Monday, January 21, 2008

Sports venues-Part 2

During the 90's when the Cleveland Indians were winning the American League Central Division every year from 1995-1999, there was a record set. Jacobs Field was sold out for 455 straight games between 1995-2001. At the park along with all the retired player's numbers there is one that says "455 The Fans."

One of the funny things about that is early on many people would brag that they were at Municipal Stadium when only 3,000 people were there. I figure that if that was the case, the Indians would have had to play 150 home games(instead of 81)there a year to support all the bragging.

On May 15, 1981, Indians pitcher Len Barker pitched a perfect game against the Toronto Blue Jays. Announced attendance was 7,290. There were probably less than that there that night,as I remember that it had been raining for most of the day. Game time temperature was 49 degrees. I watched the game on TV at my parent's house with my younger brother, but if you would tally up all those who said that they were there, attendance would have about 200,000. Capacity for baseball at Cleveland Municipal Stadium was slightly less than 80,000.


Pat Jenkins said...

my uncle is a big cleveland guy. he lived in bolivar. which is just a tad south of the city. i was a royals fan, so i drove up one evening to take in a game. 15 minutes before the start we got our tickets. which were 12 rows behind the royals dugout. it ended up being a great game and series. the royals and the indians always had a good rivalry. so close to field wouldn't be as easy to come by now a days!!

Pat Jenkins said...

i am sorry wixy. obviously this was in the old municipal stadium!! i used to give ole pat tabler a hard time. boy did he have an arm though. he ended up with the royals later!!

74WIXYgrad said...

This series wasn't in the '87 season, by any chance?

There was one game when Willie Wilson got thrown out of the game and he threw a bag of balls in the stand, no umpires saw it so the league didn't do anything about it. Nowadays there would be at least 3 cameras covering it.

Another game in that series, Brett Butler was leading off the bottom of the first. the first pitch he saw was right at his head, Butler charged the mound, got thrown out of the game, and suspended for 3 games.

There were other incidents in that series but I don't remember the names at this time.

Pat Jenkins said...

your memory serves you well wixy. the night we were there bo jackson hit a grand slam to put the royals up only to see the tribe mount a comeback. the next night i thought wilson got in a fight at second base. jamie quirk, boy these are some names from the past, got pegged and he charged the mound the night after that. benches clearing..... that will be a cherished memory. thanks for helping me remember it all.

Pat Jenkins said...

my how my own tales grow. jackson just homered but no grand slam. and now i see why we went in the first place.. saberhagen was on the mound that night. here is the box score.