Saturday, June 30, 2007

What Price Fame?

By this time anyone who knows anything about pro wrestling has heard some of the bizarre details surrounding the deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and their son Daniel. Were the actions caused in any way by steroids? I'm not a medical professional, so I don't know, even though I suspect yes.

Pro wrestling has come a ways since the 70's when folks like myself and newsnomore used to watch on Saturday nights on WUAB/43. Most people knew that the matched were predetermined, but we liked to have debates with some in school who thought it was on the up and up. We used to watch folks like Johnny Powers, who looked like someone in pretty good physical shape. He got his body from eating right and working out. The only thing he didn't have since birth was his hairpiece. I don't remember seeing any moves that, if performed in real life, would kill somebody except possibly the sleeper hold.

Other wrestlers in that day looked like they would be home in a Sunday afternoon softball league. They either had beer guts or the gut was formed by excessive weight lifting. I suspect the former.

Enter the eighties, this was the time when BizDecision started watching the World Wrestling Federation(WWF). Enter the Hulkster, Wrestling had gone nation wide, and for the first time each region didn't have it's own "world champion". Wrestling also was featured on Saturday morning cartoons, and the wrestlers became human cartoon characters. Vince McMahon was also being more and more enamored by the big, muscular, wrestlers. Some wrestlers, like Rick Martel, would be off tour on "injury leave" and come back more muscular than before they left. Vince was commentator on WWF Superstars of Wrestling, at that time the flagship program, and he would make sure during his commentary that he would mention that so and so was really looking good. I don't think they got that way in the weight room.

At that time I liked the comical wrestlers, such as the Bushwackers. JimOhio has told me that his favorite was George "the animal" Steele. Story lines, though at times stupid, were innocent enough.

The nineties brought the Monday Night wars, and some very evil as well as somewhat pornographic story lines. It also brought the "attitude" era. You didn't know the faces(good guys) from the heels(bad guys) if you missed any programs. It was no longer "say your prayers and take your vitamins".

The "fan favorites" were folks like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who constantly defied authority and drank his beer in a post victory celebration. Hardly an example to be set for your young children. The wrestlers went from being comic book characters to male soap opera stars , but looking like they came from the pages of Marvel Comics. Looks like steroids were becoming the "breakfast of champions."

The women involved in what was becoming Vince's traveling freak show were starting to get "enhancement surgery," also looking like human comic book characters.

New century and Vince now has a monopoly with the demise of World Championship Wrestling(WCW). It's now his way or no way. Wrestlers are getting bigger, and premature deaths of performers are increasing. Some of these deaths are caused by drug abuse, some are caused by heart attacks. Do the performance enhancing drugs weaken the heart?

Is there such a thing as 'roid rage? Does one need to enhance himself so much that he loses himself? Does Vince worry so much about his bottom line that he has such a low regard for human decency?

I say that Vince and his family should help his performers get off the "juice" and make pro wrestling the choreographed exhibition it was in the seventies and eighties. Get some of the older stars to help in that regard. And if they want to build their bodies, let them do it in the weight room.

And I also wonder if it's worth paying with your life for 15 minutes of fame.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Wedding fit for one of Daddy's Girls

Well, it's over...

This week that has the Murphy Seal of Approval, has come to an end.

On Saturday, June 23, 2007, Edward Allen Scott and Sylva Nichole Feightner became man and wife at Liberty Freewill Baptist Church in Norton, Ohio. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Cecil Farmer.

Now seeing I don't know how to be a society writer, and I wasn't taking notes, I will now go to my personal observations. Just keep in mind that I will be shooting straight in this post.

This week has taken it's toll on my wife, Kathy, our daughter Martha, and son, Adam, as well as myself. Of course I had been working all week, leaving early on Friday to do some of the running around. Rehearsal was Friday, and Eddie's parents, Ed and Angie prepared dinner for the wedding party, and it was delicious.

During the rehearsal itself, Cecil asked who gives this woman in marriage, I responded "Me and whatsername". The rehearsal rings were ball-and-chain key fobs. The children in the party were busy being cute and getting tired. We were all up late.

The ceremony: Pre wedding pictures were taken, and the groom almost had to be shackled until time for the ceremony so he couldn't see the picture of the birde. We had to get a backup piano player(Richard Cross came through in a pinch and did a great job) the original player showed up at the last minute, taking care of the family matter in Columbus. Our nephew, Josh and his wife Torrie, showed up 20 minutes late, prompting a delay. I didn't mind that as I think the world of them both.
Showtime: As the party proceeded down the isle, the nerves were starting to jangle. Sylva and I were both starting to tremble as we walked, but no tears. As I looked at Kathy, no tears. That surprised me as she was crying as the wedding gown was being tried on before purchase. I lifted the veil, kissed her forehead, and gave her to her intended. Vows were exchanged, songs sung, roses given to mothers and grandmothers. Time for the rings, the ring bearer, our four year old grandson, Ben, had fallen asleep.

