Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Seeing that I'm in a posting mood...

I had an appointment with my friendly neighborhood optometrist today. Except that the friendly neighborhood happens to be 16 miles away.

Well, being diabetic, I have to have my pupils dilated every time I go and today was no different. It was recommended that I get trifocals. It's a drag getting old.

It was partly sunny here in Ohio today, and I forgot my sunglasses. Being the fool I am, I hopped into the WIXYmobile and headed west. There were times that the sun was so bright and I started getting sick to my stomach. I headed towards Wadsworth to get some items at the Evil Big Box Store.

As I was going to the the store, I was listening to our resident loudmouth afternoon radio lack-of-personality, Mike Trivisonno. I do have to give Triv credit for my record day, as far as hits go. This was when I called his show and he cut me off and was rude to me. But that was then and this is now and he's still a buffoon. Back to my story. One thing I heard Triv say was that the democrats fixed the New Hampshire primary.

Triv then had a caller who said that anyone who said that he was part of Cleveland's problems were insane. This caller identified herself as Alicia Battle. For those of you who were unaware, Alicia Battle was a person who claimed that she bought a winning Mega Millions ticket, but lost it in the parking lot of the convenience store. She then tried suing the lady who did buy the 162 million dollar winner. Yeah, that's the type of person I'd want sticking up for me.

Anyway, it was still bright, so into the Evil Big Box Store I go. I was walking around trying to kill some time until the sun starts to set. I also needed some ink cartridges for my printer. So I go back to the electronics department and take a look at the selection. The rational thing to do is buy both cartridges packaged together, right? Wrong. The B&W cartridge was 18.17 and the color cartridge was 33.27. The combo package was 53.27. You do the math.

I think a lot when my vision's impaired.


Liquid said...

Sure hope your eyes are better this morning but that you are still thinking sharply! lol

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I remember him! He stole your banana pudding....right off my blog! Sneaky critter, he is. Alicia probably met him in the parking lot to devour it. Hmmmmmmmm.

Have a super day!

Pat Jenkins said...

ok you say you where DIRVING around when your VISION was impaired. i must alert the authorities in northeast ohio in the future!!

74WIXYgrad said...


I wasn't doing any dirving. I was driving.

stacys1175 said...

I sure hope everything went ok at the eye doctor. I got new glasses last month anyway thats crazy about that lady and the lottary ticket. that was the first time i have heard the story. :)

Amias said...

Cliff you are too funny. The closing on this one was right on cue. Most of us think a lot when our vision is impaired. Look like Mike and Alicia eyes need a little dilating.

Ha ha ha ... printing in color costs more. Oh, how I long for those black and white days.

bizdecision said...

Larry the Cable Guy's rant about big box stores that have "clinics" is hilarious. He blasts Wal-Mart.

Pat Jenkins said...

my vision was ipmaired!!! excuse me!!

Frasypoo said...

I hate it when they dilate your eyes !
The last time they did it,I had to wear those plastic fake glasses and rode home on the bike !!I could have died ~~~
Hope you saw my post on cheap frames !!!
Printer cartridges are a big sham!
Walgreens refills ink in some cartridges!
I vaguely remember Battle !!!