Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Murphy, part II

I feel as though I am under attack, so I decided to blog now.

To your left is a picture of the now former WIXYmobile.

This evening, WIXYjr was on his way to the Alive festival when he pulled out in front of a pick up truck. WIXYjr is just shaken up, but the driver of the truck had to be taken to the hospital as he hurt his hand.

This occurred at the intersection of Ohio 585. and Ohio 94-Ohio 604.

WIXYjr was sighted by the highway patrol for failure to yield. By the way things look, and considering unibody construction, not to mention cheap Asian labor, I figure the car is totaled. I guess one thing that upsets me is the car was given to me by my mother about a month before she passed away.

But seeing that everybody is fine, I will try not to dwell upon it. I don't need another attack of depression.

Pray for us.

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Rich in Medina said...

No serious injuries...in the grand scheme of things, chaulk it up as a learning experience for your son and just a mere bump in the road of life.