Thursday, October 12, 2006

A different type of broadcast ministry

As I've been on a rant of sorts lately, I want to introduce my readers, now well into double figures, to Steve Brown. He has a daily teaching program on WCRF/103.3 called "Key Life". Steve Brown is not your usual bible teacher. He has called some to task in the past, including himself. He is teaching a series currently(he is on at 12:15pm, or available on podcast) called "What Was I Thinking?" The series and the book deals with innacuracies with his past teachings, and how it differs today. He also has a weekly onew hour program called "Steve Brown etc." It is an interview program. As far as I know it is only available in this area on podcast or webcast. If you don't have iTunes on your computer, let me suggest that you get your free download today.

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Tim Lones said...

Used to watch Steve on Channel 67 Sunday Nights when they were "Worship"..I always liked him..very much of a Layman's approach to things..very practical