Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Odds and Ends

First Cold of Season
I am suffering through my first cold of the season and being diabetic, I have to be careful about what I take for it. Regarding cough drops, I would like to know whatever happened to Victor's cough drops. I remember taking them about 30 years ago, and they were about the strongest cough drops known to man. About right now, I wish I could find some of those.

Another thought that went through my head this evening regarding cough drops concerns the Ricola mystery cougher. This is the person who comes up to you and coughs. If you offer them a Ricola, you could win a million dollars. Nowadays however, you could offer someone you don't know a cough drop, and they may sue you for practicing medicine without a license.

George Carlin once asked if you had twenty five odds and ends on a table and twenty four fell off, what would you have left, an odd or an end?

MP3 and Moody Radio
Yesterday was my birthday, and I got an mp3 player from my wife, and yes you can send things you get on iTunes to windows media. WCRF and Moody radio is at this time going through a new share a thon called "Operation Next". They are wanting to further utilize their use of streaming audio, podcasts, and now go into HD radio. the plan is to take their FM signals and along with their primary signal use the other channels for classic preaching/teaching and a praise and worship music channel. For me that might make HD radio a worthwhile investment.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

A very thoughtless gesture

To the owner of Dom's, a bar on the Corner of S. Main St, and Sterling Ave. in Rittman: The sign on your whiteboard outside of your establishment stating free weight bench to Rittman student athelete was not in good taste at all.

While it is true that the Rittman Football team finished this season awith a 1-9 record, the facts are that they did this with largely a freshman and sophomore team. Those young men played with alot of heart this past season.

This time last year the school district didn't know if there was even going to be a fall sports program. The entire coaching staff took coaching positions elsewhere, and this year's coaches work full time jobs outside of the school system. Other players who would have been starters on this year's team transferred to other districts to participate in their programs. I don't blame them, as they have to do what they can to possibly get scholarship money for college.

For you to put that sign outside of your establishment was a very thoughtless gesture.

And considering the fact that you have donated to various programs at RHS I will add this:The thoughts expressed are those of the staff and management of WIXY's Gone Bananas and do not reflect the opinion of Rittman High School Athletic Department, the All Sports Boosters or any other supporters of Rittman sports. It also does not express the opinion of the Rittman Marching Band or the WGBB. And lastly, I do not have any children participating in Rittman sports.

I Have a Byline

The Rittman edition of The Post, one of ten community editions of The Post newspapers, from Trogdon Publishing in Rittman, Ohio, took my article of the Rittman Band Show, condensed it, put it on the front page, and gave me the byline.

Thanks to the Post for helping give the band the recognition they deserve. Also thanks for keeping my paragraph in there recognizing Ed Sims, Becky Cline and Joe Magnacca, as they have a tendency to not take the credit they deserve.

One minor correction, and this is my fault more than anyone elses. The photograph, taken by the way, by my daughter Sylva, was of the awards presentation, and was of all the bands. The Rittman seniors receiving their trophy, are in the picture on the upper right.

Support your local band. Rittman tag day is this Saturday, November 4.

P.S. To the Worlds Greatest Band Boosters(WGBB). You are now official with that title. It says so in The Post.

Also: I am now putting in a plug for my friends at the Rittman IGA, where you can pick up a copy of the Rittman Post, as well as the best fried chicken in Rittman.

Friday, October 27, 2006


In the name of journalistic integrity(that may be a contradiction in terms), I am going to clarify something I wrote in another post. In a follow up to my story about the Rittman Band Show, I mentioned about the band being at the playoff game last year. A member of the WGBB(tm) contacted me, concerned that some might think I was giving the boosters too much credit, and the Ohio High School athletic Association, paid for the trip. she wanted to give credit where credit was due. For that appearance, I have to give credit to last year's Rittman football team and their hard work.

If anybody was mislead by something I posted, I apologize.

