Saturday, January 05, 2008

I have been awarded again.

Mel Kaye of Attitude, the Ultimate Power has given me another award, called Bloggers of the World.
Thank you Mel!

Now I want to pass this along to these good people:
Suzanne of Liquid Illuzion fame

Frasypoo of This and That fame

Warren Peace of Peace of My Mind fame

Kathy of Kathy's Klavier fame

Val of Life of a Valley Girl fame

Amias of Liquid Plastic fame

Pat Jenkins of Pat J(at least in my mind) knows it all fame

Jessica of Five Pines, Through the Viewfinder, and Seadra and Zoe fame

Diamond of A Day in the Zone fame

and last, but hardly least

Bella of It is what it is fame- Come back soon. We miss you!

Editors note: Mel had also awarded the Terre Haute gang and Amel and that's why I didn't award them. But I do agree with Mel on his selection of them.


Valley Girl said...

Wow!!! Thank you Cliff!!!!!!

Liquid said...

I am humbled, again!

WIXY, as I type this I am trying to come up with an award that has yet to be deliverd to anyone as of yet.

YOU are the most unique, loving, caring and giving person, not to mention friend, that I have ever met!

Thank you kindly, sir!

stacys1175 said...

Hey, just wanted to stop by and say Hi. and congrats on the award you deserve it :)

Kathy said...

Congrats to you Cliff and thanks! You sure do deserve it!

Jessica said...

Cliff... You are always thinking of others. That's one reason I like visiting your blog. Thanks for the award.

Hope your weekend is going great.


Pat Jenkins said...

your trophy room isn't going to be able to hold all these awards!!!

Warren Peace said...

Once again you humble me WIXY. Thank you.

Bella said...

Cliff, thanks so much for the awards!

It is all very new to me, but it sure was fun to come home to!

I hope to be up and blogging again real soon!

:) Bella

Amias said...

I tell you this Cliff, it seems that in my old age I am finally getting some rewards. Thanks.