Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A friend would like YOUR help.

My teacher friend over at Media Matters would like the help of the blogging community. Struke wants to hear what we want to see from the next generation of filmmakers and broadcasters. If you can go over there and give your views(and they do like those folks who go over there and puts their 2 cents worth in) Struke will share this with his communications class and will share their comments with us.

Help shape the next generation of broadcasters, and stop by Media Matters. Let your voice be heard.


struke said...

WIXY...thanks for the plug. Many of us teachers have blogs and check out each other's stuff. This is a great way for people to influence or tell me and my kids what SHOULD be in the curriculum. Many things that we think should be taught aren't required by the state or are on any "graduation test."

I appreciate any feedback.

Amias said...

I found the blog very interesting ... and I do admire teachers.