Friday, January 18, 2008

Prayer request for a good friend

I think most who read my blogs know that I regard Liquid as one of my dearest blogging friends. Up until I discovered her blogs, I was writing for a faithful local readership. When I started visiting Liquid Illuzion, I also discovered her blogroll. Through it I discovered Pilgrim and Frasypoo. From Frasypoos blog, I discovered Kathy's Klavier, Jessica, Pat Jenkins, and Bella and so on and so forth. I owe all my outside blogging buddies to Suzanne.

Right now Suzanne is going through a very rough time. I want all of us to express back the love she shows us when she visits our blogs.

Suzanne, we all love you.


Pat Jenkins said...

wixy in all sincerity, your compassion shows no bounds. we will keep her in our thoughts!!!

Amias said...

Cliff .. friendship is rare indeed --- you show deep compassion for your fellow human being -- you are batting a hundred and one in my book!

Liquid, my heart and love goes out to you and you are in my prayers.