Thursday, January 24, 2008

Some of the best

Some of the best donuts. To CollegeDJ86: I met your mother this morning. She's a nice lady.

For some of the best coworkers.

From a very grateful QA Inspector


wzzp said...

WIXY, now you look like my pastor in this latest picture.

74WIXYgrad said...

I've been milling around the thought of eliminating the facial hair. Upper lip hasn't seen daylight since November, 1979.

My chin hasn't seen daylight since around Thanksgiving, 1994.

But then again, my theory about beards is this. You grow one to cover up the fact that you don't have a chin, or you have too many.

wzzp said...

My dad grew a mustache in his early twenties as a young teacher because a fellow staff member tried to have him removed from the faculty lunch line, accusing him of being a student.

The mustache has stayed since. I keep trying to talk him into losing it to shed some years off now.

Now he gets the senior discount at various places without being a senior. It has come full circle now!

74WIXYgrad said...

I get a senior discount now too. I used to be offended by it, but now I just take the discount.

Amias said...

Leave that facial hair alone .. men with white beards looks good. I have been screaming at my husband for cutting his off!

My my my ... those donuts looks mighty good. Too bad I can't have one, heck just thinking about them is putting pounds on me.

Pat Jenkins said...

now that is a face that sailed a 1,000 ships!!... i'd be a little worried around your co workers though... they look pretty rough!!!!