Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some facts on those who gave their all

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Those you know were affected

I was 13 years old at the time. I remember my sister showing my mom the Medina County Gazette this particular day exclaiming that Pat Duffy had died.

During the Vietnam War, whenever someone from Medina County had died in combat, that would be the main headline of the day, complete with a large photo of this now deceased hero. I recall that one family in my town had been notified that their son had died in Vietnam, the story and photo had been run in the Gazette, only to have the story retraced the next day. It was, thankfully, a case of mistaken identity.

Sgt. James P. Duffy Jr was a friend of my cousin Billy. I knew him casually but since he was 7 years older than I, we had nothing in common. Pat was one of those young men who was drafted into the service, so he had no choice of joining the army or where he was to be deployed.

I got this computer printout when I went to the information center(you can click on it to enlarge) and one thing I noticed was that had Pat Duffy not been killed in action, he would now be a few weeks short of his 60th birthday. He went to 'nam when he was 20. At the time, he couldn't vote, couldn't drink hard liquor, but he was required to fight and die for his country.

Instead of being almost 60, Pat Duffy is forever 20.

Special notice- Serious tone awhile

This morning I went over to the mobile display of the Vietnam War Memorial in nearby Wadsworth, Ohio. I will take the next few days to get together some rather serious posts. So take the next few days when you come here to reflect on a time in United States history that tore the country apart. Just the thoughts of this were somber for me as I looked at the wall, the tributes and talked to one of the veterans. I also got information on one whom I knew via one of my older cousins. I will put in some of my editorial comments, but I will shoot from the heart. No flippant comments and my usual characteristics will be on hold for the next few days.

I figure there will be some google searches that will bring people here and out of respect I want to treat this with the same tone as I experienced this morning as I visited this display.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Missing in action no longer: Bella

I went to visit Bella's blog, "It is What It is" this morning. Imagine my surprise when I saw it had been removed. I sent her an email. It was sent back. Where are you Bella?

Cliff Note: Bella now has a new blog up. It's called "Ciao Bella." There is an explanation for the momentary disappearance from the blogosphere.

Personal Responsibility

Yesterday I forwarded an email I received from John G. Miller. He wrote the book QBQ!- the Question Behind the Question. It's a book that deals with personal responsibility, something people try to shirk nowadays.

The email is called QBQ! QuickNote. The topic at hand was the price of gasoline , economy and what we could to try to control it. Long and short, it dealt with supply and demand, and cycles. If we don't like the prices in a certain restaurant, we usually eat somewhere else. The same goes for other commodities. Now if we would start limiting our use of crude oil, as far as our driving habits are concerned, we might force the hand of the big bad oil companies. We have seen the price of gasoline more than double in the past three years, but we still practice the same habits. If we don't stop that, we won't have any other choice but to pay increased prices. While we wait(just don't hold your breath) for alternative fuels, we should start practicing alternative transportation. And , yes, I will ride my bike and walk more.

Cliff Note to John G. Miller: If you get a Google alert of this blog post, be aware that I have forwarded the email you sent me to many who read this blog. And you know I have put enough links in this post. Also feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Honor Student Beat up Your Kid

One of my favorite hangouts lately has been Cathouse Teri's blog, The Road Lester Traveled. I've been visiting her there and she's been visiting me here. When she posts, she always gets many, very interesting, comments.

Some of the comments centered around the "My child is an honor student at...." bumper stickers. I always figured if I placed one of those on one of my vehicles, people would read that and say"if that was such a big deal, you'd be driving something better." I also have heard if someone would put one of those on their BMW or Lexus, it would be sort of like painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa.

One of my favorites always was "My kid beat up your honor student." But I had one better in mind based on one of my family.

Our daughter, Martha(of Welcome to My Crazy Life fame) was suspended a few times in middle school and high school for fighting. The last time, in my opinion, was not fair. But anyway she graduated high school with an honors diploma. I always wanted to put a bumper sticker on my car that said "My honor student beat up your kid."

I still haven't seen one that says "My precious child is an honor student at the Mansfield Reformatory."

Or better yet, how about "My dad was trustee of the month at the state pen."

