Monday, January 14, 2008

Concert Program

This was the program for the Rittman High Steel Drum concert this past Thursday. The first couple of selections were traditional Caribbean tunes. the selection Mbube is the Swahili an title for the number which we know as " The Lion Sleeps Tonight" If you look closely at the names of some of the arrangers of these numbers you will get a sample of the sense of humor that Rittman band director, Ed Sims possesses. I had to put that last sentence in as I get the credit at times for things like that, but then again we do have have the same twisted sense of humor.


bizdecision said...

Amazing Grace performed by a steel drum band would be interesting to hear.

Amias said...

I love Amazing Grace ... I don't know how twisted your humor is Cliff, but you can be raw.

Is there any way you can upload some of the selections to You Tube? I am with Bizdecision --- I would love to hear Amazing Grace performed by a steel drum band.

Anonymous said...

If you go to YouTube & put in "Dover "Amazing Grace"". There are a few selections of this EXCELLENT steel drum band playing this song. Rittman performs at their show occasionally.

Brenda the Band Mom.

Frasypoo said...

I love Band music...thankyou Cliff for introducing me to it!!
BTW Pat Jenkins is on facebook

Liquid said...

Hey, and I am with Amias and Biz!


"Amazing Grace" played on steel drums?

I've got chills without even hearing it!


Liquid said...

Thank you Brenda, for the info!

I'm off to check this out!