Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some Hellos and Some Updates

I got some new visitor comments lately, so I want to give some shout outs.

First is Melanie. We've crossed paths on Frasypoo's and Pat Jenkins' blogs. She come over to pay me a visit last week here. She's had a rough past week and a half, so I delayed going to visit her blog, Monday Through Sunday, until today. Her blog is faith based and written in devotional form. It's a good read for those who want to meditate on things of the Lord. Melanie lives in Denver. Melanie, if you see Mark Sanborn, say hi for me.

Next I want to welcome Michelle from Scotland. She comes here from Amel's Realm. We had a discussion in the comment section today. I told her the story of why I identify myself as 74WIXYgrad. Her blog is titled Crow's Feet.

An email today came from a fellow poster on the Listening Party board(no link because I won't link trash). He posts as weezel and the two of us, along with another poster named Lynnpuskas, had several of our posts deleted from that board. Anyone can ask for anything deleted and it goes to a non human entity which does the deleting.

Weezel got in touch with me via email and told me that he was done with the board but was thinking of starting his own blog. He also told me that he liked mine. All I say to this is "Go for it!" We can always use another good Northeast Ohio based blog. And don't be a stranger here either. And Lynn, anytime you(and weezel) want to leave a message here, please do so. I have several good folks who stop by and add their 2 cents. I can always welcome a couple more here.

What a drag it is getting old:I got my new glasses today. I have to get used to trifocals, but hopefully my eyes will stop hurting when I spend most of my work time on my computer.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Guest Post:An opposing view

Cliff Note:The following is taken off the comment section from one of my local friends, who identifies himself as WZZP. He is a school teacher who doesn't have a blog, but he does have a heart. WZZP is a teacher of the developmentally disabled in a school district in the same county where I reside and I'm sure that as such he has heard more than his fair share of offensive comments from ignorant people. His comments pertain to Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians mascot. They are very thought provoking and I thought they deserved a post of their own.

I think Chief Wahoo is offensive.

A real Chief receives feathers as a sacred gift that symbolizes his beliefs of the tribe.

Chief Wahoo wears a feather, as part of his depiction. Many Native Americans would view that as degrading towards the sacred meaning of a feather.

Simply put, I would think there would be an outcry if there was a team named the Columbus Christians Their "mascot" is Jesus on the Cross. This Jesus on the Cross mascot has a big "goofy" grin on his face. People bring big crosses to the game and swing them in the air (i.e. the Tomahawk Chop). People come to games nailed to a cross, scream and act crazy cheering for their team. Fans make light of the sacred aspects of all Jesus is meant to be. The concession stand can claim to sell water that by miracle was changed to beer. Drink up! It's all for fun.

Let's say there is a team called the Jersey Jews. And in the end zone you see a big Menorah light up one candle at a time when there is a touchdown. And to pass the time an inflatable dreidel is batted around from fan to fan. Fans come dressed to the football game in all black, with big black flat hats on, and those long curled locks on each side of their ears. Really getting behind the Jersey Jews, go Jew go.

Let's bang a drum in the bleachers. Let's paint our skin red. Hey show up to a local sporting event in black face, and watch the response. Let's all be Al Jolson at the next game. Let's stomp around and do a "war game chant," and smack our hands against our mouths.

Oh my God! Go Columbus Christians! Crucify the Denver Devils! SAVE us from defeat.

Should I be offended?

There are times when I feel the "thought police" assume too much power.

Often in my life, I have been told when I should be offended. I've also been told that some issues I take offense to are trivial matters and that I am behind the times.

As a Northeast Ohio resident, I am reminded every opening day of baseball season that Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians Mascot, is offensive to Native Americans. Now there are times that I get tired of seeing Chief Wahoo everywhere, but I don't equate him with the Native Americans that I know.

I also don't get offended at high schools with the nickname of "Indian" or some variation of it.

As a Caucasian, I do not take offense at such terms as "cracker" or "white trash." Matter of fact, I have referred to myself as white trash on occasion, though I am neither white nor trash.

I do get offended when I hear the "n" word. I have heard too much hate expressed when I have heard that word.

I get offended when I hear the Lord's name in vain. Jesus Christ died for my sins. His name is too valuable to be used as a swear word. And folks don't realize what their asking for when they ask God to damn something or someone.

I also am offended when I hear vulgar slang terms for parts of the human anatomy used in mixed company.

Michael Richards-Kramer from "Seinfeld" went way over the line when he verbally abused a couple of black males in a comedy club last year. The worst thing that will happen because of this will be Richards' career will never be the same. He should have been more responsible for his words and actions, and he will suffer in the public arena.

What Don Imus said about the Rutgers womens basketball team was a thoughtless statement and was wrong. But it was also wrong for other media people to make a name for themselves because of it. CBS proved to me that they have a double set of standards in this case. They took Imus of the air for this. Another morning personality, Shane French aka Rover has a show in Cleveland. It's a populsr show in C-town, but it bombed in other markets. The week following the Imus incident, I heard him, while making copies in another office, tell one of his sidekicks, Dominec Deiter, that if he didn't live up to a dare, he would be kicked in the (testicles). He said the (to me) offending word twice in a 30 second period.

