Monday, June 30, 2008

And now, a friend from the Bluegrass State

This past week I was introduced to another baby boomer blogger. Her name is Jen, and she hails from Kentucky. Her blog is called "Unglazed." She has been writing her blog going on 4 months now.

Jen describes herself simply as "Log home dweller, wife, mother, Christian." She is proud of her faith, her family, and her log home. She knows her log home is from the Lord and not bashful in telling of her faith.

Jen introduced herself to me during a visit to Whattville and has commented on all three of my blogs.

If you haven't introduced yourself to Jen, go on over and do so. And while you are there admire her log home.

Cliff Note: I was going to post her picture here, but my computer would not cooperate.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

In them we trust???

Cliff Note:This same post is now up at my poetry blog. Whattville is on the Other Side of the Tracks. Please pay me a visit there and enjoy my poetry, a talent I didn't realize I had just a few short weeks ago.

The actors all from Hollywood
Think their opinions all are good
Want us to adopt all their views
But they don't walk in our shoes

To them many candidates flock
Think all their thoughts we should take stock
They think their thoughts are like a rock
I think they look at us and mock

They think their morals we should take
But most have morals of a snake
They're shaky as a house of sticks
But their opinion is in the mix

To them they think we should look up
They think we are a newborn pup
They think we are the common fool
But most of them don't finish school

Friday, June 27, 2008

Roll out of bed, Mr. Coffee's dead...

I got up this morning and learned some things today.

First thing was the button I pressed on my alarm clock was NOT the snooze.

Second thing was that 20 dollars worth of gas gets me back home, to work, back home again, and almost back to work the next day, about three round trips(92 miles per). I had to get gas on my way in. Made me late.

In between all this, my coffee maker decided to go south.

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name....and they're always glad you came....

Whattaya mean I can't use my phone while driving?

I have received this email a couple of times. It was telling me about the new statewide cell phone ban here in Ohio, effective July 1, 2008. According to that, I could not use my phone while driving anywhere in the state. To be honest, I don't think that's too bad of a law, but the email is bogus. Someone with waay too much time on their hands copied an email going around in California about a law which was partially true. Only thing changed on the message was "Ohio" for "California."

I'm all for using hands free devices while driving, or even pulling over to talk. I'm not for someone wishing to cause a problem by sending an email that's not true.

A cell phone ban while driving wouldn't be a bad law and before I want to hear about someone's rights being violated I would like to say that it's my right to arrive home safely.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cliff Notes

First you may wonder why I put the notation Cliff Note on some of my posts. My answer, no special reason, except to either point out something or change the subject.
Cliff Note:It has nothing to do with Cliff's Notes, which I never based a book report from. When I was in school, most of the time, I made them up. the statute of limitations have long run out.

Congrats to one of the newest friends: Daisy was one of the runners up for post of the day on David McMahon's authorblog. The post was from Dancing With Daisy called What is Going on in My Yard When I'm Not Looking. Also at Smiling With Daisy, she is doing some neat things with pictures of the two presidential candidates, Obama and McCain. Check it out.

Announcing Bella Builds a House: Yes it's true. Our very own green nurse, Bella is going to build a house, along with her husband, of course. But will it be a greenhouse? Will Clark Kent become Tim"the tool man" Taylor? Will crazy nurse come by and offer expertise? Stop by, and cheer her on and give moral support. She's an important part of the family.

And a great thank you to all who have given me encouragement in my writing of poetry, something I wasn't aware I was talented in. At the risk of being a little braggadocios, go over to my Whattville blog if you haven't been there.

There are some new friends I hope to introduce in the next few days. I hope you go to their places and admire their work. Check out others if you haven't in awhile. Give a word of encouragement while you're there.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm 74WIXYgrad, and I approve this post!

Political season is upon us, and I would like to introduce you to one of my newest blogging friends. I met this one through Pat Jenkins, and in the past couple of weeks he has become a great supporter of this blog, and others on my blog roll.

He calls himself DD2 aka Debonair Dude and his blog is called Our World As We See It. DD2 writes a politically oriented blog and adds some humor to it. His blog is well put together and gives a lot of information to those who want to know.

DD2, according to his profile, is a private investigator from New York. So if you might need someone, say a cheating spouse, investigated give him a call.

Cliff Note: If you have a political blog, leave a comment on this post, along with the name of your blog.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Buckeye Baby Boomer Blogging Buddy

Funny thing about the World Wide Web. I have this blog with 636 posts. All but two of these were written in northeast Ohio. I make comments on Liquid's blog, which originates in Mississippi. A fellow blogger reads one of these comments and comes up to my Whattville blog and leaves a comment. I check out their profile, then goes to their blog. I then find out this blog originates in northwest Ohio. I'm glad there wasn't any gas burned during this journey.

I want to introduce my readers to Daisy. I discovered her blogs last week and have found out that I will get some lessons in photography and poetry. Daisy is very proud of her community and her family, as her blog posts have shown. Daisy has two public blogs -Dancing With Daisy and Smiling with Daisy. Check them out as you will find something for everybody.

