Monday, October 24, 2011

Them's the breaks

Well, I haven't been able to find much time to blog lately. Shouldn't be a problem for at least the next couple of weeks. To those who aren't on Facebook, I will now explain this to you.

This past Saturday, after I got off work, I went over to my in-law's house to assist in sweeping up leaves. My father in law was finishing up mowing grass in front, so I decided to go in back to see how wet it was. I found some branches lying on the ground and decided to carry them to the brush pile. I slippred, then fell, twisting my leg. I felt something and thought it was my knee which I had replaced in February 2001. After seeing my ankle swelling, I knew then that I broke, or at the very least, dislocated it. I started screaming and when it was evident nobody was hearing me, I took out my cell phone and called 911.

Montville Twp EMS took me to Medina hospital. After 2 fruitless attempts to reset my ankle, it was determined that I was going to be staying the night and having surgery on Sunday.

I will be off work for a couple of weeks and probably on crutches through Christmas.