Monday, May 19, 2008

Answer to "Weekend Wandering"

My friend from down under, David McMahon, in his authorblog, wants his readers to post about their dreams. I've done this recently, but I will further dwell on them.

I wanted to be on the radio and I know I would have had at least two listeners, my mother and Ricky. However being what Zig Ziglar calls a "sniop"-Subject to Negative Influences of Other People, I was very easily discouraged in my younger days. I kept opening my front door to let the dreams out. They kept coming back. I would try different variations of it. First it was retail sales and making announcements over the public address in the store. Then it became band announcements, which is now combined with blogging.

I have been told that I'm a people person and my demeanor is very pleasant and folks like having me around. I have seen those who like to be around people, but their only problem is that they can brighten a room- by leaving it. It still is my dream to make a living from my ability to communicate with others, whether it be by writing, broadcasting/podcasting, or blogging.

I currently have a one hour commute to work everyday. Gasoline costs four times what it did when I first got married 29 years ago, but I do not make four times as much money. I would love to have a shorter commute and I dream of the day when I don't have to go as far. Maybe down to my basement office.

And I also dream of being able to take a vacation and actually go somewhere for myself and Mrs74.

Yes, I dream of breaking away from this blue collar life I'm living. And I think that maybe I can achieve this dream with my personality. I know it wouldn't be by my looks.


Pat Jenkins said...

the curse of life! being made to handle the burdens of existence, instead of being able live it!!

SandyCarlson said...

I hope you get your dream. I tell my husband it's in the boss's best interest to have his employees telecommute. We have all the technology here that he needs to do his job. Of course, then we're subsidizing the business with our electricity, etc. Oh well.

We can keep dreaming.
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74WIXYgrad said...

Sandy, it's an honor to have you visit here as our paths have crossed before. I usually visit you via Liquid but now we have another common friend in David McMahon.

Come back often.