Friday, February 27, 2009

I want to see good in you

In you I want to see the good
If others don't, I think they should
Things that make some folks impressed
Seeing that will make me blessed

See things that will make me smile
A smile that I might stretch a mile
See good things that make me grin
On busy days I can fit that in

If good things are seen by everyone
It might make life a lot more fun
Everyone could have a smile
An everlasting fashion style

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I like Jessica because.......

She's a nature lover.....
An avid book reader......
A proud band mom....
A dog lover.........
A fan of winged creatures......
A devoted wife and mother......
She's Jessica!

Jessica first joined the bunch on my birthday, October 30, 2007, letting me know hers was two days later. That gave me a great vehicle for introducing her to everyone who hadn't yet seen her excellent blogs.

I met Jessica via Frasypoo and our common bond was marching band. It's common knowledge that I announce for the Rittman marching band here in Ohio. Jessica's daughter, Jordan is a drum major for her school's marching band. Another coincidence is both schools nickname is Indians.

Jessica's husband Craig, is a very good mechanic, something Mrs74 wishes I was. So she doesn't have to worry about having transportation in summer or winter. It's also convenient because they love to go snowmobiling, something I'm sure they did a lot of in the past couple of months.

Jessica has a real interest in birds as does several other blogger friends. You can go to her blog often and see her latest find from the friendly skies.

Another thing that keeps me coming back is the adventures of Seadra and Zoe, her two dogs. They look so innocent, but they only know what lurks in their minds. Hopefully they learned their lesson last fall about hanging around skunks.

This past Christmas season, Jessica organized a Christmas card exchange. It was through this exchange that I was introduced to Pigeon, a fellow northeast Buckeye. And it was via this exchange that the recipients got a poem from me that I did not publish on any of my blogs.

Visit Jessica at Five Pines, or And I will tell you again Jessica, you have!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here's a new, encouraging friend...

Since I have been going to the recovery blogs, I have been seeing the same person in each comment section. This common commenter is the newest member of "the bunch."

Meet Syd, of I'm Just F.I.N.E.--Recovery in Al-Anon fame. Syd goes to many of the recovery blogs offering encouragement wherever he goes. In the past couple of days, he has come here to give me encouragement. Cliff Note:So have the rest of you, and I'm very grateful.

From Syd's sidebar, here's how he introduces himself :"My name is Syd. I'm an adult child of an alcoholic married to an alcoholic who is learning the steps to recovery through Al-Anon. This is my journey in search of serenity."

I'm honored to have Syd as part of "the bunch." Check out his blog.

All readers are important to me

One impression I did not want to leave with my last post was that I was at all arrogant. When I get a new photo on the list of folks following me, I always check out the profile and their blogs. I consider it an honor when folks want to let me know they've been here, especially when they leave a comment.

Sometimes I will do some research using my site meter. It's a useful tool in letting me know the impact of past posts. I still get people coming here to read the tribute posts I wrote for Suzanne, still from around the world.

You who read me on a regular basis are most important to the current writing of these posts. Without my regular readers and commenters, I would have quit doing this a long time ago. Because of those who come here and give me a virtual pat on the back when they like what I write and those who give me a virtual hug when I'm hurting, I'm still chugging along 2-1/2 years and 896 posts later.

One thing I can't say enough is Thank You.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When are numbers all that important?

I was looking around some of the blogs today and saw some posts about this glitch with blogger. It seems that lists of followers on blogs, including this one, have been reduced.

I went from 48 followers last night, to 45 this morning, and added one(thanks Syd) this afternoon.

Whereas those numbers give me bragging rights, they don't impress me overall.

The numbers that impress me are those who come over here to give me encouragement in times of need, those who have commented on the three posts below and those who sent me emails to let me know they were praying for me.

It's those who just come here to say "hi" or those who say "good post Cliff."

Numbers don't impress me. I have felt alone in a crowded building. It feels even worse when you feel alone in a crowded church. It feels better when there are a few around and everyone shows love for each other.

Those are just some thoughts as I try to get back on track. I want to thank everybody who have given me words of encouragement. Please keep praying for Kathy.