I am blessed in the fact that there are no ignorant people on my blog roll. I myself don't blog for shock value, mainly because I have been accused of wearing my feelings on my shirt sleeve. I try to use the golden rule-Do unto others as you would have others do unto you- as my guide when I am blogging.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Award From Sindi and Michelle

I was first awarded with the Biggest Heart Award from Michelle, who was the originated the award. This afternoon, Sindi also awarded me with the very same award. Since the two of them covered most of my blogroll, there are two I do want to award this to.

Jessica, for the heart she has for her family.

Amias for the heart she has for her unique style of writing.

Oh and by the way Michelle, your latest post may lose you your Family Friendly site seal ;)|

I like Amias because...

Amias is one who thinks outside the box.

In this world of change, we can ill afford to go with traditional ways. I have seen this in both the church world and the professional world. We need intellectual leaders, ones who will help us all to think outside of the box.

I have seen this in Amias' writings. She had needed to take a few days off from blogging to heal and to recharge. Some very ignorant people decided that she didn't write to satisfy them. She doesn't hold the "traditional black" opinion of the Confederate flag. She feels that it is part of her history as a black woman who was raised in Mississippi. Click here to read her views.

Amias returned to her Liquid Plastic blog early this morning to express her struggles and how she had to delete over 200 emails from ignorant and hateful people. I admire her for going off the "cow path" and sharing a different, non traditional view with all of us.

And Amias, like everyone else on my blog roll, you are my friend. When you are hurt, I'm hurt also.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Some Media Topics

Surfing around the blogs this evening, I have noticed my friend Tim Lones has posted a clip from the very first "Tonight" show, which was broadcast in 1954. In it, Steve Allen talks about the show, and it following the success of the Today Show. I suggest you go take a look over at Cleveland Classic Media at the clip. And while you're there take a look around at other posts. Tim puts a lot of research in his blog.

I had heard a blooper on the radio this morning. About 7:30am(EST), on WMJI/105.7, newsman Chip Kullick had read a report that Ted Kennedy was going to endorse Barack Obama for president, and that he was the second member of the clan to do so. I guess he realized what he had said and quickly added, "the Kennedy clan." I thought it was quite funny and shot off some emails. One of the folks who I had emailed was Struke(of Media Matters fame). Struke, a former radio and television news reporter is a self proclaimed "news geek," and being such is a quality inspector as far as news is concerned. Struke emailed me back and told me that that was a great example of bad writing, since radio and television reporting had to appeal to the ears and since the words "klan" and "clan" sound the same, that was a poor choice of words. I was paraphrasing as I was too lazy to open up my email. And Struke, you are more than welcome to use my comment section if you want to expand on this. And if newsnomore, who is a Cleveland broadcast hall of famer, is reading this, the invitation goes for you, too.

Both of these gentlemen take their news seriously and would never read a line like "Two teenage punks robbed a liquor store yesterday," or "The scumbag should be given the maximum sentence." Was a time when broadcasters not only went to college, but they sounded like it.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guest Post by Liquid

Cliff Note: This goes out to Amias.

Sleeping Under Her Wing
At night when all is quiet
I notice my toes are warm
despite the snow on the ground
beneath me.
I curl into a ball
at the foot of my bed
hiding the hurt
and the tears
from little patters
of feet.
I wail so hard
silently my head
wants to explode.
She with her wing
wipes my tears.
She with her words
sings to me
and twiddles my hair.
I rub a single feather
I plucked from her wing
and stroke my cheek with it.
It soothes me.
I am warm.
I am safe.
I pull it together.
I send her
that same feather.
Although she has tons.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Tidbits

Boogity Boogity Boogity: Being married to a NASCAR fan, who can make a lucky guess, paid off for Mrs74WIXYgrad this morning. We were on our way to the Waffle House(ironic, isn't it) and listening to Sports Country 104.5/WQKT Wooster, Ohio. 2 of my readers are former employees of that station, BizDecision and David5258. The personality asked who of four drivers did not finish last years Daytona 500? Dale Jr., Elliot Sadler, Jeff Burton, or Mike Wallace? My wife started calling while asking me who it was. I first said Elliot Sadler, but after awhile I changed it to Dale Jr. She got on and gave the guess and it was right. She won a DVD of the Johnny Cash Show from 1969-1972. She was very excited.

Congratulations to Frasypoo who has celebrated her second anniversary as an American citizen. On her post commemorating it she relates taking the test about government and United States history. Sad thing about that test is that there are many natural born American citizens who don't know the answers to those questions. Go ever to This and That and congratulate her if you haven't done so yet.

As the month of January winds down, let me remind you that my featured link for the month is Diamond's, A Day in the Zone. Diamond has been doing some very good research to help others in their struggle in the "battle of the bulge". Check it out. As of this writing, her latest post is the "Fours" meme I tagged her with.

