Thursday, October 12, 2006

Arrogance is not a spiritual gift.

Two books of the Bible immediately come to mind when I think about arrogance. 1 Corinthians and James. I imagine that the apostle Paul probably had his fill of know-it-alls around during his time. And James was handling the holier than thou crowd.

We see the same problems today.

If you are expecting an expository message, don't. I'm just sharing my heart.

You have people nowadays who think that if they have been saved longer, go to the correct church, make more money than you or come from the right region, they are more spiritual than you.

Oh, and if you listen to the wrong music, you can't possibly be spiritual at all.

Some of the worst name calling comes from folks from different denominations. Baptists call Pentecostals a bunch of "snake handling holy rollers". Freewill Baptists tell Southern Baptists, who are Calvinistic that they believe they "are going to Heaven whether they want to or not." Southern Baptists tell Freewills that they can be "saved today and lost tomorrow"

I've heard that eternity is going to be so long because God has to straighten us all out.

I once took part in a discussion in Sunday School. A question was asked, and I volunteered an answer. I knew the split second the words got past my lips that I was wrong. An elderly saint in the back of the sanctuary proceeded to say that "that was the view of narrow minded people". Imagine that. I was rebuked and insulted at the same time. So much for a soft answer turning away wrath(no I didn't get revenge. But I don't attend that church anymore)

A poster on the listening party forum today, stated that "everybody he has known that's been saved, has been pretty screwed up." That's another arrogance problem I've ran into the past twenty-five or so years. We always wanted to hear the testimony of the drug dealer, prostitute, porn star, prison inmate, etc. who has gotten gloriously saved. Heck, I smoked a little dope, drank some, and did a few other things I'm not proud of before I accepted Christ as my personal savior. But who are you going to church to hear the testimony of? Nikki Cruz or Cliff Feightner? Thought so. I doubt if my story will be on "Unshackled" soon.

My point on the above paragraph is that any who read this who are saved, no matter what you did before accepted Christ, you are just as saved as me.

And another bit of good news is this: you have the same access to the throne of grace that I do. It's not what I've done but it's what Jesus did on the cross for me.

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