And Daisy, welcome to my blog roll.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

And Why Can't I?

Cliff Note:I am writing this post from a computer at the Wadsworth Library. I had this thought while driving to the library to return some books and thought it would be a good thought to blog on. I wanted to post it before the muse took it back.

Sometimes I think the four words that cause the largest percentage of emotional abuse are "you can't do that." Sometimes I wonder why those words are spoken. I speak as one who has had a lifelong affliction of insecurity.

I am not talking of a high school dropout wanting to perform brain surgery or anything like that. What I'm talking about are those who want to hold others back from achieving dreams. I wonder how much greatness has been stifled by those four words?

I have been encouraged by several who read my blogs. Most have been fellow bloggers, others just readers. A couple of these(and you know who you are) want to start blogging.

My Whattville blog has been a result of encouragement from David McMahon of authorblog fame. He posts a short poem every day and I try to comment with a rhyme. If he likes my comment, he will email me with a very encouraging comment. I'm sure he sends encouragement out to others every day too.

I was reminded of someone who was an encourager and a close friend of my wife's family this past week. Harv Kassebaum was one who found good in everything. His family was my wife's next door neighbors while she was growing up. He was also an English professor at Cuyahoga Community College. This past week, my blog was visited by Kathy from California. This was as a result of a Google search. She choose to read my post because of the name of my blog. She listened to WIXY/1260 when she was growing up in northeast Ohio. Kathy commented on an article I posted the day after I went to Harv's calling hours right before his memorial service. She used the comment section to tell how Harv encouraged her to write poetry. Harv was not one who would tell others "you cant do that." He always encouraged people to do their best then showed them how.

And Kathy, come back here whenever you please. And leave a comment as you have been a great encouragement to me and a blessing to my wife and her parents. And we are still trying to get hold of Margie.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Stadium name change proposed

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I had my television on ESPNnews. I kept looking at the "ticker" at the bottom of the screen while it was showing the scores. I noticed that my beloved Cleveland Indians had lost to Colorado 6-3.

As most know, the name of the facility the Tribe plays in was changed this year. The park formerly known as Jacobs Field is now known as Progressive Field, as the insurance company bought the naming rights.

This year the Indians season, so far, is putrid. Several players are now on the disabled list. Shows you what happens when an insurance company buys naming rights. It has also starting to rip the hearts out of the fans who watched as the team came within one game of playing in the World Series last season.

I want to propose another change for the venue which hosts the Indians home games. We should start calling it Regressive Field.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to the grind.....

I'm back at my desk today after a day of some solitude. I had to get some rest out of yesterday. After all, I burned a vacation day.

As I was sitting in my front yard reading a book, I was also thinking about writing one. One of these days, I am going to get myself a laptop, go somewhere where nobody can bother me and put some of my blog posts, along with some connecting thoughts, together.

The worst thing about the power outage yesterday is it wasn't long enough. I was enjoying some solitude. I was also enjoying the peace and quiet while waiting on the doctor to come into the examination room. I got plenty of reading done yesterday.

I could also go for some Milich's chicken today, but I wouldn't be surprised that one of the major contributing factors to my leg swelling may be too much Cliff on top of it. So delicious chicken deep fried in lard is probably out of the question. I will have to get some extra physical activity in before the gang gets back together late next month for some more of that sinfully good stuff.

But then again next month there are three birthdays, my company picnic and a family reunion. Pass the Slim Fast please.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just when things were moving smoothly...

This happens when blogging. I've been moving along quite smoothly when a swollen leg comes into the picture. For the past couple of days my left leg was swollen, from the feet to my quadriceps.
red flags immediately went up for me. One is the fact that I had my left knee replaced over 7 years ago and I was hoping that some of the parts weren't going to have to be reworked. Another was the fact that I'm diabetic and we won't go into that one. The third possibility was raised by my doctor and that was possible blood clots. Well, to be better safe than sorry, I was sent to the hospital to have an ultrasound reading done on my leg. To say the least I called Mrs.74, and she was fearing the worst. I picked her up at home(by this time, I had called work and told my immediate supervisor I wasn't going to be in)and we went to the hospital to have the test run. Long story short, test was negative and I didn't have to be an overnight guest at Medina General Hospital.

We get home and I go to sit and read and the power goes off. Believe me when I tell you that I didn't know today was Murphy's birthday. Of course if I was laying out the special WIXY calendar, this year would have been designated as "The Year of the Murphy."

Nothing like unplanned events to suck the creativity out of you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes it pays

While looking at my sitemeter this evening, I had noticed someone from California here. This person had spent close to an hour reading my blog, so I had to investigate. The post had been wirtten over 14 months ago and it was called Memories of a Family Friend. It was about Harv Kassebaum, longtime neighbor of my in laws. It's always nice to know that someone who touched my life touched others lives as well. I won't repost this, as I don't usually repeat comments but I urge those who are interested to click on the link above.

