Friday, October 27, 2006


In the name of journalistic integrity(that may be a contradiction in terms), I am going to clarify something I wrote in another post. In a follow up to my story about the Rittman Band Show, I mentioned about the band being at the playoff game last year. A member of the WGBB(tm) contacted me, concerned that some might think I was giving the boosters too much credit, and the Ohio High School athletic Association, paid for the trip. she wanted to give credit where credit was due. For that appearance, I have to give credit to last year's Rittman football team and their hard work.

If anybody was mislead by something I posted, I apologize.

Support your local band and sports boosters. In doing so you may make it easy for someone who couldn't afford it to make their high school years go smoother and more enjoyable.

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