Additional Cliff Note: Pay a visit to Stacy's blog, My Thoughts. Stacy has lost 114 pounds. Check out the before and after photos and give her a virtual pat on the back.

Have you ever had the creativity sucked out of you?

That's how I feel this afternoon. Our legal situation, among other things, has Kathy on the verge of a breakdown. I am doing all I can to help her.

I'm back at work today and I told her that I would fix supper when I got home this evening. Don't worry, I'm a good cook.

Just with all this happening, I have lost the handle on my creativity.

Bear with me for a few.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing happened

I would like to thank everybody for your prayers, well wishes, and positive thoughts.

The legal issues, while not settled, have been put off for several months up the road. Hopefully it will be warmer when we have to go back.

We had to go to the Justice Center in Cleveland this morning. Very cold, very windy. I'm glad I'm not a person who needs a comb over, or a hair piece.

Going around that area in February is my second favorite thing to do behind tap dancing barefoot in a brier patch.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Next couple of days may be busy

Mrs74 and I have some legal matters to take care of in the next couple of days, and I may be away from the computer for an extended period of time. And for the record, all is well with our marriage and our health.

There are a couple of posts at other blogs I would like to draw to your attention. I will start off by tooting my own horn. At my Whattville blog, I wrote a poem dedicated to my bird loving blog buddies.

Next, the world's greatest program director/morning show co-host(tm) Sue Wilson has just written a post that some of us northern folks can agree with, titled Changes in Latitude...Changes in Attitude. Cliff Note: We all have had enough winter and are all set to put the kinky shovels away and get the lawn mowers out. Anyway Sue share with us some of the ideas gleaned from an audio book she's been listening to and why we should surround ourselves with people who have a positive outlook on life. Check it out and leave some comments.

Hopefully I will be back blogging sometime Tuesday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Honesty is the best policy

Michelle, of Crow's Feet
fame, has bestowed upon me this really neat award. She awarded this to me for my honesty and sincerity.

Now I'm to pass this on to a number of blogs considered "brilliant in content or design." So now I will pass this on to the following bloggers:

Busy Bee Suz: Her blog gives us a view of her life and her family. Also she has a supporting presence on many blogs.

Jeremy: A frequent visitor to many of these blogs. One who provides a service of reporting media news to those in the Greater Cincinnati area. One also devoted to his faith. Cliff Note: Go over and give Jeremy some encouragement as he's going through a very tough time.

Awake in Rochester: Gives us a candid view from her part of the world. She also shares with us any joke she thinks might make us laugh.

Randy, of The Way I See It fame: Sometimes he can be crude, but he's always honest. I mean this in only a good way.

MsHen: She lifts up all her friends through her writing. She is always quick to show her gratitude on even the smallest things.

Clean and Crazy
: CNC is a supporter of many bloggers and helps others in her involvement in Narcotics Anonymous. And I love her web address:

Jenn, of J-Online fame: A very candid blog about her journey as a recovering alcoholic.

Syd: Not a member of the bunch...Yet, but I'm very impressed by his going to many of the recovery blogs, giving his support. He also blogs about his recovery as a member of Al-Anon.

Go on over and visit all these fine people.

Now I have to list 10 honest things about myself.
1) I'm one who can't stand intentionally offending my friends.
2)I have strong family values.
3)I enjoy the ways in which I can communicate.
4)A year ago I never dreamed I would be writing a poetry blog.
5)I've never been farther west than Terre Haute, Indiana.
6)I've never been farther west than Detroit, Michigan.
7)I have a bad habit of procrastination.
8)I don't like very spicy food.
9)I check my sitemeter on this blog several times a day.
10)I have never rode on a motorcycle.

Friday, February 20, 2009

We interrupt this blog to bring a special announcement.

I just learned that I was one of the contenders for post of the day on David McMahon's Authorblog. This was for my post written Wednesday about Cursive Writing. I also want to thank all of those who have commented on this post.

David, in his words, is totally committed to encouraging excellence in others. As some of my readers know, David is one of the main influences in me writing poetry on my blogs and in other's comments sections.

