Thursday, January 24, 2008

By request-The WIXYmobile

The bumper has been promised.


wzzp said...

Live like no one else, to live like no one else. You should send these pictures to Dave.

Amias said...

I use to have a Chevy Chevelle, I don't think I spelt that right, but it was tiny little blue car.

You are brave to get on the road in this .. but I see you can handled it. 35 miles a gallon huh .. how fast does it go?

Bizdecision said..., that's a tiny ride! If I drove that in high school, I don't think I could have fit my tuba in the back!

kasper794 said...

Nice pictures. I have a tag for you on my page if you want to do it.

Pat Jenkins said...

i used to have a ford fiesta. i still don't know how i got in and out of that thing!! looks like you have the same problem!!