Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Drive Home

Tonight is the Rittman Band's winter concert. However I have opted to stay home tonight as Mrs.74WIXYgrad has had a rough day and I feel that my first duty is to her. Hopefully I will get some photos emailed to me via the Brendacam.

This afternoon I worked until 4:30 as we are getting ready for the quality audit. The weather has been cold and sloppy so it was a relatively slow ride on I-77.

The WIXYmobile needed some gas, so I got off 77 on the Harvard Ave. exit. The BP station had regular unleaded for $2.86 a gallon, which is over 10 cents less than in Wadsworth. Of course the pumps were busy and two were out of order. I get behind this person in an SUV. He went inside to prepay, and to get sandwiches from the Subway inside the store. I decide it was a good time to do some reading. As I am still waiting on this person to get out and pump his gas, the van in front of him(which pulled up to the pump at the same time) had finished. He pulled away, and I pulled around and up to the pump. I start fueling the WIXYmobile the same time Mr. SUV starts fueling his car. He finishes before me and goes back into the store, I thought to get some change from the transaction. He comes out with a bag of chips. I pull up to a parking space in front of the store. I go in to get a cup of coffee. Mr. SUV goes back in to buy a can of beer. His vehicle is still in front of the pump. Boy does he need a crash course in consideration. He finally leaves as I am leaving the store with my coffee.

Back on the freeway, and the traffic is slower than when I got off. I am listening to the radio to get some traffic report. As I am listening to the ignorance going over the air, the traffic report finally comes on. The host keeps talking over the traffic report, so I didn't get to hear if 77 had any significant accidents. I know the area, so I could have mapped an alternate route for myself if I had to. I know Biz, I will put 850 on my presets. I listened to the news report and couldn't take anymore insulting of my intelligence, so I plug my mp3 player in for the rest of the drive. Cleveland needs another local talk show, one with a host who's main talent isn't acting like a buffoon. There's another talk station in town, WHK/1420, but it's owner-Salem Broadcasting- is only interested in running a station as cheaply as possible, and when they do get a decent show on, it goes away.


Jessica said...

How long of a commute do you have to work and back each day? I have at least an hour each day and many days it's even longer if I have to work at multiple hospitals in one day. One day last week I drove 103miles to 3 different hospitals all in one day. That's one of my complaints about working. I would hate to know how many hours I spend on the road in a year when there are so many other things I'd rather be doing.

And to make it worse our radio stations are awful around here. I've been finding myself driving around in silence lately but sometimes silence is golden.

And you are right, some people have no idea what consideration is.


david5258 said...

cliff--at one time, salem DID have a local pm drive show, with casey the weatherman. he held his own v triv, but lost his job during the great frequency swap between salem, clear channel and cleveland classical radio. lets see if i remember who got what:
640--kept heritage calls, switched from solid gospel/salem to newtalk 640/cc
850 wrmr dies, becomes wknr
1220 wknr moves to 850--salem, 1229 becomes whk, then whkk salem
1420 whk--becomes wclvam, then whk again--salem/wclv/salem
955wclv moves to 1049, 955 spawns the fish--salem
965wkdd moves to 981--cc
981 wtof/whkfm moved to 1220, became wkdd hot ac
1049 moved to 965/kiss, became cleveland classical wclv

feel free to correct my memory or lack of it.

driving between sales calls, i am beginning to appreciate rizzo on 850. triv has become trivial....


Bella said...

I'm lucky I only have a 5 minute commute to work.

And, I only have to fill my car up with gas ONCE a month (hybrid).



74WIXYgrad said...

1420-Became WCLV-AM then took on WRMR, before Salem took over and brought the WHK calls back with them.

1220-Became WHK then WHKW

850-Became WKNR

WHLO-Kept solid Gospel for a few months before Salem sold the station(for 30 pieces of silver?)to Clear Channel, now is News Talk 640

All FM stations were correct by your memory.

1420/98.1 WHK had Eric Hogue on from 4-6pm. I think he held his own against Trivisonno. Salem transferred him to Sacremento.

In answer to Jessica's question I have about an hour's drive to work.

Most days I start at 6:00am and Leave at 3:30.

Sindi said...

Sounds like you have had enough of inconsiderate drivers. I think if people would just think of others as they drive then maybe I would not have to be so afraid of driving. I am working on it though. :) On the plus side, it could have been a bigger butthead at the pump,HE HE HE HE HE :)

Amias said...

You have the patience of Job. I would have asked him to move --- but on the other hand I can recall the down side of pulling up to a pump before the other person paid. Here in Texas folks can be so anal.

Glad you got home safely. I enjoyed the video of the band at You Tube. It was interesting, indeed!

Amel's Realm said...

Ahhh...I rarely listened to the radio. Whenever we go someplace, hubby puts on his CDs.

GREAT decision you made by staying home with your wife. :-)))

Bizdecision said...

WIXY...I also plug in my mp3 player. Who needs satellite radio if you have that? Itunes also help.

Anyway, I can't stand that when Triv talks over sports or the traffic. There's no way Triv would "get over" as much if he was on another station like WHK.

74WIXYgrad said...

Oh, and David, you were thinking about Carey Coleman with the talk show on WHK.

I'm almost convinced that Salem is paid off by Clear Channel as to not have anything on that could provide competition to Trivisonno.

Pat Jenkins said...

wixy i hope the better half gets feeling better... only thing worse than a loooong drive home is the drive in, in the first place!!

Kathy said...

I enjoyed sharing your ride home!

david5258 said...

cliff--erik hogue started out doing morning drive music on 640, then took over afternoons. his talk show was an experiment on 640 to transition to 981. he now is is sacremento doing morning drive newstalk.
carey, not casey coleman disappeared from cleveland after the great frequency swap. i enjoyed him.
whk did become whkw, whkk was originally on 640 way back when, but is best known for being the mortensen/salem teaching station in huntington, wv as an fm.
munch is more emotional than the rodeman and has the plus of NOT being a rustyiron fan.

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