Support your local band and sports boosters. In doing so you may make it easy for someone who couldn't afford it to make their high school years go smoother and more enjoyable.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

My thoughts on Casey Coleman

I have read the latest article on Casey Coleman today on Cleveland.com. Things don't look too good for him right now. It's very important now to pray for Casey and his family, that God give them strength for the days that follow. Like everybody else, I'd love to see a miracle, but I know God's in control, and he will continue to get glory from all this.

From all I've read, I see Casey had hit the bottle hard in days past. Several years ago Casey gave his heart to the Lord. I remember as a young Christian witnessing to people and telling them that life would be better once you gave your heart to the Lord. I'm glad I never had to try to explain about one who surrenders to God, then gets cancer.

But I'm also glad that God has those who can witness His goodness through their suffering. I'm glad that Casey has never publically blamed God for his current situation.

I hate cancer. I lost my sister and two aunts to cancer. I've lost many co-workers to cancer. One comes on our radios or televisions and becomes part of our lives. In my life I can name quite a few people we've lost to cancer. Jim Runyon, Ron "Captain Penny" Penfound, Nev Chandler, the list goes on.

Keep on fighting Casey. I'm behind you. If we don't meet in this life, I'll meet you around the throne. In the meantime, you, your wife, and daughters are in my prayers.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Segue

As I await photos from my daughter from the band show, I am building a bridge to my next subject matter. I was going to go the hokey route and award "golden bananas", which would make some sense to some who are younger than 40 years of age, and don't know the significance of my blog title. But right now I am thinking along the lines of heroes, and in the course of the past year, I've seen quite a few heroes cross my path.

Back to the Rittman Band. Last November 4, we were coming back on the bus from Rittman's first football playoff game since the eighties, not knowing if there would be a football team or marching band. Voters had turned down the operating levy several times, and fall sports were in danger of being cut altogether.

It was then decided by the school board that sports would be pay to participate. Here is where the heroes come in. Enter WGBB, or if you've just tuned in, Worlds Greatest Band Boosters(tm). Due to their fund raising efforts, they were able to pay the way for all band members. These folks are incredible. They are some of the most unselfish group of folks around.

Ed Sims and Becky Cline have put in countless hours over the years that I've the pleasure to be associated with the band, showing patience when they had to make a withdrawl from a more than likely overdrawn patience bank. Not only did they have to control 40 student musicians, but I'm sure they had worries about what a certain announcer was up to, or if he would make the show.

And most importantly the aforementioned 40 student musicians. This year I thought the band was the best sounding band I have had the PLEASURE to announce for. Also they showed me the utmost of respect this year, and that is a testament to their upbringing. Good job parents.

I was told by Ed Sims after the show on Saturday that my option was picked up for next year. I am counting down the days.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

From the Pressbox: Rittman Band Revue

The following is the final edition of "From the pressbox" for the 2006 marching season.

Click on photos to get better view, then hit back button to come back to blog.

It was with great anticipation and intense preparation that lead th the sixteenth annual Rittman Indians Marching Band Revue. Band director Ed Sims had the band at the stadium early on Saturday to insure that all participants and spectators had an enjoyable time this evening. The field had a drying agent(kitty litter) spread on it, in order to make the field as safe as possible for all student musicians. The (Worlds Greatest) Band Boosters(tm) worked hard in ticket sales, tending to the raffles, and preparing their gourmet fare in the concession stands.

Rittman High principal Joe
Magnacca was on hand to give moral support to his students, and to help out in trying to baby an ailing public address system(among other things).

Six bands were on hand to entertain the faithful tonight.

The Manchester Panther Marching Band, along with their announcers, Wes Elmond, assisted by Chuck Allen, gave us a show based on adventure movies. "Special guests" included Chuck Norris, Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, Superman, and Batman.

The Garaway Pirate Marching Band, with their announcer Jim Scherr, played hits by Paul Simon, and songs from the early nineties.

The Rootstown Rover Marching Band had a guest announcer tonight(the self proclaimed loudest announcer in Northern Ohio). They gave us some heavy metal favorites from Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, and Metallica.

