Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Should I be offended?

There are times when I feel the "thought police" assume too much power.

Often in my life, I have been told when I should be offended. I've also been told that some issues I take offense to are trivial matters and that I am behind the times.

As a Northeast Ohio resident, I am reminded every opening day of baseball season that Chief Wahoo, the Cleveland Indians Mascot, is offensive to Native Americans. Now there are times that I get tired of seeing Chief Wahoo everywhere, but I don't equate him with the Native Americans that I know.

I also don't get offended at high schools with the nickname of "Indian" or some variation of it.

As a Caucasian, I do not take offense at such terms as "cracker" or "white trash." Matter of fact, I have referred to myself as white trash on occasion, though I am neither white nor trash.

I do get offended when I hear the "n" word. I have heard too much hate expressed when I have heard that word.

I get offended when I hear the Lord's name in vain. Jesus Christ died for my sins. His name is too valuable to be used as a swear word. And folks don't realize what their asking for when they ask God to damn something or someone.

I also am offended when I hear vulgar slang terms for parts of the human anatomy used in mixed company.

Michael Richards-Kramer from "Seinfeld" went way over the line when he verbally abused a couple of black males in a comedy club last year. The worst thing that will happen because of this will be Richards' career will never be the same. He should have been more responsible for his words and actions, and he will suffer in the public arena.

What Don Imus said about the Rutgers womens basketball team was a thoughtless statement and was wrong. But it was also wrong for other media people to make a name for themselves because of it. CBS proved to me that they have a double set of standards in this case. They took Imus of the air for this. Another morning personality, Shane French aka Rover has a show in Cleveland. It's a populsr show in C-town, but it bombed in other markets. The week following the Imus incident, I heard him, while making copies in another office, tell one of his sidekicks, Dominec Deiter, that if he didn't live up to a dare, he would be kicked in the (testicles). He said the (to me) offending word twice in a 30 second period.

I am blessed in the fact that there are no ignorant people on my blog roll. I myself don't blog for shock value, mainly because I have been accused of wearing my feelings on my shirt sleeve. I try to use the golden rule-Do unto others as you would have others do unto you- as my guide when I am blogging.


Frasypoo said...

Its very true...there are words that should not be used and it should be every persons decision.Several times the word sand n has been used when I am around,usually at my stepsons baseball coach and he is Indian.He is a jerk so I understand people being angry at him but racially motivated words dont help.
My biggest problem is cussing !It was normal when I was growing up so I tend to use certain words and I try hard to stop.

Pat Jenkins said...

well done wixy... i can't believe ohh poo would throw a few bombs around. do you?....

wzzp said...

I think Chief Wahoo is offensive.

A real Chief receives feathers as a sacred gift that symbolizes his beliefs of the tribe.

Chief Wahoo wears a feather, as part of his depiction. Many Native Americans would view that as degrading towards the sacred meaning of a feather.

Simply put, I would think there would be an outcry if there was a team named the Columbus Christians Their "mascot" is Jesus on the Cross. This Jesus on the Cross mascot has a big "goofy" grin on his face. People bring big crosses to the game and swing them in the air (i.e. the Tomahawk Chop). People come to games nailed to a cross, scream and act crazy cheering for their team. Fans make light of the sacred aspects of all Jesus is meant to be. The concession stand can claim to sell water that by miracle was changed to beer. Drink up! It's all for fun.

Let's say there is a team called the Jersey Jews. And in the end zone you see a big Menorah light up one candle at a time when there is a touchdown. And to pass the time an inflatable dreidel is batted around from fan to fan. Fans come dressed to the football game in all black, with big black flat hats on, and those long curled locks on each side of their ears. Really getting behind the Jersey Jews, go Jew go.

Let's bang a drum in the bleachers. Let's paint our skin red. Hey show up to a local sporting event in black face, and watch the response. Let's all be Al Jolson at the next game. Let's stomp around and do a "war game chant," and smack our hands against our mouths.

Oh my God! Go Columbus Christians! Crucify the Denver Devils! SAVE us from defeat.

Amias said...

Thought provoking, indeed. Wzzp .. thinking outside the box, huh.

Cliff, when WE trivilized things, it's hard for the pot to call the kettle black. But I know just what you mean.

Jessica said...

The mascot of my kids school is "Indians". People have gone so far making a fuss over it that it has almost been changed. Thanks goodness they decided not to.


Michelle said...

Excellent post too. Even though your view is 180 degrees from the one I commented on yesterday (sorry, can't remember ww...'s full name), you both made your points so eloquently and with such truth that they truly are both "excellent".

Interesting how there can sometimes be opposing truths that are still quite valid as truth, just from different viewpoints... I suppose it's like describing a landscape from the valley... or the mountaintop? Different yet both the truth?

i like that. :-)

74WIXYgrad said...

Michelle, I think you'd like Amias. Check her out at Liquid Plastic.

Michelle said...

You were right about Amias... I did. I do. :-)

Thanks Cliff.

Liquid said...

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never harm me.

Yup, I agree, " and say unto others as you would have them do and say unto you."

I respect that.