Monday, May 26, 2008

Some grillin' fun

Happy Memorial Day everybody. We had a cookout today here at the WIXYranch. Instead of the usual fare of hot dogs and burgers(we did have ribs at the inlaws Saturday) our daughter, Martha brought fixings for kabobs. We had some beef, pork and shrimp kabobs. So if you're reading this David McMahon, we did have shrimp on the barbie. Above pictured are daughters Martha and Sylva clowning for the camera. As you can see, someone else was operating the WIXYcam. And no, I still haven't gotten my hair cut.

This picture is of my college educated daughter, Sylva, spraying non stick coating onto the gas grill(it is lit.) Her degree is in education and you know what they say, those who can do and those who can't, teach.

And of course, no blog post about a family cookout is complete without a few photos of the grand children, as I can't let Cathouse Teri have all the grandparent fun. Above, Silas is patiently waiting for the food to be ready. Right, Makenna is enjoying an ear of corn, and below, Ben is quenching his thirst. Also another shot of my legs.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some recent blogging friends

David McMahon, in his authorblog, has a weekly feature called "The Sunday Roast." This week he is interviewing Michelle, aka Lime concerning her blog, called "The House of Lime." It's a very interesting read, especially the part about when she had severely broken her arm, and was gone from blogging for awhile. She was amazed at the outpouring of love among her group. I think that most bloggers have good hearts, at least from my viewpoint and my blogging group.

More love shown to me: A blogger I'm developing respect for is Cathouse Teri. She can show a tough side while, at the same side showing a loving side. It started with me commenting on one of her posts(more about that later) and her writing me an email asking me to explain a joke I typed in her comment section.

Yesterday I wrote my post about people always taking advantage of me, a result of me dealing with some depression. Teri commented on the post, then today wrote one of her own, titled "Blessed are the poor in spirit." There she linked to my post. I thank all for their comments. Like I have said before, many of us have a common thread in depression.

Now about the post I commented on, Teri was wondering why some people use asterisks when putting swear words in a post, for example what she used was f**k, which is the last time you will see even that come from my keyboard. I look at it this way: I will post what I want on my blog and you have the freedom to do the same. As a Christian, I am not a total prude and I will not melt when someone says a profane word in my presence. As a matter of fact I sometimes have a problem with some of my expressive language. Now for someone to use a cuss word in every sentence they utter shows, what my grandmother called, a limited vocabulary.

The nice thing about writing a blog is I can look over what I've written and if I can see something that I think is inappropriate, I can always delete it. Too bad you can't do that in conversations.

The one thing Teri and I are in agreement with is the use of God's name in vain. We both are offended by it.

Repost: You Might Be From Northeast Ohio if...

Cliff Note: This was originally posted on July 4, 2007. I am reposting this along with some of the comments that were made on the original post.

This was going to be a you know you might be from Cleveland post, but seeing that some of my readers are from the region and not Cleveland proper, I would expand it to Northeast Ohio.

You might be from Northeast Ohio if...

You think the regional motto is "Wait till next year."

You think the first sign of spring is the first orange barrel.

You think the orange barrel is the state flower.

A good portion of your wardrobe either has Chief Wahoo in front, or "James 23" on the back.

You don't look at a buzzard as a scavenger bird, but as a radio station mascot-WMMS or a town festival-Hinckley.

You find yourself singing the "Garfield 1-2323" jingle.

You know the correct pronunciation of Cuyahoga, Medina, and Trivisonno.

The words "A waaaaay back" are music to your ears.

Ditto with "WHAM with the right hand"

"Stay sick and turn blue" isn't an insult. Cliff Note:Saying of late night television movie host Ghoulardi and later, the Ghoul.

No hot dog is complete without Stadium Mustard.

Enemy list includes, John Elway, Bill Cowher, George Steinbrenner, and Art Modell.

You won't be caught dead wearing gold and black.

We celebrate two seasons-winter and July.

Cliff Note: From the comments on the original

Anonymous said...

How about, "you might be from Northeast Ohio if..." You know that all sports talk on radio started with Peter J. Franklin on 3WE.

Tim Lones said...

Or..You might be from Northeast Ohio if..the mention of Parma immediatedly conjures up thoughts of Polka Music..not to mention white socks and pink flamingos..

mikedane said... You know your in radio when most of your wardrobe consists of station
logo t-shirts.