Speaking of the fours meme, three out of the four I tagged gave their list of fours and did a good job. BizDecision emailed me with his, and his list was enjoyable too. I don't normally go for memes, but this one turned out to be fun.

And lastly, the WIXYmobile now has the rear bumper attached. I will post another picture later.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I was tagged by Michelle for this

You Are 64% Happy

You are a very happy person. Generally, you feel content and that all is right with the world.
Occasionally, you have a down day - but you have the ability to pick yourself right back up.
How Happy Are You?

Michelle of Rusin Roundup fame tagged me for this. I am not tagging anyone else. But I will give a plug for Michelle's new blog, Rusin Review's. She will be our resident critic on books, movies, etc.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

By request-The WIXYmobile

The bumper has been promised.

Some of the best

Some of the best donuts. To CollegeDJ86: I met your mother this morning. She's a nice lady.

For some of the best coworkers.

From a very grateful QA Inspector

Tag! I'm it.

I've been tagged by Jessica, who's been doing a good job of coming out of her shell lately.

I just have to give four of each.

Four jobs I have held:
1. Quality Assurance Inspector-current job
2.Retail Associate
3. Activity Therapist
4. Floor Maintenance

Four movies I watch over and over
1. M*A*S*H
2.American Graffiti
3. Grease
4.Smokey and theBandit

Four places I have been
1. Terre Haute, Indiana-this was in 1974, so if any of the Terre Haute gang would have seen me, they would have been too young to remember.
2. Long Island
3. Pax, West Virginia
4. Frostproof, Florida

Four places I've lived
1.Rittman, Ohio
2. Cleveland, Ohio
3.Breiningsville, Pennsylvania
4.Hinckley, Ohio

Four TV shows I watch
2. Law and Order
3.Everybody Loves Raymond
4. Sanford and Son

Four people who email me regularly
1. Brenda
2. BizDecision

Four Favorite foods
1. Chicken from Milich's Village Inn, Barberton, Ohio
2.Ice Cream from Hartzler's Dairy, Wooster, Ohio
3.Donuts from Ann's Pastry Shop, Wadsworth, Ohio
4. Pizza fron Rustic Inn, Medina, Ohio

Four Places I'd rather be
1. In the pressbox during halftime of a Rittman football game
2. In Frostproof riding a bicycle in the RV park
3. With my wife at a Family Life weekend to remember
4. Delivering a large order of Milich's Chicken to Meridian, Mississippi

Four things I am looking forward to
1. Someday meeting fellow bloggers
2. Marching Band season to begin
3. My next vacation
4. Reading my new book

Four others to tag
2. Warren Peace
3. Pat Jenkins
4. Diamond

An honor that has me at a loss for words

No sooner do I update my profile picture that it appears on someone else's blog.

Amias, the most unique wordsmith on my blogroll, has made an acrostic of my not so secret identity on her blog.

This is all because I had decided when I started this blog 17 months ago I had decided to be the only person I knew how to be when writing it...ME

Believe me, this was a great way to start my day today. Also non fattening, but leaves a good taste, which also reminds me that I have good taste in choosing my online friends.

The picture, by the way is copyright Amias, and snagged from her blog.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Midweek quickies

UPS delivered my new book today. It's called "No More Mondays," by Dan Miller. This latest work by one of the top career coaches give tips on finding your "values, dreams and passions," and using them to either advance your position in the work you're presently doing, or find your true calling. The book was just released last week, and I am looking forward to reading the nuggets Dan has to share with his readers. I ordered my book through Amazon, but you can get information about this and Dan's other book, "48 Days to the Work You Love" at his website,

Audit Update:The auditor completed his work at our other Cleveland plant today and we passed with no transgressions. It was our first audit since we were acquired by a foreign company. Tomorrow, I will keep my promise and take in the donuts. I may even take in the WIXYcam to show you some of the best donuts around, and some of the best coworkers around.

WIXYmobile Update: Tomorrow the final piece of the WIXYmobile will be put back on, the rear bumper. And by request of Amias and WZZP, I will post some before and after photos.

Struke Update: New videos are posted on Media Matters by Struke and his students. Check 'em out.

New Photo Update: My current profile photo is from 1983 of myself and my oldest child, Martha. The pic was taken in my parent's back yard. Notice the Pepsi Free bottles in the foreground.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Life sometimes can be fair

Being the textbook example of a nice guy, I sometimes get my share of the shaft. the past couple of weeks have been the exception at work. We just went through a quality audit and the shop I work at passed. I had a panic attack this morning thinking that I was going to mess up real bad(my strong suit has never been self confidence.)

Well this morning we had our quality audit at work. I am the only quality inspector at the shop where I work. We have another shop in Cleveland and that's where the quality manager's office is located.

The past year, has not been my most productive and this morning I saw things that needed to be done and promptly had a meltdown. My plant manager saw the latter end of this and took a few minutes to calm me down and let me know that I had done my job well and we would get through the audit fine. He left and I got online and sent several of you emails asking for your prayers, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God is good-All the time!