Check out this blog if you haven't done so already. As some of my readers can attest to, David is good at encouragement.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sleep Apnea

I suffer from a severe case of sleep apnea. I have taken part in several sleep studies and it was found out about 6 years ago that while sleeping, I stopped breathing 87 times an hour. The good news was that I started breathing 88 times an hour. I also snore like a buzzsaw.

I first found out about my sleep apnea about 10 years ago. I would get very tired while sitting still, especially while driving. I figured it was due to working 10-12 hours a day, an hour's drive each way to work, and not getting enough sleep at night. One evening while driving home from work, I went onto I-76/US-224 from Ohio-21. Only I don't remember getting off the ramp. I do remember driving towards the speed limit signs, through one of the breakaway(thank God) posts, the car on it's side for a couple of seconds, then resting against a seedling. I fell asleep at the wheel. I wrecked the car. I was, thankfully, only shaken up.

My doctor at the time, sent me for a sleep study, which indicated that I had a mild case of sleep apnea. I was told to sleep on my side and try to lose some weight.

A few years later, after a change of health care providers and primary care physicians, I was being treated for hypertension and sent for another sleep study. That was the one which determined I had stopped breathing 87 times an hour. I was then prescribed a CPAP(Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. The use of this machine would force me to breathe through my nose instead of my mouth by sending a prescribed amount of air via a mask attached to the machine. My health insurance has paid for this as part of my benefits. I got my first CPAP in June of 2003. A couple of weeks ago the readout was showing some error codes, which meant that it was starting to malfunction. My doctor prescribed and my insurance paid for a new one. My new machine is about a third of the size of the previous one. I had the same model pictured in the Wikipedia link posted above. I also don't snore while using the machine.

Sleep Apnea is a very serious condition. It was this that claimed the life of pro football star Reggie White.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cursive writing...Or is it cursed?

I saw a news report last night that because of the internet, cursive writing is an endangered species.

I am left handed and I have always thought cursive writing was cursed. My cursive writing has always been illegible and during elementary school we were graded on writing. My perpetual "D" in writing kept me off the honor roll several times.

Also a cursive capital F is very similar to a cursive capital T. This, and my mouth, got me into trouble in the sixth grade. We were taking a true and false quiz and had to grade someone elses quiz. I got one with the letters "T" and "F" in cursive and capitalized and in my head processed them all at T's. The teacher called me up to the desk and started berating me in front of the class about that. After looking him straight in the eye and telling him in a very loud voice "nobody's perfect" which was one of my favorite phrases at the time, I was told that I had to stay in from recess for the next week, after which I let out a primal scream. He then sent me to the office, following me with the paddle(that was legal in 1968).

Anyway, if Mike Skala would have either printed his answers of used cursive lower case letters, that would have saved me some embarassment.

I have printing exclusively since the seventh grade. And if cursive dies, I may send flowers to the funeral.

Related story on

Another related story on Grand Traverse Herald

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome MrsPatJKnowsItAll. Our political pundit from Springfield, Pat J, now sleeps with another blogger. Announcing Karen's Korner. Karen will now give us her musings and a look from the softer side of the Jenkins empire.

I have told you at least a half million times....My favorite morning team in radio, Scott Wynn and Sue Wilson of WQMX fame, have this habit of exaggerating things. They also make a running joke of it. Scott wrote about this on his blog, Scott Wynn's Window, in this post. Also remember, Scott has thousands of movie reviews on his blog, the latest being Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Followup on my last post: Happy Wife goes to a church called 12 Stone. Right now they are in a series of messages about marriage, which are available from iTunes. I have listened to the first two and they are great messages. I will let HWHL explain how to get the messages and study notes by clicking here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I like Happy Wife because.....

I was introduced to Happy Wife Happy Life by Busy Bee Suz when I wrote a post about the Dave Ramsey Show once again being aired in my home area. Suz, who herself was a new member of the bunch wrote this comment: "He is a funny guy. My Friend Happy wife Happy Life is obsessed with him. well, just a bit I suppose."

I then went over to Happy Wife Happy Life and checked out her blog. I commented on one of her posts, referenced Suz' comment and told her that I didn't see the Total Money Makeover on her list of favorite books.