Then the announcement: Rev. Farmer announced "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs Edward Scott."
Reception line, bubbles, photos, etc. Now off to the reception. The reception was held at the Church of the Nazarine in Wadsworth. I was sorta the emcee announcing when to eat and introducing my father-in-law, Eddie Bowyer, and asking him to bless the reception.

No tears, until: As I said, we were all doing okay, I asked the emergency piano player to sit at the family table, so we had to do some arranging around. I went to sit at the table and I noticed that there was two spots at the table with white roses. Behind the roses was a photo of my parents. I'm sorry, I lost it and I'm having a hard time typing it now.

Since the tears have started already: I set up a power point projector and then went back to the sound system. I then started to sing the Sugarland hit "I Loved Her First." Others then started crying.

The day was great, the food was fantastic. Our friend Patty Fryburger, was the caterer and did a fantastic job.

The new couple are on a short trip now. I have told them when they get back that I will give them advice.

And since so many marriages end in divorce, I ask you to pray for Sylva and Eddie, that they can work out all their problems together. Cecil said that marriage is not 50-50, it's 100% commitment from both.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A public service announcement

That's right, WIXY's Gone Bananas presents a public service announcement. This important announcement concerns recycling.

If you've been walking the planet as long as I, you no doubt have part of the computer that God gave you at conception cluttered with old jokes. One liners, anecdotes, knock knocks, and all purpose comebacks. You might want to take them all to the curb since they have been told time and again and are out of style. But don't do that. They can be refurbished, and be reused-good as new.

For example, here's some hints of what to do with an old joke.

Mick Jagger went to the Playboy Mansion and saw Hugh Hefner wrestling Dennis Weaver, which prompted Jagger to yell, "Hey Hugh, get off of McCloud".

Don't assume everybody knows about 70's television, or Rolling Stones songs. This joke would be funny to only baby boomers, couch potatoes, and Rolling Stones fans.

Don't assume everybody who would get it has already heard it. Remember if you remember the seventies, you more than likely weren't there.

Do some rehearsing of the joke. Stuttering only works for Mel Tillis.

Don't explain the joke as you go along. Too many people turn jokes into lectures. Also don't explain the punchline after you tell it. People don't like to be treated like they're idiots. Most people get it and if they don't, it's not funny to them.

Most importantly, if you have any old jokes, don't throw them away. Fix them up, clean them up. and either reuse them, or donate them to someone who needs a good laugh. Jokes that are manufactured nowadays are of inferior quality. The standards of today have been adversely affected by NAFTAoH. That's North American Free Trade Agreement of Humor. Too many cheap foreign jokes have flooded the American landscape

Take all reusable jokes and riddles to the nearest humor donation center. It's not tax deductible, but it should be.

This has been a public service announcement by the staff and management of WIXY's Gone Bananas.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tux fitting time

Time to pick up tuxedos tonight. MrsWIXYmobile is in the shop with a leak in the brake line and you know about the WIXYjrmobile, so we were down to the(maybe not so) temporary WIXYmobile. So we got into it, myself, Mrs74WIXYgrad, WIXYjr, and my grandson, WIXY-III the first, and we went to Canton to make sure the monkey suits fit. They did, and I promise pictures after the wedding, suitable for framing.

Orange barrels in full bloom: Not thinking, on my way back to the WIXY ranch I took I-477, and they were resurfacing the road and it was down to one lane. I keep thinking some community that doesn't have their own festival and is located off the interstate should celebrate this great nuisance and have Orange Barrel Days, and celebrate the state flower of Ohio.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Murphy, part II

I feel as though I am under attack, so I decided to blog now.

To your left is a picture of the now former WIXYmobile.

This evening, WIXYjr was on his way to the Alive festival when he pulled out in front of a pick up truck. WIXYjr is just shaken up, but the driver of the truck had to be taken to the hospital as he hurt his hand.

This occurred at the intersection of Ohio 585. and Ohio 94-Ohio 604.

WIXYjr was sighted by the highway patrol for failure to yield. By the way things look, and considering unibody construction, not to mention cheap Asian labor, I figure the car is totaled. I guess one thing that upsets me is the car was given to me by my mother about a month before she passed away.

But seeing that everybody is fine, I will try not to dwell upon it. I don't need another attack of depression.

Pray for us.