And black and gold rules baby. they
get me plenty of donuts.

david5258 said...

you know you're from ne ohio/ohio when 2 of your best coaches and 2 of your best players play for the black and gold--noll, cowher, lambert and big ben.--and they all get to the superbowl.
you know you're from ne ohio when everybody's favorite thing to complain about is the weather(wait 5 minutes--it will change. what rarely changes are the weather men--goddard, bernier(ma and pa), nolan. old weathermen don't die or retire, they just drop a few isobars....

Rich in Medina said...

Those are good...My mind isn't creative just now...but something about:
1)Lake Affect

And from a new reader at the time...
Liquid said...

I'm lovin' it! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'll hand you my heart and you can stomp on it awhile

I am always considered by my friends as one of the nicest guys around. There have been times in my life I considered this a curse. But this has always been one of my greatest assets.

As I was growing up, I was aware of the fact that my family wasn't part of the upper crust and even though I had a love for sports, I wasn't athletic at all. I had a weight problem also. I had two things to turn to, a good sense of humor and a big heart.

Quite often as I was growing up, I would suffer because of my good nature. This would follow me into my adult years. Would always ending up have me wondering why. I guess it was the only way I could gain acceptance.

I met this member of the fair sex at work. I was 21. She was um, older and more uh.. experienced. Love is blind, but infatuation is completely senseless. And an young man who was an adult in the eyes of the law only, who thought with his nether regions is definitely a danger to himself.

I lived at home and only had a car payment at the time. We would all get together after work at the local watering hole. Some nights I would keep her supplied with drinks and cigarettes as we both smoked the same brand(BTW, I haven't had a cigarette since August, 1997). Night would always end up the same, she would leave with someone else. Next day she would be one of my best friends again, as she needed smokes. She would let me take her out again, same results. It's your own fault, Cliff.

Life goes on. Friends come, friends go. Some give, most take.

I worked at an appliance store for a few years. I was on commission as was most of the folks there. I knew a lot about the product and I also knew how to take care of grief caused by other salesmen. I assisted many who made quite a bit more than I, while my family did without. It's your own fault, Cliff.

Nobody want's to see you cross to their side of the track.

We were members of this church where the members seemingly forgot where they come from, but didn't want others to follow, especially if they were different. My crime was that I come from the wrong side of the Ohio River. We went to a Bill Gaither Homecoming concert several years ago in Cleveland. We were supposed to go as a church group, or so I thought. We got there and went up to our seats. One of my children went up to the group and the person who purchased the tickets told us that our seats were "down there" away from the group. I did not enjoy the show. After another snub, I wanted to leave the church, but my wife wouldn't let me because our daughter liked it there. It's your own fault, Cliff.

Welcome to my miserable existance. Nice guys don't finish last. We need to be close to the front so people can locate us to use us.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Honor

Michele, of Crow's Feet fame, has awarded me with the coveted "E for Excellent" award. I'd like to thank her for this honor. I would also like to pass this award to the following bloggers. Of course you will get the reason for the passage from me.

Struke: The school year is winding down and Struke has used his blog, Media Matters, in a very creative way, allowing his students to give peroidic posts. That, in my mind, is award worthy. Go over and let him know what an excellent blog he has.

Five Pines: Devoted wife, mother, dog lover, and photographer of nature makes for an excellent blog. If you haven't checked it out lately, go over and give Jessica a shout.

Monday Through Sunday
: An excellent devotional blog, Melanie does a great job letting us know what life is like in her ever changing world. Check out her musings.

Pat J(at least in my mind) knows it all: As this political season gains steam, Pat lets us know what's happening with his own perspective. Whether you agree or not, Pat encourages comments about his daily statements and sometimes will snap back with his excellent(?) sense of humor. Go congratulate him for receiving such an esteemed honor.

Welcome to My Crazy Life: Proving that neopotism counts for something here, Martha quite often features my excellent grandchildren on her blog. Go there and tell her you appreciate the good job her parents did in raising her.

In the eyes of a five year old: And speaking of my excellent grandchildren, five year old Ben has his own blog featuring his budding photographic skills. Go ohh and ahh his pics.