HWHL then came over to visit me and left this comment"Suzanne is correct. OBSESSED is the operative word. Just the other day I was having lunch with a friend and we got on the topic of Dave Ramsey... he had appeared at the Catalyst convention in Atlanta (which my friend had been at... and she had never heard of Dave Ramsey before Catalyst). I told her, quite honestly, that I were not married, and if Dave were not already married (to Sharon), I would track him down, drop to one knee, and propose marriage.

And I'm only about 10% kidding when I say that. He's SMART, he's FUNNY, he's a SMART ALECK (but in a good way), he's great with managing money, and he's a GODLY MAN. What more could a woman want?! :-)

Total Money Makeover is one of my VERY favorite books (in fact, I have a copy I keep for myself, and one that is on "revolving loan". I also have the "Financial Peace" set... (book, and CD set).

And, I listen to him almost every single day on the radio.

Obsession? Some might say so, yes.... :-)"

She became a member of the bunch and we became online friends very quickly.

HWHL is very proud of her church and shares much of their teaching with all of us. Like others I blog with, I share prayer requests with her and she shares with me also.

Happy Wife is an entrepreneur who has been affected adversely by the recession, so she needs our prayers. She is also a devoted wife, mother, and a dog lover. As a post she once wrote indicated, she loves her dogs unconditionally, especially when they eat a hole in her mattress in the guest room.

I don't know if she appreciates good poetry, but she likes mine.

Happy Wife Happy Life devotes a good part of her blog space to her convictions and many worthy causes. She is also is true to those friends she makes online.

Check her out and you will see why she is such a good friend to me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A thought 40 years in the making

In 1969, I was in the seventh grade at Highland Middle School, located on Ridge Road in Granger, Ohio. I was thirteen years old, and Richard Nixon had just become president.

Mrs. Leiberman, our English teacher had asked all of us in class to verbalize a "why" question. Everybody had their own answers, and I'm sure I had mine, though I can't remember what this was. This one classmate posed this one-"Why do we have parents?" Most of us, at the time, thought this was a stupid question.

We were asked to write an essay based on these questions. The one who posed the question in the last paragraph wrote simply, "Why do we have parents? The world would be better without them." The essay got a zero and some laughs from the rest of us, though now I wonder why these teacher read it to the class. The one that got the highest grade was about a question as to why there are wars, as the Viet Nam war was being fought at that time.

But back to the one that got the zero. I have wondered during the years if this was actually a call for help, as this boy's mother was only in her late twenties, which meant he was born when she was fifteen. Was he being abused because he was a kid being raised by a kid?

I also wonder if this was written nowadays, if children's services would have been notified?

Update 8:16 PM:In the way of being fair and more accurate I have to add this one correction. The one who wrote the best essay got an "A plus plus", the one writing the two sentence essay got an "F minus minus."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

We went out for Valentine's day dinner yesterday evening. My wife has the details of that on her blog. Today we rented Fireproof. That is a great movie which should be watched by every couple with an open heart. I hope all have had a tremendous Valentine's Day so far. Make everyday Valentines day for your mate.

Friday, February 13, 2009

2 Leesas, No Waiting

Before I do anything else, I want to introduce to two new friends. They are both named Leesa. Another thing they had in common is when they first appeared on my followers list, both were wearing sunglasses in their profile photo. Now one has sunglasses and the other has a sunflower.

The first Leesa currently hails from France, but originally came from San Diego. She is an English teacher in France. She is the author of several blogs, but the one I go to is called News From France. She has posted there some excellent photos and accounts about botiques, restaurants, decadent dessert items, and current events. A very interesting read and a good supporter. I just have to watch my language usage with so many teachers reading this blog.

The other Leesa hails from south of the Mason-Dixon line. She gives us a view of her life and current events. Her style is somewhat snarky, but always interesting and humorous. This Leesa has been blogging since 1995 and does it to sharpen her writing skills. Her blog is called Leesa'a Stories. The post she wrote this past Thursday dealt with a spam email, which we all have received of late. Leesa taught me what happens sometimes when I answer comments made on my blog when I'm too tired to think.

It would be well worth your while to check out both Leesas.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I like Frasypoo because......