Before intermission we were entertained by the Vermillion Sailor Marching Band, with their announcer Mrs. Pat Price. The Doobie Brothers "Long Train Running" and Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are Made for Walking" were among the hit songs played by Vermillion.

East Canton Hornet Marching Band, their guest announcer was a "close personal friend of my wife", is the first band to play after a twenty five minute intermission. They began and ended their show with drills, to latin hits "Evil Ways" and "Aztec Fire", designed by senior members of their band.

Every show that we participated in this season had at least one good drum major, and the Mogodore Wildcat Marching Band did not disappoint us tonight. Their selections included a dance routine to the song "Tequilla" Their regular announcer did not make it, but student announcer Chris Cain did a very commendable job.

It all lead to this point:
"Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing and listening pleasure...
we take great pride in presenting to YOU....

The Rittman Indians Marching Band saved the best for last this year. They came on the field performing the Bobby Darrin classic "Splish Splash". Next came the the majorette feature to the hit song by Jet, "Are you Gonna be My Girl" Following was hit songs from television detective series, "Peter Gunn", "Secret Agent Man" and "Batman". The final song introduction of the year was my favorite, Fats Waller's "The Joint is Jumpin".

Quite a few prizes were given away at the conclusion of the the show, but everybody there were winners.

Cliff Notes: The show was somewhat bittersweet, as it marked the final appearance in Rittman for Joe Price as Diecetor of the Vermillion Marching Band, and His wife Pat, who has announced their shows over the years. Pat was one of my early influences in the early years of my announcing. We have teased each other over the years and Both Joe and Pat will be missed.

Jim Scherr, Garaway announcer has been a frequent contact in press boxes over the past six seasons. First time I announced at Garaway in 2001, I had one of the worst cases of laryngitis ever. He's been a great means of support, and an active supporter of Garaway Schools.

The World's Greatest Band Boosters(tm)
are also a bashful bunch of folks, as theWIXY's Gone Bananas official photographer was not allowed to take their picture for this blog.

Final thanks go to the afore mentioned WGBB(tm), who go out of their way to make me feel special. Ed Sims and Becky Cline, for your guidence on the field that helps me have a product I can shout about. Lastly to Joe Magnacca, Rittman principal for being the disciplinarian, and leader that Rittman students can look up to.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

From the Pressbox:Senior Night

Last home football game was played last night against the Dalton Bulldogs. Due to some mitigating factors, the crowd was somewhat sparse tonight. The (worlds greatest) band boosters were in full force, as they were also readying themselves for the band show tonight.

Halftime: Due to the field being somewhat soggy because of constant rain for the past few days, both bands stood by the open end of the field, and took turns playing their halftime selections, first Dalton, then Rittman, one by one. Dalton had one of their students announcing, and she had made a mistake, and felt bad about it. I told her that tomorrow she would be the only one that remembered it. Then I made a deposit into my own memory bank when I announced the wrong song. It's been four years since I've done that. I gotta take my own advice.

Special note: Brookside was originally scheduled for tonight's band show, but had to cancel their appearance. Their band director had a mild stroke last Friday. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Coming up: Rittman Indian Band Revue

This Saturday, October 21st is the 16th annual Rittman Indian Band Revue. Come to Rittman Stadium and see eight great bands. Participating in this fantastic show will be bands from East Canton, Garaway(Sugarcreek), Manchester, Mogodore, Rootstown, and Vermillion High Schools. Oh yeah, the Rittman Indians Marching Band will be there too. Your master of ceremonies will be the loudest band announcer in Northeast Ohio, moi.
Special note: Brookside was originally scheduled to be appearing but had to cance l due to their director having a mild stroke. Pray for him.

And speaking of fine dining, which I've done this week, the(world's greatest) Rittman Band Boosters have some great food in their concession stand. Their gourmet menu includes Sloppy Nachos and the world famous Big Chief hot dog.

For those interested, I've posted the photo of myself and Dick Goddard on the post about last weekend's show. The staff and management of WIXY's Gone Bananas assume no responsibility for any damage that image of myself does to your monitor.