Runner up for a great honor

Right now it is early in Ohio. It's day's end in Australia and David McMahon has announced his Post of the Day. The post below was one of the contenders. I feel that it is a great honor to even be considered for such an honor. Thank you David for the mention. Once again check out authorblog and sample some of this gentleman's talent.

I see that the honor is starting to pay off. Sandy Carlson of Writing in Faith fame has paid me a visit. Check out her fine work as well.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oldies Revisited

It was fun being a baby boomer until now. Some of the artists of the 60's and 70's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging Baby Boomers. They include:

Stevie Wonder - I Just Called to Say "I've Fallen and I can't Get up!"

The Who - Magic Senior Citizens Bus

Bob Dylan - Like a Kidney Stone

Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker.

Ringo Starr - I Get By With a Little Help From Depends.

The Bee Gees - How Can You Mend a Broken Hip.

Bobby Darin - Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' a Flash.

Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I Forgot Your Face.

Johnny Nash - I Can't See Clearly Now.

Paul Simon - Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver.

The Commodores - Once, Twice, Three Times to the Bathroom.

Procol Harem - A Whiter Shade of Hair.

Leo Sayer - You Make Me Feel Like Napping.

The Temptations - Papa's Got a Kidney Stone.

Abba - Denture Queen.

Tony Orlando - Knock 3 Times On The Ceiling If You Hear Me Fall.

Helen Reddy - I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore.

Leslie Gore - It's My Procedure, and I'll Cry If I Want To.

David Bowie - Older Americans

And my favorite:

Willie Nelson - On the Commode Again

From the mailbag: Scammer needs schooling

I got this in my email today. I'm sure that everybody reading this gets similar notices.

Subject: Contact the courier company immediately

I have been waiting for you since to come down here and pick your Bank Draft but did not heard from you since that time ,then I went and
deposited the Draft with Trans Link Couriers Service Company here in Benin Republic,because I want to traveled to India to see my boss and will not come back till next month end. You have to contact the Trans Link Courier Service Company to know when they will deliver yourpackage .I have paid for the deliveringcharges and insurance fee.

The only money you have to send to them is there security keeping fee which is $125.00 usd Dollars to receive your package.

Contact Mr.Mollida Y. Martins
Director Trans Link Couriers Service
Benin Republic.
Cliff Note:email address deleted by me.

Try to contact them as soon as possible to avoid increasing the security keeping fee. I gave them your delivering address but you have
to reconfirm it to them again to avoid any mistake in the delivering.

Let me know as soon as you receive your draft.
Philip Williams

Additional Cliff Notes: The words and phrases in red are what I have found errant in this email. Also how many ways do they have to tell me that it's 125 dollars. I guess they figure that the third time's a charm. Now I have some teachers who read this blog. Maybe for $125.00 usd Dollars I can get one of them to give Phillip Williams some writing lessons.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Answer to "Weekend Wandering"

My friend from down under, David McMahon, in his authorblog, wants his readers to post about their dreams. I've done this recently, but I will further dwell on them.

I wanted to be on the radio and I know I would have had at least two listeners, my mother and Ricky. However being what Zig Ziglar calls a "sniop"-Subject to Negative Influences of Other People, I was very easily discouraged in my younger days. I kept opening my front door to let the dreams out. They kept coming back. I would try different variations of it. First it was retail sales and making announcements over the public address in the store. Then it became band announcements, which is now combined with blogging.

I have been told that I'm a people person and my demeanor is very pleasant and folks like having me around. I have seen those who like to be around people, but their only problem is that they can brighten a room- by leaving it. It still is my dream to make a living from my ability to communicate with others, whether it be by writing, broadcasting/podcasting, or blogging.

I currently have a one hour commute to work everyday. Gasoline costs four times what it did when I first got married 29 years ago, but I do not make four times as much money. I would love to have a shorter commute and I dream of the day when I don't have to go as far. Maybe down to my basement office.

And I also dream of being able to take a vacation and actually go somewhere for myself and Mrs74.

Yes, I dream of breaking away from this blue collar life I'm living. And I think that maybe I can achieve this dream with my personality. I know it wouldn't be by my looks.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Glad I didn't use this diversion

Mrs74 has been down this weekend with bronchitis, so I've been tending to her needs. I didn't take too much time to watch sports this weekend and I'm glad I didn't. This would have been a weekend when Ricky would have been calling me several times. He could have been the world's greatest general manager.

