Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blogging Around; May 13th Edition

Some blogs of note, one halfway around the world, one in the upper midwest, and two in my own hometown, by people close to me.

First, I want to mention authorblog once again. David McMahon, has a heart to promote others, as do I, only this is an everyday occurrence with him, as he always features a post of the day and will post a link to it, as well as others which were nominated. That's right, the readers get some input in the decision. David is also a very talented photographer, and displays his work on his blog. Also once everyday he has a post called Verse and Worse where he posts a thought provoking four line poem. There's something for everyone there. If you go to Post of the day, you will see I've nominated one of our group.

Next up, Elizabeth'sChristianBlog. Elizabeth left a comment over at Seek Him First a couple of weeks ago. I looked at her fairly new blog and thought that my Christian readers would like to make her online acquaintance. She is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin and is looking for God's will for the next phase of her life. Go on over there and give her some encouragement.

Lastly, my daughter, Martha, of Welcome to My Crazy Life fame has started a blog devoted to her home schooling of her children. The blog is called School's in Session, and she gives us a view of her lesson plans for her three children, ages 1, 3 and 5. Her three year old, Makenna, is deaf, so the whole family has been learning sign language for the past couple of years also.
Another blog Martha has started is on behalf of my grandson, Ben, called Through the Eyes of a five year old. Ben has become a budding photographer and this blog is set up to showcase his talents.

Enjoy the trip.


Pat Jenkins said...

i may stop bye your daughters house if she doesn't mind because i can use all the schooling i can get.

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Monday through Sunday said...


david mcmahon said...

Big thumbs up to your generous promotion of the work of other bloggers.