Another Piece of Childhood Lost

I remember in the seventies on Saturday mornings, watching the children shows on CBS, which at the time was WJW, or ei8ht in Cleveland(look at the dot over the "i"). I know at the time I wasn't supposed to watch as I was too old, but cartoons have always been a vahicle of escape for me. In between the shows was a segment called "In the News", narrated by Christopher Glenn. It dealt with current events topics that would be of interest to young people back in those days. Christopher Glenn was also the vioce of the space program for CBS news then. I was checking forums this morning, and on the classic television forum at Radio-info.com, I noticed a thread giving tribute to Christopher Glenn, who passed away yesterday, October 17, at the age of 68. May you rest in peace Chris. Pray for his family.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The WIXY's Gone Bananas Guide to Fine Dining in Rittman and Surrounding Areas

Updated October 18, 2006

Rittman, Ohio. Population about 6,300, and sometimes it seems that there are that many pizza places there . We also have that mass transit sandwich place and the fast food place, named after male royalty.

I am here today to post about two of the finer places in the greater Rittman area.

The Depot
80 S. Grant Street

The town of Rittman was named after Frederick B. Rittman, who was the treasurer of The Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, so it is fitting that the town has a restaurant inside an old railroad depot.

The restrauant itself is very cozy inside, and busy most of the time they're open. They have a basic menu, but the food is very good and prices are reasonable. Best time to go there is for breakfast, but for the health conscious, they have a great chef's salad on their menu.

Crawford's Dari Delite and Eatery
1005 E. Ohio Ave.

Bill and Linda Crawford are probably one of the hardest working couples in Rittman. In addition to this restaurant, they also own a beauty shop and a bed and breakfast in town. They took their ice cream stand, expanded the menu and kept it going all year(when my mother was terminally ill 2-1/2 years ago, she looked forward to hot fudge sundaes from the Dari Delite)
The purchased the old Hardees building, and after several months of hard work in cleaning the place and getting it up to code, they opened a full service restaurant this past winter.

Thet still have all their ice cream treats(my wife loves the chunky monkey sundae) They also serve full meals, and have daily specials. One day recently their special was beans and cornbread. The food is moderately priced and they also have a drive through.

The neat thing about them being open at 6:00am is if you dont have time to pack a lunch for work, Crawfords will pack one for you.

Oh yeah, trucks and R.V.'s are welcome.

Update: October 18 was a vacation day for me so my wife and I took the MrsWIXYmobile to nearby Orrville for lunch at:

Dravenstotts Restaurant
410 W. High Street

Dravenstotts has one of the best soup and salad bars in Wayne County(same folks own the Barn in Smithville). Several kinds of homemade soups, homemade bread, and a host of ingredients to make the ultimate "lettuce sundae". If you order a soft drink or coffee, the soup and salad bar is only $4.99. The rest of the menu is very affordable.

Tell them you read about them in WIXY's Gone Bananas. They'll say huh?

Oh, and happy dining.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

From the Pressbox: Edison

On Saturday the MrsWIXYmobile took myself and my daughter Sylva, former Rittman marching band member, to Edison High School in Milan for the Edison Marching band review.

And we would like to thank Dick Goddard for sending the snow to Buffalo.
That has been the only ad libbing that I have done all season, and it went without any stuttering or stammering.

The show itself was outstanding. the audience at Edison is always a very good one. Nick Georgiafandis, Edison band director, and his folks put together a great show. I was very impressed with the percussion of just about every band.

Eleven bands were at the show. They were from Arlington High School, Ashland Crestview High School, Buckeye Central High School, Liberty Center High School, Norwalk High School, Open Door Christian School, Oregon Clay High School, St. Francis High School, Edison High School Alumni Band, and the host band, Edison High School. Oh yeah, Rittman was there too.