Frasypoo has been one of the bunch for over fifteen months now. She comes to us from India via Georgia.

I originally met Frasypoo while reading Pilgrim's blog and found that she is a very committed Christian. Like me, she was also a follower of Liquid's blog. I also found that she was very politically involved. I awarded her with the God and Country Top Banana in 2007 because of her faith and politics.

She also is a dog lover and she brags a lot about her dog, Frasier. Frasypoo also dog sits on occasion for friends. She is a good friend to everybody.

Frasypoo also is a loving wife. Her husband is a barber. He, like myself, is also diabetic. Frasypoo is currently learning as much as she can about diabetes. She also supports her man in all he does.

Frasy hasn't found a half marathon she doesn't like either. Puts me to shame for sure.

Last summer she retired her blog, This and That. A short while later, she pulled a Michael Jordan on us and restarted blogging, the new blog, also called This and That. Our Miss Poo contributes to a number of other blogs. She said she got back into blogging because she felt her voice had to be heard of the due to the political climate. As a result of this, I awarded her with the I want to be like Mike Top Banana this past year.

Also a good prayer partner, This and That v2, has the occasional devotional. There's something else about her spiritual life, she attends church at the same assembly with Truett Cathy, founder of Chick Fil A. I do want to ask if you can pull some strings, Frasy, and see if you can send some gift certertificates my way, as several new Chick Fil A restaurants have opened up in my home area. just tell Mr. Cathy that I could give him some serious publicity here in Northeast Ohio, maybe have some bloggers with me. Just a thought.

They call the wind...pretty nasty

As I write this, we still have a high wind warning for about two more hours. So much for the spring preview, the temps are now going down. Good news is pitchers and catchers report today to spring training.

Going to work today, I was glad the current version of the WIXYmobile has better aeronomics than the older version. Made it easier to steer going over the I-480 bridge. Only dilemma was that my favorite morning show was short a body as Sue was taking a couple of days off. Scott had announced open phonelines, but I wasn't going to take my hands off the wheel to use my phone. Then as I was getting off the freeway I noticed the traffic signal was out of order. I turned on the dreaded bluetooth headset and called that in to Scott. I figured he would get it right over the air than the last time I called a traffic incident to a radio station. Cliff Note: I won't mention the call letters, but they call themselves "the big one" and their frequency is 1100-AM.

Anyway I am fighting a case of the "blahs" today. I hope to be back this evening with my latest installment if "I Like....Because." See you then.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Has this ever happened to you?

Yesterday afternoon I made a stop at the soon to be Evil Big Box Store(tm) in Medina to pick up some prescriptions for my in laws. The pharmacy associate then asked me a question I did not know the answer to, so I got out my WIXY/at&t phonecam to call my mother in law to ask. I could not hear from the hand set. I hung up and tried again. Then I noticed that my bluetooth headset was on. I hung up again then put my bluetooth on and successfully made the call.

Problem was the bluetooth was in my coat pocket, and for whatever reason was turned on. Cliff Note:The only reason I even have the stupid thing is because it came free with my phone.

My question to you is have you ever accidently turned on your bluetooth and found out when trying to call someone?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And now another introduction...

As you can see, my list of friends have been growing quite rapidly in the past couple of months. I have gotten some very impressive followers of my blog.

As I have noted several times in the past month or so, I have some new friends that I consider it an honor that they decided to follow my almost daily musings, recovery bloggers and I'm going to introduce you to one I added to my list last week, Jenn.

Jenn is a recovering alcoholic who writes the blog J-Online. Jen also has been blogging about her recovery at a site called Second Road, where other bloggers have been doing the same. This is a very cool way to encourage others.

Jenn also blogs about everyday life as she travels the road to recovery as a single mother working as a professional. She lets us all look in on her world, and like the other recovery bloggers, shows us how to be grateful for the simple things in life.