Murphy would be proud

Last night I took some things from the storage unit to our daughter's new house, which is in Wadsworth, right next to Memorial Park. I mention this because tonight is the Blue Tip Parade, which kicks off the Wadsworth Blue Tip festival, which is always held at Memorial Park, which is going to make moving things there a real bear.

Of course the irony in this is the fact when we were moving to Rittman 24 years ago next month, it was during the Sleepwalker Festival. Now the house we live in is nowhere near Main St., where the Sleepwalker Festival is held, but we had to go pick up a refrigerator, and to do so we had to go through town. Not knowing what we were going through, we saw some barricades, so we figured the road was closed and this was a detour. Imagine the surprise of the people who were walking through a closed Main Street as a van with two people who didn't have a clue was driving around trying to get to the home of the folks selling us the refrigerator, which was a ways up the hill. A policeman directed us out of the festival and kept the pedestrians out of harm's way.

At least this time I have somewhat of a scouting report.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wedding week is upon us

This Saturday is the big day for our daughter. She will be married that day. She, my wife, and a few others have gone crazy going over details. Me, I've just gone broke.

As the big day approaches, one of two things will happen. Either 1) I will be too busy to post anything, or 2) I will be posting to blow off steam.

A happy father's day to those fathers who read this.

Quick food review: Yesterday, Mrs74WIXYgrad and I were going around to garage sales looking for things needed by our daughter. She still needs some living room furniture. Anyway we wanted to stop somewhere for lunch. We were in Wadsworth, so we decided to stop at the Uptown Deli. My wife got the ham and swiss basket, and I decided on a corned beef on rye. The food was good, the price was reasonable, and the booths were roomy. I do recommend this place to those who want a good sandwich, in a nice quiet atmosphere. Oh, they also have wi-fi.

Here is their address and phone number.

Uptown Deli
247 Great Oaks Trail
Wadsworth, OH 44281

I'm sure at least one of my readers have eaten there already.

Have a great week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sign of the times?

It's rare that I agree with something that originates at a local watering hole, but this caught my eye.

I was on my way to the IGA to get something light to eat. I'd say that I had a touch of the flu, but this didn't touch me. I was body slammed. Any way, going into town I saw this on a whiteboard at Dom's. On my way back I was going to take a picture of it with the at&t/WIXYphonecam. However when I got to the IGA, I discovered that I forgot my wallet.

I went home to get my wallet and picked up the WIXYcam, and on my way back, I took a picture of the board.

I had heard that the Rittman football program was in dire trouble this year, due to either lack of interest or lack of money.

As my faithful readers know, any extracurricular activities in the Rittman School system is pay to participate. Now groups like the WGBB and the WGASB(World's Greatest All Sports Boosters) do their best to help offset these fees, and hopefully the towns businesses do what they can to help.

Another problem is that the coaches are not full time employees of the Rittman Exempted Village School District, and it's questioned whether or not, that some of these coaches have a fulltime interest in these student athletes. I heard rumblings around town that this may be especially true with the football coaching staff.

I went out for football in high school. I wasn't very good, but I think that my participation in extracurricular activities kept me in school. WIXYjr wasn't interested in sports at all, but he found his niche in the drama club. That helped him in his struggles in school.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Catching Up

Another week another byline:Just saw this weekend's edition of the Post, and my article about the WGBB spaghetti dinner was on the Rittman school page. I figure that will be my last byline for at least the next 2 1/2 months.

Calling all fellow baby boomers: Check out Tim Lones' well written blog, Cleveland Classic Media.
His latest post is about all the kid show hosts we grew up watching. It's worth your time to check it out.

I may try my hand at eBay soon. I picked up what looks like an interesting antique at a yard sale today. I was asked by both my daughters and my father-in-law what I was going to do with it. I told them that I was going to sell it on eBay. I didn't get a break on the price after I said that. Next time I go to a yard sale, I will go by myself. That way, I won't have to answer any questions that might come up, and I may get the same breaks others get.

Murphy's law enforcement: As of Wednesday, there's a new traffic light on my way to work. This one is on the corner of rt. 57 and Eastern Rd. This means I have to leave for work a little bit earlier since everybody knows if you leave at the last possible minute most lights in your way to work will be red. Oh well, sleep is overrated and that signal was really needed.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Midweek Check in

Back to work meant time to catch up with things that weren't done while I was gone. When you are quality assurance, nobody takes over for you when you are gone.

We are now 17 days away from a new addition to the family. This time it will be a son-in-law, but that's okay. He has a pick up truck, so I will know who to go to when I need something hauled away. He's also a good guy.