Dick Goddard, this weekend, the busiest man in Cleveland media, was the master of ceremonies of this show. Mr. Goddard will be putting the miles on his vehicle this weekend as he also had the Woolybear Festival in Vermillion on Sunday. Dick Goddard has been the MC of one show per year that I've announced at since becoming the voice of the Rittman Marching band. He has a very special talent of calming down nervious first year announcers.

I have now seen it all: The Edison band always puts on a very entertaining show, as most of the time they have a tendency of using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers in their show. Last night the extinguisher emulated diesel exhaust, as the band did as their first number "Convoy", the C.W. McCall classic. I have never seen "Convoy" done by a marching band, but if any band could pull it off, it's Edison.

Kelly Georgiafandis, wife of Nick, was a very gracious hostess in the press box. She told Sylva about the times that people tell her that their band can do the things they do because they are so large(140 members). She tells them that they should see the Rittman Band(40 members).

Cliff Notes: My daughter took some pictures at the show, and when we get some technical problems worked out they will appear on this blog.

Alan Courtright, son of legendary newsman Ken Courtright sent me a very nice e-mail, seeing that he saw a comment of mine on Ohio Media Watch.

And lastly, I want to state here that I feel that OMW got a raw deal the way he was treated on cleveland.com message boards the past few days.

Special notice:This blog has been busted by the grammar police aka my daughter Sylva, who will be starting her student teaching soon.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A different type of broadcast ministry

As I've been on a rant of sorts lately, I want to introduce my readers, now well into double figures, to Steve Brown. He has a daily teaching program on WCRF/103.3 called "Key Life". Steve Brown is not your usual bible teacher. He has called some to task in the past, including himself. He is teaching a series currently(he is on at 12:15pm, or available on podcast) called "What Was I Thinking?" The series and the book deals with innacuracies with his past teachings, and how it differs today. He also has a weekly onew hour program called "Steve Brown etc." It is an interview program. As far as I know it is only available in this area on podcast or webcast. If you don't have iTunes on your computer, let me suggest that you get your free download today.

Arrogance is not a spiritual gift.

Two books of the Bible immediately come to mind when I think about arrogance. 1 Corinthians and James. I imagine that the apostle Paul probably had his fill of know-it-alls around during his time. And James was handling the holier than thou crowd.

We see the same problems today.

If you are expecting an expository message, don't. I'm just sharing my heart.

You have people nowadays who think that if they have been saved longer, go to the correct church, make more money than you or come from the right region, they are more spiritual than you.

Oh, and if you listen to the wrong music, you can't possibly be spiritual at all.

Some of the worst name calling comes from folks from different denominations. Baptists call Pentecostals a bunch of "snake handling holy rollers". Freewill Baptists tell Southern Baptists, who are Calvinistic that they believe they "are going to Heaven whether they want to or not." Southern Baptists tell Freewills that they can be "saved today and lost tomorrow"

I've heard that eternity is going to be so long because God has to straighten us all out.

I once took part in a discussion in Sunday School. A question was asked, and I volunteered an answer. I knew the split second the words got past my lips that I was wrong. An elderly saint in the back of the sanctuary proceeded to say that "that was the view of narrow minded people". Imagine that. I was rebuked and insulted at the same time. So much for a soft answer turning away wrath(no I didn't get revenge. But I don't attend that church anymore)

A poster on the listening party forum today, stated that "everybody he has known that's been saved, has been pretty screwed up." That's another arrogance problem I've ran into the past twenty-five or so years. We always wanted to hear the testimony of the drug dealer, prostitute, porn star, prison inmate, etc. who has gotten gloriously saved. Heck, I smoked a little dope, drank some, and did a few other things I'm not proud of before I accepted Christ as my personal savior. But who are you going to church to hear the testimony of? Nikki Cruz or Cliff Feightner? Thought so. I doubt if my story will be on "Unshackled" soon.

My point on the above paragraph is that any who read this who are saved, no matter what you did before accepted Christ, you are just as saved as me.

And another bit of good news is this: you have the same access to the throne of grace that I do. It's not what I've done but it's what Jesus did on the cross for me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Holy War part 2...