So far Jenn has shared 2 parts of her story on Second Road. Part one was posted on January 29. Part two was last Thursday. Check out the story and also go to J-Online and say hi.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dedicated to Shellmo

The other day, Shellmo was bragging on her husband, Greg. It seems that out of love for his fair lady, he has learned a lot about birds. That's very commendable, but on behalf the rest of us men who don't measure up, this is for you.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Adventures in WIXYland

Sometimes things go better than planned. WIXYjr was having car problems this past week. The battery kept dying on him. My son in law and I went to where WIXYjr currently lives and put new battery cable ends on his car. I started it up then took it for a drive. While I was at a red light, the radio quit and the dashboard lights went dim. Lights turn green then everything come back on. I got it back to WIXYjr's and shut it off. It wouldn't even turn over again. We figured it was the alternator. I called around and that was going to cost around 300 dollars. We found a salvage yard that worked on cars that had a used one. I took the car in, and he tested everything, tightened the alternator belt, tested it again and charged me 10 dollars. Everything now works better. Can I hear a "praise the Lord"?

Need a laugh? Sometimes the Evil Big Box Store(tm) can supply that for you. Mrs74 and I went there. She had to get some groceries and other items. I finally broke down and got a haircut. That's the thing about the Evil Big Box Store(tm), you can go there buy groceries, clothing, tools, get your oil changed, do your banking, get your nails done, and get a haircut(or style). I'm waiting for them to offer an urgent care center.

I got my haircut and Mrs74 got the items she needed. We are waiting in line to check out and we are behind this lady who did a considerable amount of grocery shopping and for every item she bought, she either had coupons, or ad's from competitors. We switched lines and were behind one other shopper there. We got checked out and the coupon queen was still "negotiating" with her cashier. You know, I wonder if the money that that the coupon queen saved was worth the time she spent going through the ads and the time she spent in line? Things like that give me a chuckle just because I know that there are those around her, including the cashier, who are being extremely irrated as they are spending their valuable time behind this lady. Perhaps there should be a lane there marked "20 coupons or more."

We are enjoying some temperatures in the fifties this weekend. Hopefully the snow will melt away before we get any more.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Now you know my ABC's

Michelle Dawn tagged me for this meme and it looks pretty simple so here goes..
The ABC's of Cliff

A. Attached or single?
Very attached

B. Best friend?
My wife Kathy

C. Cake or pie?

D. Day of Choice?

E. Essential item?
My Computer

F. Favorite color?

G. Gummy bears or worms?
neither, as they have way too many carbs

H. Hometown?
Rittman, Ohio

I. Favorite indulgence?

J. January or July?

K. Kids?
Yes, 3 Two daughters and one son

L. Life isn’t complete without?
Fried Chicken

M. Marriage date?
March 10, 1979

N. Number of magazine subscriptions?

O. Orange or apple?
Apple, Red Delicious

P. Phobias?

Q. Quotes?
"You can get what you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." Zig Ziglar

R. Reasons to smile?
Making people think I'm up to something.

S. Season of choice?

T. Tag 5 people
Awake, MsHen, Brenda, Clean and Crazy, Mrs74

U. Unknown fact about me?
I once owned an AMC Pacer.

V. Vegetable?

W. Worst habit?

X. X-ray or ultrasound?

Y. Your favorite food(s)?
Fried chicken from Milich's

Z. Zodiac sign

Thursday, February 05, 2009

I like Michelle Dawn because.....

Michelle Dawn is the brains behind Rusin Roundup. Right now she is going through some struggles with some health issues among other things. I felt that this is a good time to write about her and promote her blog.

Michelle Dawn is one of the bloggers from Terre Haute, Indiana. She is always good to give me props, so I try to return the favor. Her husband, Randy, also writes a blog.

When I was first introduced to her blog, she had mentioned that she worked in retail. I asked her where, and she told me Wal-Mart Supercenter, to which I replied "oh the Evil Big Box Store." She shortened it to EBBS for her own usage, and since left employment there.

Michelle is a good friend to those around her, such as Sindi and Stacy, as well as a good mother to her two children. And she is a real good friend to those of us that she comes in contact with on the blogs. I have gotten numerous awards from her as well as being featured in her now defunct blog, Rusin's Reviews. This past weekend, she went out into the snow and wrote some of her favorite bloggers names in the white stuff, which she featured in photos on her blog. Mine was one of them.