Sports are meant as a diversion. Pro sports even more so. As a Cleveland pro sports fan-and as I get older less and less a fanatic, it was obvious we didn't have such a good weekend.

Our beloved Cleveland Indians were swept by the Cincinnati Redlegs. I can't call them the Reds, because I know my down state friend Pat J is a fan and he wouldn't be a fan of anything that anyone could remotely accuse of being communist. Anyway it's time for these overpaid hitters to do their jobs. C'mon Wedge, do some inspiring.

Meanwhile in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Cavaliers, of Lebron James have been eliminated by the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs. Now maybe Lebron can deliver some of these 23 cent pizzas. I need you to deliver one to Springfield, so a certain blogger will quit whining.

Personal to Gloria James: I wouldn't take what your son said to you in public(sit your a** down) from any of my children. I think you should wash Lebron's mouth out with soap and send him to bed without his dessert.

Basketball season in Cleveland is over. Then again today is May 18. Basketball should have been finished a long time ago.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Keeping Identities Secret

Sometimes you don't know what direction this blogging thing takes you.

I am going to further dwell on my last post. I'm glad for the comments I got on it. They come from people whom I respect greatly. Bella tells a lot about her life when she's blogging but her identity is something she keeps secret. When her husband checks in on the comment page, he checks in as "Clark Kent," further bringing light to the secret identity. She was also one who commented frequently on the now retired "Life of a Valley Girl." Bella and I have a good relationship on blogger, even though until today we have never contacted each other, even by email.

Melanie(Monday Through Sunday) and I have recently exchanged emails. I mainly send her devotionals. Here on blogger we communicate through comment sections. She puts out mainly a Christian blog, but I'm glad she rung in on this issue. I don't envision her as a reader of "Valley Girl." Melanie is pretty much about respect and does like to have some fun.

And what haven't I posted about Liquid in the past 10-1/2 months? We have become very close friends and we've been privy to things that neither of us would post on either blog. That is what I wouldn't, and haven't, posted. I value our friendship.

My one aim in blogging is to make people feel good about themselves. I originally started emailing Val around Thanksgiving last year. I had seen her blog but felt very uncomfortable commenting on her posts. I told her that along with I thought her blog was interesting. She read my blogs and sent me a reply telling me how much she enjoyed them and also thanked me for not judging her. She also told me that she understood me not feeling comfortable commenting on her posts. We communicated back and forth during the holiday season. None of this left either of our in boxes. I asked her name one time. She didn't tell me and that was that. It was none of my business and I accepted that.

I did find out when her birthday was and posted that. This was after she posted it on her blog. We both had a good time with that. My readers went over there and her readers came here.

As bloggers we have a good time with what we know about each other. I don't think we need to know anything else.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Respecting Identities

From my first post, I made it plain who I am. In the comment section here people address me as Cliff, 74, WIXY, WIXYgrad, and Dad. Anybody can address me by the first four. Only my children-Martha, Sylva, or Adam(WIXYjr) can call me "Dad."

To me, 74WIXYgrad is a branding. To most of the readers here, it has no significance. I keep it because that's what most know me as. There are others who post by one name and allow others to refer to their given name. There are others who use only their "blog name" when they are posting, but have trusted me with their given name. I respect that and will not use their given name when addressing them on blogger.

The reason I write this post is I got, along with many other folks, an email from Valley Girl. Because of the very personal nature of her blog, she guarded her identity and revealed it to nobody. That's okay by me. I had removed the link to her blog from my side bar awhile ago, due to some of the content, but still read it on occasion.

In the email, she stated that she felt it was best to shut down her blog because it was brought to her attention that some were going to great lengths to figure her identity out and use it to cause harm to her. That's not cool and to me things like that are what give social networking sites a bad name. Val was using her blog as an online diary and was not hurting anyone with it.

So if you are concerned with someone's identity if that someone isn't willing to reveal it, I have four words for you: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

My favorite TV line

As spoken by Maj. Sidney Freedman, played by Alan Arbus, in two separate episodes of MASH:

"Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants, and slide on the ice."

It's 3:30am, Do you know where my mind is?