As I mentioned last week, I traded cars with WIXYjr. The problem with the now (temporary) WIXYmobile is that it changes it's own oil. For an '89 Toyota, it doesn't drive bad, but I will have to eventually get a new (to me) WIXYmobile. Since I drive over 500 miles a week, I don't want anything fancy. I'd just tear it up anyway.

The WGBB(tm) spaghetti dinner netted over 1200 dollars. That's a lot of spaghetti!

Remember that school is now or soon will be out for the summer. Hopefully all students will be outside enjoying the weather and not in front of their computers or video games. Let's do our part to encourage that and drive carefully going through residential neighborhoods.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh well, vacation's about to end

Tomorrow is first day back to work from vacation. I think I had a somewhat productive one, even though I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted. I did however get about 14 of my photos posted on the Red Barn site. And three of my posts and two of my photos were published in the Northeast Wayne edition of The Post. And I got plenty of sleep the past week.

C'mon Cavs: The Cleveland Cavaliers being in the NBA finals brought memories of the first season that the Cavs played in the Richfield Coliseum, 1974-1975. The playoff chances of the Cavaliers went down to the last day of the season(they lost to the Kansas City-Omaha Kings that last game). The last home game their chances were still alive and they were scheduled to play the New York Knicks. The Coliseum was packed that night(I was there), and the crowd was noisy. I'm sure that Newsnomore was also in attendance, as he was employed there at the time. I bought tickets for myself and my younger brother, and the only seats we could get were one right behind the other. The most ironic thing about this was that the day I bought my tickets, unbeknownest to me, was the same day that tickets went on sale for the Elvis Presley concert.
My brother, who is epileptic, had a seizure that night, and I was very impressed with the response of medical personnel. I sent a letter to the Coliseum stating my pleasure with the medics and I got a letter from Nick Mileti, thanking me for my kind comments.

I was there as the crowd went wild. The man sitting next to me started shaking me, he was so excited. In short, the Cavs won and I couldn't talk for a couple of days afterward.

I am sure that there are those who can't talk today. Maybe some who can't hear either.

As I am going back to work tomorrow, I may not be blogging as much. But I was glad to be able to get this week of rest in.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Great Food, Great Music

Friday, June 1 was the first day of Summer vacation for the Rittman students. I remember the first day of vacation as a time to do nothing, but to the student musicians of Rittman High School, it was a time for one last performance before hanging the instruments up for the next almost 8 weeks.

For the parents, it was a time to make one great big spaghetti dinner, instead of a quiet Friday night dinner with just the family.

Both groups combined to give the town an evening to remember. The World's Greatest Band Boosters put together the world's greatest spaghetti dinner, complete with bread sticks, salad, cake, and something to drink. I can assure you, nobody left hungry and everybody left satisfied. By the way, that is Mrs74WIXYgrad sitting with the grandchildren. Helping to serve the meals were the band members. After helping to serve the meals, it was time to get into concert clothes, and showtime was upon us. First up was PANomenon, the steel drum band. Under the direction of Ed Sims, they played several selections from their concert appearances from the past school year. One side note: My granddaughter, who is deaf, enjoyed the steel drums last night by putting her hands on the table and feeling the vibrations from the "pans."

After a brief intermission, it was time for the jazz band to take the stage. Once again many selections from a critically acclaimed concert season were performed. Both bands took the stage one more time and entertained a growing audience, who at one point, were overflowing the MOP room. Tables were set up in the hallway to accomodate the hungry crowd.

Students were out in the hallway selling CD's of the Jazz and Steel Drum bands. For $5.00 apiece, proceeds also going to the band, that was also a great entertainment value.

At the end of the evening you had many tired, but satisfied volunteers, both student and boosters. The students gave a great performance despite the fact that they were giving up the first day of summer vacation, and they weren't being graded for their effort.

For the night, I give Ed Sims, the Jazz and Steel Drum bands, and the WGBB all an A+++++.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Announcements for June 1

Happy 40th birthday to Danny Parrack, aka BoredOp0930 on the message boards. I hope this year brings you all the best.

WIXYcam on tour: I took some more photos of former Red Barn locations, and sent these to Rich Perrott, webmaster of the Red Barn site. hopefully these will be posted in the next several hours. Update: Photos are now on site of former Red Barns in Akron and Strongsville.

WGBB(tm) spaghetti dinner today: Come on out to Rittman High School this evening for some great food and great entertainment. For $8.00, you get a delicious meal and entertained by the Rittman Jazz Band and the Rittman Steel Drum band. All proceeds will help reduce participation fees for the Rittman Band in the 2007-2008 school year. And the WIXYcam may be on patrol tonight too.

Have a great first day of June.