Another thing we have in common was our friendship with Liquid, aka Suzanne. Michelle created her own tribute photo, as well as writing some tribute posts. I know that Suzanne also thought the world of Michelle.

When my brother passed away last March, Michelle was quick to offer me comfort in the way of comments here and emails to me. She also posted something in Ricky's online guest book.

Michelle Dawn has a flair for the fancy, evidenced by the design of her blog. She is also quick to share her world to us through her photography.

There are other times when she will cook and give us her recipes and photos of what she has prepared. With cooking like that, I wonder why her husband, Randy, is such a skinny person? I look at these photos and wish that Terre Haute was less than 6 hours away from my house. Kathy and I would come over for supper.

Go on over to Rusin Roundup and see for yourself that Michelle Dawn is a very unique blogger. And give her a word of encouragement. I'm sure that she and Randy would both appreciate it.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

And now a musical interlude

I had a post in mind, but at this point, I'm too tired to think. Instead I will give you a video by the prefab four, aka The Monkees. And while you have the time vote in my latest poll for your favorite Monkee.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I appreciate the recovery bloggers

Something I feel very fortunate about is those followers I have gain in the recent past who write recovery blogs. I admire these folks for the honesty they have been showing and being here for the rest of us. I have referred to them as "12 steppers" but I have felt funny in doing so. All of us should follow the 12 steps in our own way.

There are reasons I feel a closeness to these dear people. My mother's parents were alcoholics and she used to tell me when she was young that she, her sister, and her brother would spend evenings in the family car while her parents were in the local bar. My mother is one of my heroes because she rose above this all to be one of the best moms around.

The recovering alcoholics and addicts, as well as those from Al Anon, are big enough people who realize that they're too small to handle their situation by themselves, that they need that higher power as well as their supporting members, to help them in their journey.

I have said before that I'm humbled that these bloggers have chosen me as one of their online friends. I'm fortunate that they allow me to see into their journey as they proclaim victory over addictions and co-dependency. And I am proud of the steps they have taken.

So MsHen, Clean and Crazy, Syd, J-Online, Child is Ill, and others, thank you.

Monday, February 02, 2009

I like Jen because....

"I like your poems
I really do
Sometimes I write poems
Just like you

Above is the first comments left on my Whattville is on the other Side of the Tracks blog by Jen. She discovered my blogs as a result of Jessica's good word about my blogging. Through Jen, I have discovered many good blogs and she has made friends with those on my list also.

Jen is originally a Buckeye, having lived in Zanesville before moving to Kentucky. She is one of the cabin dwelling bloggers among my friends. She loves nature, as evidenced by many of the photos on her blog, Unglazed. She also has a great, clean sense of humor. Jen participates in a weekly feature called Weird Object Friday and sometimes finds some of the most unusual items to present for this. She will also post devotions on occasion.

Jen is also very resourceful. She makes salvation bracelets that come with a card that explains the reason for all the colors of the stones in the bracelet. And with her resoursefulness, Jen is also very generous. I know this because she had a giveaway this past December of one of the bracelets. Although I was not the winner, she also sent one to my wife as a Christmas present. I also got a present of some bookmarks from Jen. I'm currently using the one with the "Father" tattoo in the book I'm currently reading, "Battlefield of the Mind," by Joyce Meyer.

Jen reads all three of my blogs and leaves comments often.

If you haven't gone to Unglazed, by all means go there. Look around and admire Jen's log home, her humor, and her great photography. Hang around, as she has had other giveaways. And please leave a comment, the funnier the better. Just make sure that she doesn't cut her own hair.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Here is the current favorite Bill Murray movie according to the poll on my sidebar.

Hopefully the "stinkin' rat", as Scott Wynn refers to it, will bring us good news today.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

A dieting tip

Today, being Super Sunday, is one of the biggest eating days of the year, and most of the fare won't be all that healthy. As most know, I have some health issues. I have high blood pressure and am diabetic, not to mention that I have a weight problem.

One thing I have been told to try are egg substitutes. Most who have tried them tell me that they aren't "fit to eat." Let me tell you that I find that when you scramble them with cheese and fry them in butter they taste pretty darn good.