The auditor came into the shop, checked out operations, came into my office, and left satisfied.

I then thanked the plant manager and others who had my back during this audit. I will be bringing in donuts from Ann's Pastry Shop this Thursday as a thank you for those who helped me out.

I should be putting this on my other blog, but all who read this one are always good to say that they are praying for me, and maybe someone surfing around after typing "WIXY" in a search engine might be looking for a few good people. Everybody who make regular stops here are good people.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I wish I had the WIXYcam with me...

As I was driving home on I-77 this afternoon, I spotted a tow truck with a BMW attached to it. The beamer had a vanity plate on it. The tag read...
I figure this was supposed to be pronounced "the journey." I know expensive cars break down also, but after a little while ago, bemoaning the fact that there are some cars with the special yellow plates with red lettering(DUI) that are in better shape than mine, it did my heart good that the WIXYmobile was following a disabled BMW.

For those not in the know, the WIXYmobile is a 1999 Chevy Metro that was in an accident last summer. If the car would have had full coverage, I'm sure it would have been totaled out. But since I can't afford a new car, I had someone from work make the car street legal. Oh, it gets over 35 miles to the gallon too.

Sports venues-Part 2

During the 90's when the Cleveland Indians were winning the American League Central Division every year from 1995-1999, there was a record set. Jacobs Field was sold out for 455 straight games between 1995-2001. At the park along with all the retired player's numbers there is one that says "455 The Fans."

One of the funny things about that is early on many people would brag that they were at Municipal Stadium when only 3,000 people were there. I figure that if that was the case, the Indians would have had to play 150 home games(instead of 81)there a year to support all the bragging.

On May 15, 1981, Indians pitcher Len Barker pitched a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Announced attendance was 7,290. There were probably less than that there that night,as I remember that it had been raining for most of the day. Game time temperature was 49 degrees. I watched the game on TV at my parent's house with my younger brother, but if you would tally up all those who said that they were there, attendance would have about 200,000. Capacity for baseball at Cleveland Municipal Stadium was slightly less than 80,000.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sports venues

Right now I want to do a local post that may be of interest to all my friends who stop here.

This past Friday, the Jacobs Field sign came down from the front of the ballpark where the Cleveland Indians play their home games. The park is now called Progressive Field, and that sign will be up before opening day.

The original name of the venue was supposed to be called Indians Park, but then Indians owner, Dick Jacobs purchased naming rights that expired in 2006, so the Indians sold the rights to Progressive Insurance for the next 16 years. I sort of hoped the Eaton Corporation would buy the rights and call the field Eaton Park. The vendors would really have loved the subliminal message.

Of course the natives have become restless because the name has changed. Hello! It's still on the corner of Ontario and Carnegie, and the Tribe still plays there. If you are screaming for tradition, call it League Park.

My biggest problem is the big building next door. It's currently called Quicken Loans Arena. The former name was Gund Arena(which to me sounded like a social disease.) I thought that building was unnecessary. Let me explain.

From 1974-1994, the Cleveland Cavaliers called the Coliseum their home. It was built with private funds by the original owner of the Cavaliers, Nick Mileti. He had moved them from a 40 year old building in downtown Cleveland called the Cleveland Arena. Not everybody was in favor of that move, because it was out of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County to Richfield, in Summit County, which was a 25 minute drive from downtown Cleveland. For 20 years, the Coliseum was home to basketball, hockey, indoor soccer, and World Team Tennis. There was a boxing match where Muhammed Ali fought Chuck Wepner. That fight was the inspiration for the Rocky movies.

There also was ice shows, concerts, and the circus, and a whole bunch of other things.

Like I said before, the building was built with private funds. It was also maintained with private funds. Nick Mileti sold it to the Gund Brothers, who bought it with their own money. The Gunds were lured downtown by the Gateway Commission, who built them a new building, using tax dollars, collected from a "sin tax." The Coliseum was sold to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, who bought it with tax dollars. It was torn down with tax dollars. This paragraph has been very taxing.

Your tax dollars at work.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Same Award-Twice

This is what Michelle copied from Amel who awarded her this award:

This award originated from Ann, who elaborated the meaning of this award as such:
"Most of us know who and what cheers us up- what we don't know is how we cheer up others or if we're making a difference in their lives. That's because we let too much time go by without telling those we appreciate how much they mean to us, until it's too late and the opportunity slips away."
"The bloggers I nominated cheer me up like Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, a box of Peanut Butter Panic from Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and a copy of a picture I have in my home of Lucy and Ethel on the job at a candy company."

Thank you for this award, Michelle!

Liquid was also awarded the award from Michelle. Here's what she had to say about it:

"I recieved this award from
Michelle over at
"Russin' Round Up".


I am speechless and overwhelmed at the kindness this chick continues to show me."

Thank You Liquid!

Most of my blogroll has been awarded this one, So I will pass sending this one on, but I will add you all cheer me up. And that also goes for those without blogs who come here.

