Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Tidbits

Boogity Boogity Boogity: Being married to a NASCAR fan, who can make a lucky guess, paid off for Mrs74WIXYgrad this morning. We were on our way to the Waffle House(ironic, isn't it) and listening to Sports Country 104.5/WQKT Wooster, Ohio. 2 of my readers are former employees of that station, BizDecision and David5258. The personality asked who of four drivers did not finish last years Daytona 500? Dale Jr., Elliot Sadler, Jeff Burton, or Mike Wallace? My wife started calling while asking me who it was. I first said Elliot Sadler, but after awhile I changed it to Dale Jr. She got on and gave the guess and it was right. She won a DVD of the Johnny Cash Show from 1969-1972. She was very excited.

Congratulations to Frasypoo who has celebrated her second anniversary as an American citizen. On her post commemorating it she relates taking the test about government and United States history. Sad thing about that test is that there are many natural born American citizens who don't know the answers to those questions. Go ever to This and That and congratulate her if you haven't done so yet.

As the month of January winds down, let me remind you that my featured link for the month is Diamond's, A Day in the Zone. Diamond has been doing some very good research to help others in their struggle in the "battle of the bulge". Check it out. As of this writing, her latest post is the "Fours" meme I tagged her with.

Speaking of the fours meme, three out of the four I tagged gave their list of fours and did a good job. BizDecision emailed me with his, and his list was enjoyable too. I don't normally go for memes, but this one turned out to be fun.

And lastly, the WIXYmobile now has the rear bumper attached. I will post another picture later.


Amias said...

I am glad you got your bumper!

Congrats to Mrs. 74WIXY --- I like old Johhny Cash myself.

I have every intention of checking out Diamond, as I am battling the bulge and could use a few pointers. Headed over to Frasypoo even as I type.

You have a good weekend Cliff!

bizdecision said...

WIXY...a couple things. First, I loved working at WQKT. I worked a lot of Saturdays...mostly early mornings, reading and writing news/weather. It was one of and possibly the best place I worked at in radio. The people there are top notch and professional. Mike Breckenridge is a great guy. The staff there is just a great group of people. It's too bad I'm not closer to Wooster because I would love to work there part-time.

Secondly, regarding fitness...a few of my colleagues at school are wanting to run in this Cleveland half-marathon/marathon in a few months. I guess a half-marathon is almost 14 miles. I have never run any kind of a marathon. The folks at work who want to do it have run marathons before and they are encouraging me to do it with them. I said 'what the heck?' I've been doing 30-50minutes of cardio work on the elliptical a day but today at Bally's, I ran 70 minutes on the indoor track and I didn't feel too badly! There's hope!

kasper794 said...

I have an award for you on my page

TOR Hershman said...

Methinks I'll go and google the citizen test, since I've made 55 trips about old Sol as a cit, and see how well/poorly I do.

Stay on groovin' safari,

stacys1175 said...

I also can't wait intill Nascar starts up Feb.09th start the Bud shot out:)

I have also been reading Diamonds blog I am working on my weight issues and I have started going to support groups and eating better but I have a long road ahead of me hopefully by next year I will have my weight loss surgey done and my health will be alot better that my goal:) in fact I just posted a blog about that if you have time stop by and check it out. it's called I'm Back:)