Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Welcome MrsPatJKnowsItAll. Our political pundit from Springfield, Pat J, now sleeps with another blogger. Announcing Karen's Korner. Karen will now give us her musings and a look from the softer side of the Jenkins empire.

I have told you at least a half million times....My favorite morning team in radio, Scott Wynn and Sue Wilson of WQMX fame, have this habit of exaggerating things. They also make a running joke of it. Scott wrote about this on his blog, Scott Wynn's Window, in this post. Also remember, Scott has thousands of movie reviews on his blog, the latest being Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Followup on my last post: Happy Wife goes to a church called 12 Stone. Right now they are in a series of messages about marriage, which are available from iTunes. I have listened to the first two and they are great messages. I will let HWHL explain how to get the messages and study notes by clicking here.


Karen said...

Thanks for the plug Wixy. I don't know about the softer side, you might just get more than you were bargaining for. If you were around Pat and I for any amount of time, you'd hear alot of sarcasm so expect some of it to come through here as well. Oh, by the way, who is he sleeping with??? LOL
I've also had the opportunity to stop by your better half's page. I'm sure we'll become fast friends. I need all the pity I can get seeing as to who I'm married to.

Pat Jenkins said...

i need to find somebody new to sleep with!!*

*do not take that as an invitation to hop on your good ship lolipop and come on over!

clean and crazy said...

you guys are so funny, I swear Cliff you have the best readers and commenter's. I come by to read both the blog and comments I get such a kick out of it!!