Monday, January 21, 2008

I wish I had the WIXYcam with me...

As I was driving home on I-77 this afternoon, I spotted a tow truck with a BMW attached to it. The beamer had a vanity plate on it. The tag read...
I figure this was supposed to be pronounced "the journey." I know expensive cars break down also, but after a little while ago, bemoaning the fact that there are some cars with the special yellow plates with red lettering(DUI) that are in better shape than mine, it did my heart good that the WIXYmobile was following a disabled BMW.

For those not in the know, the WIXYmobile is a 1999 Chevy Metro that was in an accident last summer. If the car would have had full coverage, I'm sure it would have been totaled out. But since I can't afford a new car, I had someone from work make the car street legal. Oh, it gets over 35 miles to the gallon too.

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Amias said...

I am still waiting to see pictures of the WIXYmobile.

I tell you what will happen to the BMW that's going on the journey, it's going to go deep into it's owner's pockets!