I once heard an evangelist say that music is the most carnal part of worship, and in some ways I agree with him. As human beings we sometimes are too selfish to see ministry opportunities in front of us because we don't think God honors "their" style of music.

The church my wife grew up in split one time mainly because of musical preferences. Those who founded the church were southern of origin(the founding pastor of the church was from Georgia), so the members for the longest enjoyed four part harmony, quartet singing with just the piano. Well time marches on, people come, others move, some go on. The biggest struggle in life, it seems, is change. Well the pastor the church elected was NOT from the south. The people he reached out to also were not from the south. The music they liked was traditional. A house divided against itself shall not stand. That church to this day has not had a powerful influence on the community.

It's been said that "Christians are the only one that shoot their wounded." I feel that this is especially true when it comes to a singer or preacher who don't specifically ministers to our tastes. Some have fallen. I've heard some defended, and others condemned by some of one preference, and the other way around with those of the opposite preference.

The sad truth is this- Jesus told the disciples to go into the world and preasch the gospel to every creature. It's easy to talk to those you like and whose tastes match yours. It's not as easy to go to those that you may not like, especially those who think that the music you listen to is "of the devil." Most of those people are our elders. We get past personal preferences, and maybe they have something for us that might help our personal walk with the Lord.

May God richly bless those who have read this message, and may we all have patience toward those we may meet.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Can't we all just get along?

This post is directed toward all my Christian friends, and those that I have the privilege of posting with on the national message boards, Radio-Info and Radioinsight.

I have long wondered why one style of music is right and another is wrong when they both are used to glorify God?

A little bit about myself, at least as far as my walk with the Lord is concerned, I accepted Christ as my savior on June 6, 1980. Immediately before that I was going to a Southern Baptist church with my wife and her family. My wife's family is from West Virginia, and their favorite kind of worship music is Southern Gospel. I grew up in the Lutheran church, where they played mainly hymns, or traditional music.

Anyways, when I went to church we heard quartet music, and when the congregation sang, it was in four part harmony. Most were blissfully ignorant, and felt that that was most honoring to God.

Most of the people that went to church there were from the south and came to Northeast Ohio to get jobs at Ford, Chevy, Republic Steel, and the like. They brought their musical tastes with them.

Personally, I am as Northeast Ohio as the day is long. My parents and all my Grandparents were also from this neck of the woods. When I went to broadcast school, I wanted to be a big time rock and roll disc jockey. I had a ton of record albums at my house that you only heard on WMMS.

I met my wife in 1977 and as we were going together if I wanted to be with her on Sunday morning, Sunday night, or Wednesday night, I would be with her in church. The church was the afore mentioned Southern Baptist Church. Like everything else I've taken an interest in, I jumped in with both feet.

At the time there were three Christian radio stations in the immediate area-WSUM/1000AM in Parma, WTOF/98.1, Canton, and WCRF/103.3, Cleveland. WSUM and WTOF were owned by Mortensen Broadcasting. WSUM played contemporary music, WTOF played (Southern)Gospel music. I listened to both these stations when I could, and enjoyed such artists as Petra, Imperials, Cathederal Quartet, Kingsmen, Inspirations, Bill Gaither Trio among others. I was very diverse in my musical tastes. I always respected the people I now went to church with, and for the most part their music of choice was Gospel.

Being a "Buckeye" I've had debates with my father-in-law, who is a very good man, but the whole time I've known him has been very set in his ways. He didn't like contemporary music because it "sounded like rock-n-roll". I said that gospel sounded like country. He then corrected me by saying that country sounded like gospel(BTW, he doesn't own a computer).

Through the years I've been on both ends of the CCM vs. Southern Gospel debate. I can give solid arguments for both styles, and I also like hymns. They are all used to glorify God. If we give glory to the artist, then we've lost our focus.

