Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some Hellos and Some Updates

I got some new visitor comments lately, so I want to give some shout outs.

First is Melanie. We've crossed paths on Frasypoo's and Pat Jenkins' blogs. She come over to pay me a visit last week here. She's had a rough past week and a half, so I delayed going to visit her blog, Monday Through Sunday, until today. Her blog is faith based and written in devotional form. It's a good read for those who want to meditate on things of the Lord. Melanie lives in Denver. Melanie, if you see Mark Sanborn, say hi for me.

Next I want to welcome Michelle from Scotland. She comes here from Amel's Realm. We had a discussion in the comment section today. I told her the story of why I identify myself as 74WIXYgrad. Her blog is titled Crow's Feet.

An email today came from a fellow poster on the Listening Party board(no link because I won't link trash). He posts as weezel and the two of us, along with another poster named Lynnpuskas, had several of our posts deleted from that board. Anyone can ask for anything deleted and it goes to a non human entity which does the deleting.

Weezel got in touch with me via email and told me that he was done with the board but was thinking of starting his own blog. He also told me that he liked mine. All I say to this is "Go for it!" We can always use another good Northeast Ohio based blog. And don't be a stranger here either. And Lynn, anytime you(and weezel) want to leave a message here, please do so. I have several good folks who stop by and add their 2 cents. I can always welcome a couple more here.

What a drag it is getting old:I got my new glasses today. I have to get used to trifocals, but hopefully my eyes will stop hurting when I spend most of my work time on my computer.


Amias said...

Yea, I wear "progressive" bi-focal, and when I work on the computer I have to have a pair of single-vision. Yes, getting old is a drag, and I don't like th alternative!

Glad to see the new folks, will drop by their blogs. I intend to take a minute and go through your blog roll.

Michelle said...

Thank you for the welcome! :-)

74WIXYgrad said...

Michelle, you are very welcome. And I thank you for your addition of my blog to your links.

One correction though. My name is Cliff and not Chris. No biggie, but everybody knows my name, sorta like Cheers, and I don't want any confusion to arise from it.

Michelle said...

Sorry Cliff!

My brain is old porridge lately!


Bella said...

Thanks Cliff, will check 'em out!

:) bella

MondaythroughSunday said...

Thank you so much for the shout out and the kind words that your left on my blog.

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