I once heard a preacher say...

The Bible states that you reap what you sow, and there are some folks who should pray for a major crop failure.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Prayer request for a good friend

I think most who read my blogs know that I regard Liquid as one of my dearest blogging friends. Up until I discovered her blogs, I was writing for a faithful local readership. When I started visiting Liquid Illuzion, I also discovered her blogroll. Through it I discovered Pilgrim and Frasypoo. From Frasypoos blog, I discovered Kathy's Klavier, Jessica, Pat Jenkins, and Bella and so on and so forth. I owe all my outside blogging buddies to Suzanne.

Right now Suzanne is going through a very rough time. I want all of us to express back the love she shows us when she visits our blogs.

Suzanne, we all love you.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just when I said I wouldn't listen

Okay, I work until 5:30 this evening I get into my car, hit the AM/FM button on the car stereo when I heard a voice from Cleveland radio past-Ed "Flash" Ferenc. I had to listen to 1100 and you-know-who. He actually had a good interview with Flash, and I will have to go to iTunes and download that hour to listen to the whole broadcast hour, which is about 32 minutes after the commercials are taken out.

Traffic was steady so I didn't mind only hearing the "lockout" for Moose and Moose when Fred McMurray gave the traffic report.

For those new to this blog and outside of Northeast Ohio Ed Ference was the newsman for Jeff Kinzbach, morning personality on the Home of the Buzzard-WMMS. WMMS was the premier radio station in Cleveland from the mid 70's through the 80's. In September, I wrote a post about this legendary station. There will never another "Buzzard."

For the record, I do not hate or dislike Mike Trivisonno. I have never seen the guy in person. I realize his show is shtick, but the thing about the traffic reports do bug me. One of his producers, Paul Rado contacts me via email every once in awhile, so I would consider him a casual friend.

An update: My wife Kathy is doing better. Thank you for all the well wishes in the comments section. The rough time she was going through was emotional, due to some things that happened at home. Once again I'm convinced that the term adult children is not a oxymoron. But her father has had some health issues, and he was convinced that he wasn't long for the world. This week he has said that he hasn't felt this good in awhile. Pray for his continued health.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As Long as Our Name is Mentioned...

Remember to vote on the traffic report poll to your right.

I called the sponsor of the traffic reports I didn't hear yesterday due to some inane ramblings by the host of the show. The sponsor is one of these chains of law firms that are basically "ambulance chasers." I won't give their name, so we will just call them "Moose and Moose". Well the receptionist at Moose and Moose told me that they just pay to have their name mentioned and for content of what was said during the traffic non-report, I would have to take it up with the station. I'm glad that I have an attorney I can use that actually takes responsibility to something her name would be associated with.

I did call the radio station and left a voice mail message for the program director. I figure it will probably be used as a running gag but then again I made my voice heard. I don't care because I didn't listen. I got off work at 5:30 tonight and put my car radio on ESPN850/WKNR. I listened to the last half hour of Munch on Sports. Host Mark "Munch" Bishop has come highly recommended by both Struke- check out this post on his blog, Media Matters, and the plant manager at my shop, who has seen him around in his town and says he's a great guy.

The ride home was better than yesterday and the traffic report on WKNR was on as scheduled without interruption from the host.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Drive Home

Tonight is the Rittman Band's winter concert. However I have opted to stay home tonight as Mrs.74WIXYgrad has had a rough day and I feel that my first duty is to her. Hopefully I will get some photos emailed to me via the Brendacam.

This afternoon I worked until 4:30 as we are getting ready for the quality audit. The weather has been cold and sloppy so it was a relatively slow ride on I-77.

The WIXYmobile needed some gas, so I got off 77 on the Harvard Ave. exit. The BP station had regular unleaded for $2.86 a gallon, which is over 10 cents less than in Wadsworth. Of course the pumps were busy and two were out of order. I get behind this person in an SUV. He went inside to prepay, and to get sandwiches from the Subway inside the store. I decide it was a good time to do some reading. As I am still waiting on this person to get out and pump his gas, the van in front of him(which pulled up to the pump at the same time) had finished. He pulled away, and I pulled around and up to the pump. I start fueling the WIXYmobile the same time Mr. SUV starts fueling his car. He finishes before me and goes back into the store, I thought to get some change from the transaction. He comes out with a bag of chips. I pull up to a parking space in front of the store. I go in to get a cup of coffee. Mr. SUV goes back in to buy a can of beer. His vehicle is still in front of the pump. Boy does he need a crash course in consideration. He finally leaves as I am leaving the store with my coffee.

