her from effectively keeping up a blog.

Kathy's Klavier was a collection of her thoughts and stories of the life of herself and her family; Her husband, Eddie and his physical struggles and her children. She is especially proud of her son, who is the drummer of the Christian band A Plea for Purging. When she was keeping up her blog, she also made up all aware of the band's activities. Had I not been sick and at home that day, I would have gone to where they were playing in Cleveland to introduce myself to them.

I always enjoyed going to Kathy's blog to read her musings, as she wrote them in devotional form. Even though she signed off as a blogger, she left the blog up for all to read. If you haven't been there, go on over and get a blessing.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ever feel down in the mouth?

I have.

Top Bananas: Some honorable mentions

Greetings from not so sunny Northeast Ohio. Only thing better than not having to drive 46 miles early in the morning to go to work is driving 46 miles early in the morning to work during a winter weather warning through the secondary snow belt.

Anyway, I didn't realize that I would be too busy to blog this week, but it is appearing that that's the case. Let me continue with my 2009 Top Banana Awards. This is the honorable mention post.

Strike up the band. The first honorable mention goes to Matthew Killough. He's a young man in my town who is a big fan of the Rittman Band and writes a blog called WIXY Rittman Indian High Band Goes Bananas. I see Matthew and his mom, Kathy, at all the football games, photographing and recording all the action. He also posts some of this on YouTube. He is also a very big fan of this blogger.

Next honorable mention goes to a friend who is a sometime blogger. WZZP is a frequent commenter here and has been a follower here from the beginning. He also is a good friend off the blog and a fried chicken connoisseur.

Next mention goes to a friend who only lives a few miles away but I've never knowingly met, David from Orrville. David is a former radio employee who now sells duck insurance(AFLAC). He has also checked in with me from the beginning.

Rich from Medina comments here on occasion. He has reminded me that his wife and I are fellow Highland High alumni. She went there after I graduated. If my sight meter is correct, I may need the services Rich has to offer.

Another friend who is encouraging me at this transitional time goes on the blogs and message boards as JimOhio. He has done my taxes in the past couple of years and is giving me suggestions in what I should do as I seek employment.

Last honorable mention goes to Ohio Media Watch. The "staff and management" has been a great example for me to follow as I've been communicating via my blogs and has commented here on occasion. He has taken a ton of abuse from those on the message boards, but maintains a professional presence on the web, providing a credible source of media news in my home area.

Next: Top Banana Hall of Fame

One last note: I thank all the readers here for coming around while I've been less than regular in writing my regular posts these past couple of weeks. That provides me with some extra encouragement during a discouraging period for me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some observations from my somewhat twisted mind

First, I do promise two more Top Banana posts. I never realized that I would be so busy and unemployed at the same time. Now on with this post.

Last night I had to get some items at Save A Lot. The store was almost empty so there was no one around to heart me chuckling to myself as I made a couple of observations.

First, I wanted to make some muffins for breakfast this morning, so I picked up a couple of packages of blueberry muffin mix. I noticed this on the label: "Naturally and artificially flavored with imitation blueberries." HUH? Tell me how you can naturally flavor something with imitation blueberries?

Then I walked past the freezer case. I saw this dessert that had small pieces of cheesecake, but those who packaged it weren't very nice people. The container's label said "Sara Lee Bites."

And one last observation as I took my son grocery shopping today. Now that I don't have to drive to and from Cleveland on I-77, at least for the moment, I don't give a flip about missing traffic reports during the afternoon rush hour. But I do feel that we need traffic reports in the cereal aisle in the Evin Big Box Store(tm).

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

And now some awards for the media folks, Top Banana style

We all know they like to get awards. But who cares about the CMA Awards, Marconis, or even an Emmy, I'm talking about the coveted Top Banana award. Some are bloggers while others have had some influence here and I want to show my appreciation to all of these good folks.

