Friday, January 04, 2008

Did you make financial or career resolutions?

Did you make any resolutions for 2008 concerning your finances or career? If so, let me recommend some resources to help you out.

Those who have been with me since the beginning of this blog know that one of my favorite talk shows on radio is The Dave Ramsey Show. Since the Cleveland station which carried Dave could not come up with an agreement with him in August, 2006, I listen to the show via iTunes most of the time.

Dave Ramsey's story is that he was a millionaire in his 20's working the real estate market. But he was doing that with OPM-Other People's Money. When the bank which he was doing business was sold, all his loans were called in at once and he lost everything. Dave then decided that he wanted to know exactly how money worked, and in the process started helping people out of debt and into financial responsibility. The company he started included financial counselors, and he put together a thirteen week course called Financial Peace University. The book pictured is called The Total Money Makeover, andit outlines the 7 baby steps to get out of debt and into true financial security. It's not an instant cure, as it takes time, and if you're married, you can't do it alone. You both have to be on board. Visit for more details.

Another resource I'd like to recommend if you have career goals in 2008 is a book called 48 Days to the Work You Love, by Dan Miller. I was drawn to Dan Miller through the Dave Ramsey Show, but another endearing factor is he grew up near my home base on a farm in Amish country, in Holmes County, Ohio. Dan is currently a career coach, based in Nashville, Tennessee. 48 days is a book which can prepare you for a new job or make your current job more to your liking. The book contains tips on finding work based on your Values, dreams, and passions. If you are someone who might have a special talent and are looking for part time income, Dan has also written a book called 48 Days to Creative Income. You can find this and other resources at And if you sign up for Dan's FREE weekly newsletter, you can also get a FREE download of the excellent classic, Acres of Diamonds.


Liquid said...

Well, it has taken me until I was 41 to take heed to this advice but I finally did it.

And......I highly recommend it!


Kathy said...

I have The Total Money Makeover book and I also recommend it. It's like a Bible for your finances -- makes you realize all the things you're doing wrong. Also makes you want to improve on those wrong things you're doing.

Frasypoo said...

I wish more people would read it.A lot of the single moms I know would rather spend on clothes and makeup than something solid.
I have reverted back to a child like state where you get allowances !!!
My husband has been great with his finances and I thank God for that every day

Pat Jenkins said...

your concern shows no bounds wixy... well done...don't you just love poo!!! she has got a great antidote no matter.... i wanted to remind you to root your bucks on if i do not have a chance to talk to you before monday!!!

Jessica said...

I'm going to check out these books. The new year always brings thoughts of how to better manage our money.


Diamond said...

I think I may pick up a copy of this book as well. I know where the biggest issue is in our finances, just getting my husband to see the same thing I see has been a chore!

Monday Morning Power said...

My blog has been keeping so busy I, sadly, have not had much time to read.

I haver an award for you. Come on by and get it.