Back on the freeway, and the traffic is slower than when I got off. I am listening to the radio to get some traffic report. As I am listening to the ignorance going over the air, the traffic report finally comes on. The host keeps talking over the traffic report, so I didn't get to hear if 77 had any significant accidents. I know the area, so I could have mapped an alternate route for myself if I had to. I know Biz, I will put 850 on my presets. I listened to the news report and couldn't take anymore insulting of my intelligence, so I plug my mp3 player in for the rest of the drive. Cleveland needs another local talk show, one with a host who's main talent isn't acting like a buffoon. There's another talk station in town, WHK/1420, but it's owner-Salem Broadcasting- is only interested in running a station as cheaply as possible, and when they do get a decent show on, it goes away.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Concert Program

This was the program for the Rittman High Steel Drum concert this past Thursday. The first couple of selections were traditional Caribbean tunes. the selection Mbube is the Swahili an title for the number which we know as " The Lion Sleeps Tonight" If you look closely at the names of some of the arrangers of these numbers you will get a sample of the sense of humor that Rittman band director, Ed Sims possesses. I had to put that last sentence in as I get the credit at times for things like that, but then again we do have have the same twisted sense of humor.

Rittman Steel Drum Concert

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thinking Blogger Award-Thank you Bella

Bella-Nurse, mother, wife, and the brains behind "It is What it Is", as well as the recipient of a coveted Top Banana in the category of Southern Cuisine- Has given me the Thinking Blogger award. Here is what Bella has to say in awarding me this honor:
"Wixy's Gone Bananas. This guy is great. Very kind and caring. Not only that, he has given me two blogging awards!"

Now this is a real honor to be given an award for being kind and caring and for putting some thought behind my words. I feel that a blogger who interacts with others (not all blogs are set up that way) is also one who understands others. All those on my list do understand each other and will drop a line when someone is down.

What I want to do now is nominate some of my fellow bloggers and also set up a challenge. I want to challenge those nominated to state why they are passing on the award to their intended recipient. So without further adieu...

Frasypoo-This and That: We get to understand what life is like for one getting used to this culture. Frasypoo is also very thrifty and passes ideas along when she finds one.

Struke-Media Matters: Struke is someone who wanted to make a career out of radio and television. He decided to take the high road, get a degree in education and teach high school students modern media techniques. He is one of high moral value and would like to see the standards of media go in an upward direction.

Amias- Liquid Plastic: Amias always challenges me to think when I read her work. I feel like I am attending American Lit when I read her latest posts. She and Struke have struck up a very good online rapport this past week.

Diamond-A Day In The Zone: Diamond is one fighting a battle many of us are fighting and that's trying to lose weight. She is using the resources of the World Wide Web to bring this information together and pass it along to those of us who are interested, for whatever reason we have, to lose pounds.

Sindi-Life is a Roller Coaster: Sindi is one who, when she senses I may be down, will send me an email in an attempt to lift my spirits. She is a good friend to others and will not use her blog to grind an axe. Also today she has blogged her 100th post. Go over and give her a hand.

Congratulations to all.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I received this email the other day and...

I open my email at work Thursday and have this message from Liquid. In the subject line, it says "Urgent!" Seeing that I knew the sender, I was sure it wasn't anything about any new medication or cheap Rolex watches. The message she sent was for me to call her. So seeing that I was doing paperwork at the time, I gave her a call(they call that multi-tasking.) Suzanne was excited, and the reason why was that Oprah Winfrey was coming to her store, Around the Corner. She had to go there and get ready, since she only had a litle time to get things in order. This was a total surprise for her because the folks over there(her store and others) had only thought Oprah's trainer, Bob Greene would be there. Suzanne's landlord had called her and told her that Oprah would also be there. I felt honored because I was one of the first that she had told this to. I promised Suzanne the news would not leave my fingertips until she had posted something about it. She has posted some photos. Head on over to Liquid Illuzion and take a look at the Liquidcam photos taken of the festivities.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Lady and the Lottery Ticket

In my last post Wednesday, I mentioned the name Alicia Battle. She was the one trying to scam the Ohio Lottery Commission out of 162 million(probably more like 95 million before taxes.)

Last drawing of 2004 found Ohio with it's first Mega Millions winner. The ticket was sold in South Euclid at a convenience store. The winner of this ticket did not come forward for about a week.

Enter Alicia Battle. She had claimed that she had bought the winning ticket, but lost it in the parking lot of the convenience store. After the news of this broke, people came to this store in groves looking for this missing ticket, searching every square inch of the parking lot.

The next day, the actual holder of this ticket came forward. Ms. Battle then threatened to sue this lady and the Ohio Lottery Commission, saying that she was the owner of this ticket. She told the media that she picked out the numbers by dates, ages etc. The next day, Alicia recanted, saying that she wanted the money real bad and that she wanted to help so many people, such as the police.

Shortly following this, WTAM/1100 afternoon drive (lack of) personality, Mike Trivisonno, stated that he admired what Ms. Battle did in order to try to get this money, and if he had a million dollars, he would get naked and roll around in it. Believe me, the image of this is almost enough to make you give up money. He also had her in studio and told her how much he admired her efforts. Of course Triv says that people don't have gambling problems they have losing problems.

So there you have it. Get rich the old fashioned way-by deceit.

P.S. Dave Ramsey says that the lottery is a tax on the poor and those who can't do math.