First the Tough Job, but Someone's got to do it Top Banana goes to Scott Wynn of Scott Wynn's Window fame. Scott is one half of the Wynn and Wilson Morning Show on WQMX 94.9, Akron, Ohio. He also reviews movies for The reviews along with his view of various life issues is available on his Blogger site. Scott is also a good guy and shows it in public.

Next, the Real Sweetie and Even Likes My Poetry Top Banana goes to the other half of that morning show, Sue Wilson, of Voiceover fame. I have been told by several in media how well liked Sue is and I feel it an honor that she has given me recognition over the air of some of my blogging. I will miss hearing the first part of their program while I am temporarily out of the early morning rush hour traffic.

Now I will award some Top Bananas to some without blogs.

First, Tim Daugherty, morning show host at WONE/97.5, Akron is bestowed the Professional Radio Geek Top Banana. I have shared the pressbox at high school band shows with Tim on three occasions. We always get to talking about area radio from "back in the day". Tim is very enthusiastic when he talks about it. Another thing Tim told me was about the "I like...because" post I wrote for Sue Wilson. It had been printed and posted in the mail room at the Akron Radio Center. I was flattered. Tim is a consummate professional, and a person who is in a line of work who many only dream of being in. And the most evident thing about Tim is that he is not full of himself.

The Family Values Top Banana is awarded to Don Olson, Ohio Broadcast Hall of Famer. Don made a name for himself as a radio and television newsman before hanging the microphone up and going to work as a media representative for Medical Mutual in Cleveland. One of the reasons Don left television was to be able to spend more time with his family and is very active in his boys' activities. Hhe is proud of his boys and his wife, Joyce. Don is also one of my Facebook Friends.

The No Pain, No Gain Top Banana goes to Mike Trivisonno of WTAM/1100, Cleveland. Though the times Triv has mentioned me over the air, it's always been something disparaging, I have to admit he's always good for a few extra hits here. I did have a newfound respect for Triv with the way he handled his wife's passing from cancer. I will miss his interrupting the traffic reports that I'm trying to hear as I'm driving home in the winter. And if I have my way, this will be a permanent miss.

Paul Rado, former Triv show producer gets the We Will Hear From You Again Top Banana. Paul was told he was no longer needed just before the suits went home last March. I was the second person he called with the news. His wife, understandably so, was the first. I have no doubt that Paul will come back in a big way.

All the above mentioned folks have had something to do with encouraging me to do my best, whether it be a good word from them, or an on air mention.

Next: Some I missed and honorable mentions.

Cliff Note: Things are moving a little slower than I anticipated on this blog, as I am putting some effort in getting my "ducks in a row."

Monday, January 04, 2010

Top Bananas for Buckeyes

When you last left me, I was heading back into my home state of Ohio. I have some Top Bananas to award to my Buckeye Blogging Buddies.

First, the Who Moved My Cheese Top Banana goes to Struke, of Media Matters fame. I had another one, but I had to put that back in storage for another time. The name of this award comes fromn the book, "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson MD. This book tells the story of two mice and two little people and the way they cope with change. Struke has been in contact with me this past weekend letting me know how he had coped with changed on two prior occasions when he found himself in the unemployment line. He gave me some encouragement as I am now dealing with the movement of my cheese.

The Dancing and Smiling Top Banana, goes to Daisy of Dancing with Daisy and Smiling with Daisy fame. Daisy is a librarian living in northwest Ohio, but through her husband has some Cleveland roots. Her creativity and humor makes for two very interesting blogs.

Next is the Wordsmith Top Banana. This goes to Ben of Streetpolo fame. Ben lives in Huron County and is also Margaret's brother. Like Margaret, Ben attended the College of Wooster. And also like Margaret, Ben sometimes tells stories using his photographs. But the thing most of us have appreciated about Ben's writing of late, was his participation on A-Z Mondays and his ongoing story about Xavier. Ben is also an excellent poet.

