Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Wedding fit for one of Daddy's Girls

Well, it's over...

This week that has the Murphy Seal of Approval, has come to an end.

On Saturday, June 23, 2007, Edward Allen Scott and Sylva Nichole Feightner became man and wife at Liberty Freewill Baptist Church in Norton, Ohio. The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Cecil Farmer.

Now seeing I don't know how to be a society writer, and I wasn't taking notes, I will now go to my personal observations. Just keep in mind that I will be shooting straight in this post.

This week has taken it's toll on my wife, Kathy, our daughter Martha, and son, Adam, as well as myself. Of course I had been working all week, leaving early on Friday to do some of the running around. Rehearsal was Friday, and Eddie's parents, Ed and Angie prepared dinner for the wedding party, and it was delicious.

During the rehearsal itself, Cecil asked who gives this woman in marriage, I responded "Me and whatsername". The rehearsal rings were ball-and-chain key fobs. The children in the party were busy being cute and getting tired. We were all up late.

The ceremony: Pre wedding pictures were taken, and the groom almost had to be shackled until time for the ceremony so he couldn't see the picture of the birde. We had to get a backup piano player(Richard Cross came through in a pinch and did a great job) the original player showed up at the last minute, taking care of the family matter in Columbus. Our nephew, Josh and his wife Torrie, showed up 20 minutes late, prompting a delay. I didn't mind that as I think the world of them both.
Showtime: As the party proceeded down the isle, the nerves were starting to jangle. Sylva and I were both starting to tremble as we walked, but no tears. As I looked at Kathy, no tears. That surprised me as she was crying as the wedding gown was being tried on before purchase. I lifted the veil, kissed her forehead, and gave her to her intended. Vows were exchanged, songs sung, roses given to mothers and grandmothers. Time for the rings, the ring bearer, our four year old grandson, Ben, had fallen asleep.

Then the announcement: Rev. Farmer announced "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs Edward Scott."
Reception line, bubbles, photos, etc. Now off to the reception. The reception was held at the Church of the Nazarine in Wadsworth. I was sorta the emcee announcing when to eat and introducing my father-in-law, Eddie Bowyer, and asking him to bless the reception.

No tears, until: As I said, we were all doing okay, I asked the emergency piano player to sit at the family table, so we had to do some arranging around. I went to sit at the table and I noticed that there was two spots at the table with white roses. Behind the roses was a photo of my parents. I'm sorry, I lost it and I'm having a hard time typing it now.

Since the tears have started already: I set up a power point projector and then went back to the sound system. I then started to sing the Sugarland hit "I Loved Her First." Others then started crying.

The day was great, the food was fantastic. Our friend Patty Fryburger, was the caterer and did a fantastic job.

The new couple are on a short trip now. I have told them when they get back that I will give them advice.

And since so many marriages end in divorce, I ask you to pray for Sylva and Eddie, that they can work out all their problems together. Cecil said that marriage is not 50-50, it's 100% commitment from both.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day. Tell Sylvia Congrats for me.