Shameless plugs never hurt: My good friend Tim Lones, of Cleveland Classic Media fame, has been posting links to his excellent blog on the television forum at He had wondered if the posts there were too much and started a thread, asking the folks on the forum thought that. Well, as expected, the answer was that he put a great product out and he should post links often. And of course, I never miss a chance to promote my friend there, as he has done the same for me. I also put a shameless plug in for myself, which vastly increased my number of hits yesterday. You can never accuse me of being the missing link. And by the way, if you haven't lately, check out Cleveland Classic Media. Tim has been doing some sprucing up of the site.

Dinner with 2 more bloggers: I have to mention this, as they paid for it. My daughter, Martha, of Welcome to my Crazy Life, among others, fame, and her husband, Kevin, took us out to dinner last night. Included in the party was my grandson, Ben, of Through the Eyes of a Five Year Old fame. We ate at Marie's restaurant in Wadsworth. It's located in the out lot, in front of Evil Big Box Store #2966. Cliff Note: Don't eat the fried chicken there! Martha said I should blog about the bloggers meeting, but seeing that I was in the delivery room when she entered the world, that wouldn't be news.

I hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogging Around; May 13th Edition

Some blogs of note, one halfway around the world, one in the upper midwest, and two in my own hometown, by people close to me.

First, I want to mention authorblog once again. David McMahon, has a heart to promote others, as do I, only this is an everyday occurrence with him, as he always features a post of the day and will post a link to it, as well as others which were nominated. That's right, the readers get some input in the decision. David is also a very talented photographer, and displays his work on his blog. Also once everyday he has a post called Verse and Worse where he posts a thought provoking four line poem. There's something for everyone there. If you go to Post of the day, you will see I've nominated one of our group.

Next up, Elizabeth'sChristianBlog. Elizabeth left a comment over at Seek Him First a couple of weeks ago. I looked at her fairly new blog and thought that my Christian readers would like to make her online acquaintance. She is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin and is looking for God's will for the next phase of her life. Go on over there and give her some encouragement.

Lastly, my daughter, Martha, of Welcome to My Crazy Life fame has started a blog devoted to her home schooling of her children. The blog is called School's in Session, and she gives us a view of her lesson plans for her three children, ages 1, 3 and 5. Her three year old, Makenna, is deaf, so the whole family has been learning sign language for the past couple of years also.
Another blog Martha has started is on behalf of my grandson, Ben, called Through the Eyes of a five year old. Ben has become a budding photographer and this blog is set up to showcase his talents.

Enjoy the trip.

I like Michelle, of Crows Feet fame, because...

Michelle is one of my European friends. She currently resides in Scotland. She is a very frequent visitor here and always leaves very kind comments.

We met each other through Amel's Realm. Shortly after Michelle starting posting on my blogs, we were sort of IMing through the comment section here. A result of those messages that morning was she and Amias became friends. Michelle has been a real encouragement to my efforts here, especially when it comes to re posting one of my earlier works.

Michelle lets us know how life is for one who currently lives away from her homeland, Zimbabwe. Her blog, Crows Feet, is a mix of her experiences, issues of interest, and creative writing. She also has a poetry blog, called Reflections. She likes to share her talents with the world and is very good at her craft.

Michelle is also very considerate of her readers. Last month she was moving to another home and was off the Internet for a few weeks. She sent many of us an email to let us know she wasn't going to be in touch for awhile.

I suggest you give Michelle's blogs a read. You won't be disappointed.

Cliff Note to Michelle: I haven't forgotten about your meme. Hopefully it will be written in the next few days.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Treasure hunting

I had some time to waste this past Saturday, and ended up in a thrift shop. When I am thrift shopping, I usually hit the book section first, and Saturday's trip was no exception.

But first a little something about the store I was at. It is called the New Destinations Thrift Store, located in the College Hills shopping center in Wooster, Ohio. Most of the help there is volunteer, and the shop is run by a ministry that helps those in treatment centers among other things. I have bought several books from the original New Destination shop in Barberton. Click here for information about the New Destiny Treatment center.

This trip I found two books that I thought was an exceptional value at $1.00 apiece. First one is called "I Dare You," written over 60 years ago by William H. Danforth, founder of Ralston Purina. The others is much more recent, "Tuesdays With Morrie" by Mitch Albom. Albom is a Detroit sports writer, and has an afternoon talk show on WJR/760 in Detroit.