Now I have to head south and cross the Ohio River and give the I'm Blogging on the Web Near Cincinnati Top Banana. This one goes to Jeremy of Personal Thoughts/Observations fame. Jeremy is a good prayer partner and a fellow media geek. He has had his share of challenges, but faces them with a healthy attitude.

Now I need to make a stop near Canton to award the next Top Banana. The Ultimate Media Geek Top Banana goes to Tim Lones of Cleveland Classic Media fame. Tim works very hard to put out a product of amazing quality and helps us all relive the good ole' days with vivid memories. His blog is read by many of the media professionals in this area.

Heading back into my hometown of Rittman, I now award the Friend Indeed Top Banana to Brenda of Snicker*Snicker*Snort fame. Brenda has always been one of my most faithful readers, but is always good for getting in touch with me if she hasn't heard from me for awhile, making sure everything's okay.

Next: Some media types get theirs;)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Top Bananas go west!


Cliff Note:This post was originally going to go up yesterday afternoon, but the events of the day delayed my writing of it. I want to thank everybody for your support on the last post. I also want to make you aware that I will not use my blog to launch any venom at my former employer as there are some who work there and read this blog. It's also not my style. No on with the Top Bananas!
First I want to say that you folks are great! So far, the awards have achieved one of my goals for them, and you all are checking out my other friends. I hope they all soon become your friends also. They always are fun to present and very much a privilege for me to do. I also get a kick out of the creative streak it brings out in me. Most of the awards are made up as I go along.

Now lets hop in my covered wagon as I go west to present this round of the 2009 Top Bananas.

I first have to go to Arizona, as no one was at their ole' Kentucky home. The Bluegrass Around the Cactus Top Banana goes to Jen, of Unglazed fame. Jen is a great supporter. Her blog has plenty of fascinating photos and she has also hosted a neat feature called A-Z Monday's where participants took the week's letter and posted something concerning a subject that began with that letter.

Now I need to backtrack to Kansas. A first time Top Banana is the Rookie Green Thumb award. This goes to Clean and Crazy, aka Suzie, of My Recovery fame. Suzie has been clean now for close to five years and is very active in Narcotics Anonymous. She is very proud of her daughters and is very supportive of other bloggers. This past summer when my older brother passed away, she sent me a card she had crafted herself that had a photo of her daughter on front. She also took a page from my book and wrote a post called "For Cliff of WIXY's Gone Bananas fame". It was an I Like...because post she dedicated to me.

Another first timer is Speedy, of Speedcat Hollydale Page fame. Speedy receives the You Never Know Where I'll Pop Up Top Banana. He is very avid on both Facebook and Twitter. He is also very creative in his writings and photo shopping himself in many pictures on his blog. And like me, Speedy has an affinity for fried chicken.

The Let's Have a Great 2010 Together Top Banana goes to Michelle Dawn of Rusin Roundup fame. Cliff Note: I know these are the 2009 Top Bananas, but let's face it, 2009 sucked. Michelle Dawn has had bouts of depression and has also, with her husband Randy, struggled with the recent past. But this hasn't stopped her from writing a good blog and supporting her online friends. Michelle Dawn lives in Indiana.

Now from Indiana, I go to Michigan. Jessica of Five Pines fame gets the How Much is that Doggy in the Window Top Banana. The Five Pines family got a new puppy for Christmas and Jessica is acting like a proud mama with all three of her canine family members. She is also proud of her husband, son, and daughter.

The last Top Banana in this post goes to Shelley, of Building A Log Cabin fame. Shelley receives the I *Heart* My Dog(and Cat) Top Banana. She posts great photos of her log cabin, cat Marvin, and new addition this past year, her dog, Scout. She also includes fantastic nature shots and sometimes she will photograph her husband, Greg.

I hope you go visit all these great blogs. Tomorrow it's back to the Buckeye state to award more Top Bananas and get a haircut. I don't want to go on job interviews looking like an aging hippy.