Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Murphy would be proud

Last night I took some things from the storage unit to our daughter's new house, which is in Wadsworth, right next to Memorial Park. I mention this because tonight is the Blue Tip Parade, which kicks off the Wadsworth Blue Tip festival, which is always held at Memorial Park, which is going to make moving things there a real bear.

Of course the irony in this is the fact when we were moving to Rittman 24 years ago next month, it was during the Sleepwalker Festival. Now the house we live in is nowhere near Main St., where the Sleepwalker Festival is held, but we had to go pick up a refrigerator, and to do so we had to go through town. Not knowing what we were going through, we saw some barricades, so we figured the road was closed and this was a detour. Imagine the surprise of the people who were walking through a closed Main Street as a van with two people who didn't have a clue was driving around trying to get to the home of the folks selling us the refrigerator, which was a ways up the hill. A policeman directed us out of the festival and kept the pedestrians out of harm's way.

At least this time I have somewhat of a scouting report.

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