I am currently reading "I Dare You," and will shortly give a report on this space. I think I will listen to WJR on the way home as I hear Mitch Albom is a good talk show host and the station blasts into this area. It uses Lake Erie as a giant antenna.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Howard Stern would make a great blogger

As I write this post, I am in the process of reading "Private Parts," Howard Stern's first book. I bought the book at Goodwill for a buck. Why are you reading this, you may ask. Well, I like stories about how people made it in media. I also want to know why Howard Stern has come to be regarded as the King of Media.

I expected to see some filth in the book, and I wasn't disappointed in that regard as the book is vulgar in many places. I do find that in all his irreverance, Howard has some ideas that are common with mine. He blasts republicans and democrats equally. Still not a reason for me to be a regular listener, especially at 12.95 a month.
I find myself laughing at some of the things he has said he's done. I could never do them, but then again, neither could more than 99% of the population.

Howard Stern either has had a veeerry interesting life or he's very creative when it has come to chronicaling his life. I think he has embellished quite a bit.

One thing that I was particularily amused about was the hate mail he has received over the years. Some of this hate mail has come from very informed sources. If you don't like what he has to say-turn the dial! Also complain to the station. They're not going to use the communication as cannon fodder. Howard does and makes himself the good guy. People are saying all the time that he's a genius, something Howard Stern disputes. He says Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, and Jonas Salk, who discovered the polio vaccine, were geniuses and he's not. I admire his honesty on that subject.

But the blogging world is being cheated. Howard Stern should have a blog either on Blogger or Wordpress. The blogosphere should have the opportunity to either read or ignore a Howard Stern blog. Or his producer, Gary Dell'Abate, could come up with the Baba Booey blog. Or Robin Quivers could have one. I think that one would be very interesting.

So Howard, if this radio thing doesn't work out, come to blogger.

Cliff Note:Do you all think I have enough links for a few cheap hits?

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I like dreamin'

In the 1980's, I was one of a large group of people-someone who became an Amway distributor with hopes of becoming a millionaire in record time but never did. I was told by my sponsor that you don't sell soap, you sell hope. Uh huh. In my lifetime, I have had trouble selling water to people in the desert, but that's not the point to this post.

Anyone who has had the pleasure(?) of being "presented the business" will remember the dream session. this is where you were encouraged to imagined the house you wanted to live in, the car you wanted to drive, and all the vacations you wanted to take. and you were encouraged to dream big.

Well even though I never did much as a hope salesman, I continue to dream nowadays. I continue to dream of being to make a living at mass communication. I dream about writing a book. I dream of the day when my house is paid off.

A common thread through the blogs I read is depression. I'm certain in these days, with rising gas and grocery prices, some depression is getting worse. If you look at that, you feel that there is no hope. As a Christian, I don't feel that depression is in God's plan. I believe that God wants us to have hope and he wants us to help others to see hope.

I always think about giving someone a chance to crack a smile when they look at this page, or when I leave a comment somewhere. The dream of making you laugh, or just smile gives me the encouragement I need to keep writing.

Workplace drug testing

The company I work has random drug testing, which occurs about once every three months. A couple of weeks ago I was called in to be tested. Fine with me, as I have nothing to hide and I feel that the company has every right to call me in for three reasons. One, it's a known fact that I'm on antidepressants. Two, I have had knee surgery three times, and who's to say I'm not hooked on pain killers(which I'm not.) And lastly, I have admitted to have used recreational drugs when I was in my twenties.

The reason we have this mandatory testing is that we work on jobs for the government. Is it fair? I think so as what they are looking for are illegal drugs and others that aren't prescribed to the person using them. It just strongly advocates personal responsibility.

Where I work we make maintenance parts for the railroad. It's not unreasonable to expect employees to work unimpaired. After all, we have people's lives in our hands.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And now, let's stroll down memory lane...

.....because with the price of gas nowadays, we can't afford to drive it.