Award time again

Liquid, thank you so much for this award!
Here's how the award works:
“Distribute this award to those people who have blogs we love and can’t live without,

blogs where the writing is good and powerful.

I thought interested members could kick things off

by publishing the award on their own blog,

naming five people they would like to give it to,

and accompany the image with three things they believe

are necessary to make writing good and powerful.

1. Write for your audience.

2. Blog what you know about.

3. Be yourself.

The recipients then do the same,

passing it on to five other people,

and so on.”

I now award:


Stacy- My Thoughts

Jessica-Five Pines

Tim-Cleveland Classic Media

Struke- Media Matters

All five of these recipients show high moral values and are interested in the spread of good, positive material on the World Wide Web.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Seeing that I'm in a posting mood...

I had an appointment with my friendly neighborhood optometrist today. Except that the friendly neighborhood happens to be 16 miles away.

Well, being diabetic, I have to have my pupils dilated every time I go and today was no different. It was recommended that I get trifocals. It's a drag getting old.

It was partly sunny here in Ohio today, and I forgot my sunglasses. Being the fool I am, I hopped into the WIXYmobile and headed west. There were times that the sun was so bright and I started getting sick to my stomach. I headed towards Wadsworth to get some items at the Evil Big Box Store.

As I was going to the the store, I was listening to our resident loudmouth afternoon radio lack-of-personality, Mike Trivisonno. I do have to give Triv credit for my record day, as far as hits go. This was when I called his show and he cut me off and was rude to me. But that was then and this is now and he's still a buffoon. Back to my story. One thing I heard Triv say was that the democrats fixed the New Hampshire primary.

Triv then had a caller who said that anyone who said that he was part of Cleveland's problems were insane. This caller identified herself as Alicia Battle. For those of you who were unaware, Alicia Battle was a person who claimed that she bought a winning Mega Millions ticket, but lost it in the parking lot of the convenience store. She then tried suing the lady who did buy the 162 million dollar winner. Yeah, that's the type of person I'd want sticking up for me.

Anyway, it was still bright, so into the Evil Big Box Store I go. I was walking around trying to kill some time until the sun starts to set. I also needed some ink cartridges for my printer. So I go back to the electronics department and take a look at the selection. The rational thing to do is buy both cartridges packaged together, right? Wrong. The B&W cartridge was 18.17 and the color cartridge was 33.27. The combo package was 53.27. You do the math.

I think a lot when my vision's impaired.

Cleveland Classic Media has Record Day

Cleveland Classic Media, a blog written by my friend, Tim Lones, received a record number of hits yesterday as a result of a story he did on former Cleveland television anchor, John Hambrick.

I know we have several common readers and some of my out of town readers go over and see what he is posting every once in awhile. Tim does a good job in blogging media history, something he is passionate about.

Go over to Cleveland Classic Media and congratulate Tim for a job well done.

Yeah, I feel that there some good blogs here in my back yard.

Recipe for my personality

The Recipe For Cliff

3 parts Humor
2 parts Impishness
1 part Daring

Splash of Wit

Serve over ice
What's the Recipe for Your Personality?

I was tagged by Liquid for this one.
Bottoms up!

A friend would like YOUR help.

My teacher friend over at Media Matters would like the help of the blogging community. Struke wants to hear what we want to see from the next generation of filmmakers and broadcasters. If you can go over there and give your views(and they do like those folks who go over there and puts their 2 cents worth in) Struke will share this with his communications class and will share their comments with us.

Help shape the next generation of broadcasters, and stop by Media Matters. Let your voice be heard.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Northeast Ohio Weather-Go figure

Yesterday I posted about snow on Seek Him First. Today we saw a record high temperature in the Cleveland area. And you know what? My sinuses are rebelling against the drastic change.

It's said that in Northeast Ohio, if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change.

Some delayed gratification: Last week, Liquid had written a post in my honor. She had found a photo of a Banana Splits game. She said that she thought about me when she saw it. Of course Liquid was one of the first to associate the "bananas" in the title of this blog with me. At this time, though I have been using the title for sixteen months, which is about four times as long as the promotion went on at WIXY/1260. She has been a very good friend to me and I really appreciate the post.

Another thing I can't say enough about is the friendships among this group of bloggers. I enjoy going to my computer and seeing what one of you are posting about. To me it's one of the best things going on the internet. You are all special, not only the bloggers, but those friends who just stop by to see what we have to say. I can't say that enough either.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I have been awarded again.

Mel Kaye of Attitude, the Ultimate Power has given me another award, called Bloggers of the World.
Thank you Mel!

Now I want to pass this along to these good people:
Suzanne of Liquid Illuzion fame

Frasypoo of This and That fame

Warren Peace of Peace of My Mind fame

Kathy of Kathy's Klavier fame

Val of Life of a Valley Girl fame

Amias of Liquid Plastic fame

Pat Jenkins of Pat J(at least in my mind) knows it all fame

Jessica of Five Pines, Through the Viewfinder, and Seadra and Zoe fame

Diamond of A Day in the Zone fame

and last, but hardly least

Bella of It is what it is fame- Come back soon. We miss you!

