Thursday, June 21, 2007

A public service announcement

That's right, WIXY's Gone Bananas presents a public service announcement. This important announcement concerns recycling.

If you've been walking the planet as long as I, you no doubt have part of the computer that God gave you at conception cluttered with old jokes. One liners, anecdotes, knock knocks, and all purpose comebacks. You might want to take them all to the curb since they have been told time and again and are out of style. But don't do that. They can be refurbished, and be reused-good as new.

For example, here's some hints of what to do with an old joke.

Mick Jagger went to the Playboy Mansion and saw Hugh Hefner wrestling Dennis Weaver, which prompted Jagger to yell, "Hey Hugh, get off of McCloud".

Don't assume everybody knows about 70's television, or Rolling Stones songs. This joke would be funny to only baby boomers, couch potatoes, and Rolling Stones fans.

Don't assume everybody who would get it has already heard it. Remember if you remember the seventies, you more than likely weren't there.

Do some rehearsing of the joke. Stuttering only works for Mel Tillis.

Don't explain the joke as you go along. Too many people turn jokes into lectures. Also don't explain the punchline after you tell it. People don't like to be treated like they're idiots. Most people get it and if they don't, it's not funny to them.

Most importantly, if you have any old jokes, don't throw them away. Fix them up, clean them up. and either reuse them, or donate them to someone who needs a good laugh. Jokes that are manufactured nowadays are of inferior quality. The standards of today have been adversely affected by NAFTAoH. That's North American Free Trade Agreement of Humor. Too many cheap foreign jokes have flooded the American landscape

Take all reusable jokes and riddles to the nearest humor donation center. It's not tax deductible, but it should be.

This has been a public service announcement by the staff and management of WIXY's Gone Bananas.

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Ed said...

Cliff, NO such thing as an old joke if you've never heard it. "Hey Hugh, Get off of McCloud" ??

I fell out of my chair.

Thanks, -Ed