I heard a novelty song on the radio this morning. My mind then went to 1980. No I wasn't tripping. I had thought of a song of that time, called "Cheaper crude or no More Food," which is the song you are currently listening to on my music player. I went to You Tube to see if someone made a video of it, but alas, none was there. I then put the title into my search engine and come up with this blog, WFMU's Beware of the Blog. This blog had in their archives from 2 years ago some novelty songs from the gas crisis's of 1973 and 1979. Check them out. Your funny bone may get some needed exercise.

This has been a public service of WIXY's Gone Bananas.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Answering a Question from Down Under

G'day Mate: I had a visitor here this past weekend, a result of my surfing the blogosphere. David McMahon comes here from Australia, but he found me through one of Liquid's friends, named Lime.

David's site is called authorblog. I went there this past weekend and did some exploring. One of the posts he wrote over the weekend asked the question about how we choose our friends. David challenged us to answer this during the week and link back to him. So I have linked back to him twice in the same paragraph.

I'm not going to tell him how I do it in Ohio or the United States, but rather the way I do it at WIXY's Gone Bananas.

Everybody who comes here on a regular basis knows that I am all about promoting those blogs I read. I do it for several reasons. If they come and leave comments, then they get a plug. If you promote me, I promote you. If I sense one of my blogging friends is going through a rough time, I will post something leading others to their blogs. My I like...because series began as a way to help one of you that was going through a bad spell.

I choose my blogging friends the same way I choose my friends here where I'm physically at. If they show that they genuinely like me then they're my friend. I'm not a fake person either in real life or on the world wide web and I have very little to offer besides my friendship.

So I urge you to go see authorblog(third link) and check out David's work. Just keep in mind that when you get there, it may be tomorrow. But when David comes back to check out your blog, it will be tomorrow.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A tumble, a scare, and a reminder

Yesterday it was raining here in northeast Ohio, sometimes hard. I walked inside a building a, slipped and fell on the floor, landing on my left knee. I am at an age where any fall will scare those close to me, but a fall on that knee is even more frightening. I had that knee replaced 7 years ago February 22. As I type these words, all I feel is a little pain and some stiffness. I walk fine, and there is some bruising. I was fortunate.

Another time I was fortunate was about 24 years ago. I was doing some work in the garage, and added some transmission fluid to my car. I set the can and funnel aside, intending to put things up and I put the funnel inside a plastic cup. The cup had a picture of the Pink Panther on it. Our daughter, Martha, who was 2 at the time picked up the cup and drank some of the transmission fluid. We are very fortunate that there is a hospital within 10 minutes of our house. We went to the emergency room where they took care of the situation. One of the reasons we spent so much time there was they kept asking Martha questions, mainly because her speech was advanced for her age. They would call staff from other parts of the hospital to hear her. I WAS LUCKY. It could have been much worse.

This memory was spurned by a very sad post by Liquid this past weekend. I first learned about it in the comments in this blog and later in the prayer requests at Seek Him First. Her Lab, Daisy Duke, got into some antifreeze a week ago and was poisoned. She had to be put down. Liquid and her family feel a deep loss over that.

Anyone who has even been around a car that's been overheating know that antifreeze has a sweet taste to it. If you have a leak in your cooling system, please get it taken care of. If you fill your radiator and spill some coolant on the ground, please clean it up. Animals are attracted to that sweet taste, but as we know, it will cause someone's pet to die a very painful death. Both for the pet and the family it belongs to.

And if you haven't done so already, go over to Liquid Illuzion and give Suzanne your regards.

Friday, May 02, 2008

A big thank you

I want to thank everybody who went from here to give support to Stacy. From what she has posted, the matter was taken care of by the school. But I think that all of us as adults have seen our share of hurtful things done to others. My brother took a lot of crap when he was going through school. I can identify.

I am glad that I have many mature readers here at WIXY's Gone Bananas, and all my readers have big hearts.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Very Rude Awakening

Yesterday at lunch time, I did what I usually do. I ate my sandwich, apple and then propped my feet up, put my newspaper over my face and started relaxing. I started dozing off when my cell phone woke me up. Mrs74 was at the other end and she sounded like she was crying. I thought she said that there was a big fire in the kitchen. I then stood up at attention and asked her if she had called the fire department. Mrs74 then asked "for a SPIDER? " I said "I thought you said a big FIRE!" She then started laughing uncontrollingly, which continued after I got home.

I was glad, however, that I didn't have a full bladder.