Wednesday, January 16, 2008

As Long as Our Name is Mentioned...

Remember to vote on the traffic report poll to your right.

I called the sponsor of the traffic reports I didn't hear yesterday due to some inane ramblings by the host of the show. The sponsor is one of these chains of law firms that are basically "ambulance chasers." I won't give their name, so we will just call them "Moose and Moose". Well the receptionist at Moose and Moose told me that they just pay to have their name mentioned and for content of what was said during the traffic non-report, I would have to take it up with the station. I'm glad that I have an attorney I can use that actually takes responsibility to something her name would be associated with.

I did call the radio station and left a voice mail message for the program director. I figure it will probably be used as a running gag but then again I made my voice heard. I don't care because I didn't listen. I got off work at 5:30 tonight and put my car radio on ESPN850/WKNR. I listened to the last half hour of Munch on Sports. Host Mark "Munch" Bishop has come highly recommended by both Struke- check out this post on his blog, Media Matters, and the plant manager at my shop, who has seen him around in his town and says he's a great guy.

The ride home was better than yesterday and the traffic report on WKNR was on as scheduled without interruption from the host.


Warren Peace said...

Heavy traffic in this area amounts to more than two cars waiting at a red light. We do have a station that has traffic and weather during morning and afternonn drive on the 1's though. I love it when they start with the traffic reports at 5:30 AM on the way home from the gym. "Traffics moving well ont he bridge and the causeway at this time". Uh, what traffic?

bizdecision said...

To slightly borrow from the law firm of "Moose and Moose"...WIXY Gone Bananas...Serious Blogging for Serious Posting.

WIXY...I just want a small percentage of the t-shirt profits on this.

Amias said...

Good for you Cliff! The older we get it seem the less our chances of someone listening to us.

Glad the trip home was better today. Here's hoping your wife is feeling better.

wzzp said...

I like it when you take on the Bloated One. More power and support to you.

The Bloated One has been real disgusting as of late. But I am holding to my goal of more WCLV, less WTAM.

Frasypoo said...

Its important!
My husband listens to it on his way home as he drives thro 1-75