Sunday, October 29, 2006

A very thoughtless gesture

To the owner of Dom's, a bar on the Corner of S. Main St, and Sterling Ave. in Rittman: The sign on your whiteboard outside of your establishment stating free weight bench to Rittman student athelete was not in good taste at all.

While it is true that the Rittman Football team finished this season awith a 1-9 record, the facts are that they did this with largely a freshman and sophomore team. Those young men played with alot of heart this past season.

This time last year the school district didn't know if there was even going to be a fall sports program. The entire coaching staff took coaching positions elsewhere, and this year's coaches work full time jobs outside of the school system. Other players who would have been starters on this year's team transferred to other districts to participate in their programs. I don't blame them, as they have to do what they can to possibly get scholarship money for college.

For you to put that sign outside of your establishment was a very thoughtless gesture.

And considering the fact that you have donated to various programs at RHS I will add this:The thoughts expressed are those of the staff and management of WIXY's Gone Bananas and do not reflect the opinion of Rittman High School Athletic Department, the All Sports Boosters or any other supporters of Rittman sports. It also does not express the opinion of the Rittman Marching Band or the WGBB. And lastly, I do not have any children participating in Rittman sports.

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