Editors note: Mel had also awarded the Terre Haute gang and Amel and that's why I didn't award them. But I do agree with Mel on his selection of them.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Did you make financial or career resolutions?

Did you make any resolutions for 2008 concerning your finances or career? If so, let me recommend some resources to help you out.

Those who have been with me since the beginning of this blog know that one of my favorite talk shows on radio is The Dave Ramsey Show. Since the Cleveland station which carried Dave could not come up with an agreement with him in August, 2006, I listen to the show via iTunes most of the time.

Dave Ramsey's story is that he was a millionaire in his 20's working the real estate market. But he was doing that with OPM-Other People's Money. When the bank which he was doing business was sold, all his loans were called in at once and he lost everything. Dave then decided that he wanted to know exactly how money worked, and in the process started helping people out of debt and into financial responsibility. The company he started included financial counselors, and he put together a thirteen week course called Financial Peace University. The book pictured is called The Total Money Makeover, andit outlines the 7 baby steps to get out of debt and into true financial security. It's not an instant cure, as it takes time, and if you're married, you can't do it alone. You both have to be on board. Visit for more details.

Another resource I'd like to recommend if you have career goals in 2008 is a book called 48 Days to the Work You Love, by Dan Miller. I was drawn to Dan Miller through the Dave Ramsey Show, but another endearing factor is he grew up near my home base on a farm in Amish country, in Holmes County, Ohio. Dan is currently a career coach, based in Nashville, Tennessee. 48 days is a book which can prepare you for a new job or make your current job more to your liking. The book contains tips on finding work based on your Values, dreams, and passions. If you are someone who might have a special talent and are looking for part time income, Dan has also written a book called 48 Days to Creative Income. You can find this and other resources at And if you sign up for Dan's FREE weekly newsletter, you can also get a FREE download of the excellent classic, Acres of Diamonds.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

One practicing his own principles

Yesterday, I had recommended the book "The Fred Factor" by Mark Sanborn. today, as I was reading comments, I had noticed that Mr. Sanborn left one there for me. Yes, I may be a little star struck, but I also am very impressed. This was a very good example of Mark practicing the principles outlined in his book. Yes, Mark Sanborn was being a "Fred." I thank you Mark for stopping by. And I also thank the one who sent Mr. Sanborn the link to the post. You were also being a Fred.

Mark Sanborn also wrote a book called "You Don't Need a Title to be a Leader." Check out his other resources at And while you're at it, sign up for his free newsletter.

Back to work today

I am getting ready to go to work after a one day break, which really only served to mess up my system. I slept yesterday until 8:45am and today had to get up at 2:45am. And I'm expecting a cold white ride into work today.

If you get a chance, check out Struke's latest post over at Media Matters, where he comments on the best and worst commercials of 2007. He really appreciates comments, as he uses his blog as an educational tool for the students he teaches in his high school media classes. And while you're at it check out the posts below, which contain work from some of his students.

And finally this is in response to Kasper's(Michelle) comment on my last post-Blog about what you know. We are all unique people and what you write will be of value to someone else. I have only received only a few unkind comments and those were expected because last August I took on a local radio personality. 99% of the comments I receive are favorable and I have only had to delete one comment because of the spirit in which it was written. The writer of that comment? Me. Check out some of my posts from September, 2006 where I was looking for a direction for this blog to go into and you will see things that I wouldn't write nowadays, but it's part of the learning experience.

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

WOW! 2007 was quite a year here in the ole blogosphere. Between my two blogs, I posted 338 times, and judging by the overwhelmingly positive comments, I have made many friends in the past 365 days here.

Last night we stayed home and celebrated the new year's arrival very quietly. I had been awake since 2:30am, so I think I would be a hazard on the road anyhow. I watched New Years Rockin Eve. Dick Clark, still showing the effects of the stroke he suffered 3 years ago, looked good for someone who's almost 79 years old.

I should give awards more often. Yesterday this blog got 80 hits, which is 31 hits over the daily average. I had fun thinking up names for for all the awards and trying to remember all those who have been major contributors to the overall success of this blog. Once again, you are all winners.

What I want for 2008: Hopefully all those who see me this coming year will see less and less of me as the year progresses. Diamond contacted me, asking for a story about my weight loss struggles. Visit A Day in the Zone often because she will be posting stories hoping to motivate others. I also have financial goals to meet in the coming year.

A book I recommend folks to read is called The Fred Factor, by Mark Sanborn. I have this book in audio form, so I have listened several times. It can show you how you can be the best at what you do. I especially recommend this book to Michelle, as customer service is stressed.

All those who stop here are people who have shown me that they use the internet for good. Hopefully we can touch many people in a positive way in 2008.

And lastly: The photo currently on my profile is how I looked when I was 16. The green tie was the only one I owned. Not too many things have changed. I still don't own too many ties and the last time I wore one was June 23 for my daughter's wedding.