Fast forward to 1996. WTOF was sold to Salem Broadcasting. They dropped most of the Gospel music, changed the calls to WHK-FM and was mainly a teaching/talk station. There was a minor uprising among church members and singers alike. I was told that station management toldd those that called to voice their displeasure that if they wanted Southern Gospel, start their own station. Salwem later relented, putting their "Solid Gospel" package on WHLO/640, until the station was sold to Clear Channel. In all fairness, a big money format it probably wasn't. The demo was aging and moving back to the south. But in fairness to those who remain, they lost a valuable ministry when the format left. My question, rhetorical as it may be, when should a ministry become a business, and vice versa.

I have adapted, as I mainly listen to WCRF, as their focus is to the adult comtemporary crowd.
Some haven't. You can get Southern Gospel on the internet, but there are some, such as my in-laws that don't own a computer.

I've posed the question on the national forums, and I get alot of attitude and alot of finger pointing. Matt Smith, moderator on Radioinsight.com gave an excellent response to a question I posed(however I forget to put a "t" in question, and didn't realize it until I couldn't edit my mistake). Click here for his response.

We have to learn how to minister to others, and sometimes that means going outside our own preferences.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Weekend Update

Hello everybody, I'm 74WIXYgrad, and you're not(apologies to Chevy Chase)

From the pressbox:Rittman Homecoming-Rittman played their homecoming game Friday night, against neighboring school Norwayne. Norwayne's marching band is about the same size as Rittman's with a very impressive little drum line. Eric Ratica, Norwayne band director was a drummer, so his emphesis has been to put together a neat drum line.

New tunes in this week's program was themes from "Peter Gunn" and "Secret Agent" It was a near flawless performance by both myself and the band.

Up nextfor Rittman Band:Next Saturday, we go to Milan for the Edison Festival of Marching Bands. Emceeing this show, will be Dick Goddard.

Trip to Nelsonville: This week we took the Mrs. WIXYmobile to Nelsonville to see WIXY jr. in college. I took Adam a meatloaf and some breakfast "burritos". He seems to be doing fine adapting to college life. His biggest adjustment is living with others in the dorm. However when I was cooking for him this past week, he told me to fix enough food for six people. Note to newsnomore: There was no need for refried beans.

Back to the game: During Friday's game, Norwayne was easily handling Rittman(mainly freshmen and sophomores playing). The first quarter alone Norwayne scored 29 points, on way to a 57-14 win for them. Anyway during a touchdown run one of their receivers was going into the end zone unopposed and jumped into the end zone. The officials rightfully penalized Norwayne for this. Hopefully the receiver got benched for the remainder of the game. Also hopefully I would be typing this if a Rittman player done the same. Sage advice has been to act as if you've been there before.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

That's a big 10-4 there, good buddy!

Happy Citizens Band Radio Day! 30 years ago the CB was all the rage. It seemed like everybody all had one. And we had a special language for it. Click here for the special language. Before lol, brb, IMHO, we had the 10-codes. we were also looking for Smoky Bear, seat covers, beavers, and choke and pukes. We also wanted to avoid hag feasts. Click here for 10 codes.

See you on the flip flop!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Podcasts and iTunes

I would like to take a little bit of cyberspace and discuss podcasts. My interest in podcasts recently resurfaced when the local Salem station, WHKW/1220, stopped airing the Dave Ramsey show. Shortly before this occured, I took advantage of the free download of iTunes, and discovered that you can get podcasts of all varieties, some are free, others vary in cost.

As I have stressed before, I like to catch some Christian teaching programs on the radio, but sometimes you can't listen when they are on, so I have subscriptions(free of course) of several programs. I just burn CD's off of what I downloaded, take them with me, and listen at my leisure.

Oh, and by the way, you don't need an iPod for iTunes, or podcasting. Anything that plays mp3 files will do.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Special Announcement

If your name is Becky Cline, and you are the majorette advisor for the Rittman Indians Marching Band, Monday October 2, 2006 is your special day. WIXY's Gone Bananas wants to wish you a very special happy birthday. Note to Roger, Aimee and Nate: If you want to put candles on the cake, please obey this sign