Just one more answer of that question as to why we keep blogging. We are always touching those we don't see.

Special Announcement

As I was checking to see what all my blogging friends were up to yesterday, I stopped at Kathy's Klavier. At the top of her sidebar she always puts where her son's band, A Plea For Purging, will be playing. APFP is a Christian metal band, and her son is the drummer for them. After noticing that they would be in my area, I checked out their MySpace page, and saw that they will be in Cleveland, at the Pirates Cove on Wednesday June 18. I mapped out where the Cove was in relation to where I work and saw it was 2.4 miles.

I then sent Kathy an email, with my regrets that I couldn't go see them tomorrow since the concert would end way past my bedtime. I get up at 3:00am, so going to a concert 45+ miles away from home was out of the question. She expressed her appreciation that I would check this out. Since I do like to help out my blogging friends whenever possible, I will tell you that the show time is 6:00 tomorrow evening June 18.

Pirates Cove
2083-1/2 E. 21st St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bottle Guards

While I on my way home from work this afternoon, I stopped to gas up at a GetGo station. GetGo is owned by the Giant Eagle supermarket chain. I stopped there because I had a discount with my fuel perks.

I was paying in cash, so after I got done pumping I went in to get something to drink. I took my Diet Pepsi to the cashier and saw a stack of these coupons.I thought to myself that someone was very considerate to put coupons for free bottles of water by the cashier before the hottest part of the year commences. I also noticed that there was a protective coating on the back of the coupon. It peels off and I think you use it as a bottle guard.I don't know for sure, but I think "MWL" stands for "My Water Leave it alone" If it doesn't mean that, then it's a terrible waste of vinyl. Maybe the "Maxwell" on top means it's also good to cover coffee cups.

Question of the day

Who would want to shoot fish in a barrel?

*New Blog Alert*

***And it's all you all's fault****Cliff Note:Just kidding'

Because of all the encouragement I have received from posting all these rhymes, I have decided to set a blog aside for poetry. It's called , "Whattville is on the Other Side of the Tracks."

I hope that this new blog will provide an uplift and a few smiles.

And thanks to those who have already been there.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Father's Day Ditty

Cliff Note: I hadn't planned on posting like Theodor Geisel for Father's Day. However, Pat Jenkins threw down the gauntlet, so I thought I'd give it a try. I also found out when I googled the name to get the correct spelling, Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield. Not Pat's Springfield, in Ohio, but Springfield, Massachusetts. And Pat, seeing you threw down that gauntlet, come back and pick it up.

I am a dad
And so are others
We are good dads
We have good mothers

Our children are born
We can not shirk
The job we have
We go to work

They copy all
Our every moves
Their love for us
Always soothes

They repeat what we say
Sometimes we all pray
When they go to our folks
They forget on that day

We'll be a pal
We'll be a stranger
We'll be close by
If they are in danger

We know how to make
Their faces turn red
We'll read them their stories
And tuck them in bed

I mooed at the cows
I quacked at the duck
If your children read this
They'll know they have luck

I helped them deliver
The Sunday Post
Then when they got home
I'd make them french toast

I watched them all grow
Graduate from their schools
Now it is their time
To make family rules

Now that this ditty
Has come to an end
I hope that my children
Look to me as a friend

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

I was practicing a concept somewhat foreign to me called planning ahead, and getting my Father's Day post ready and written. It will be posted shortly before 1:00AM my time, about 7 hours before I plan to get up. You gotta love some features of blogger.

Anyway, I thought since Father's Day has been used in the past to embarrass the dads, I would turn the tables this once.

My daughter, Martha, of Welcome to My Crazy Life, and others, fame, delivered a weekly paper when she was going through her teenage years. The neighborhood she delivered in was away from ours, so I helped her to deliver. When we finished, sometimes I would make a stop at the Goodwill. Martha, being a typical teenager, would hide in the car, so her friends wouldn't see her in the car in front of the store.

Later the Goodwill in town was moved to another location. It was next to a hardware store. Martha got to know the hardware store well.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'll take mine with a twist of limerick

From out of the parlor came Joe
With a cane and walking quite slow
While joking with glee
Was punched in the knee
As offending a midget will show

Another post from whattville

Cliff Note: This whatville post is dedicated to the anti-hero of my blog, WTAM/1100 afternoon host Mike Trivisonno. And please read this to the end.

Cliff Note 2:By proclamation of the mayor an extra "t" has been added to the spelling of Whattville. This has taken effect on June 15, 2008. Please make a note of this.

He's in Ohio
Where I come from
And a whole lot of people
Think he is scum

He rants and raves
They think it is funny
He makes his station
Boat loads of money

Triv has his interns
And Rado
And Marty
They all have fun
It sounds like a party

He'll eat on the air
He'll chomp
And he'll slurp
And when he is finished
He'll let out a burp

We want to hear traffic
And weather
And sports
But Triv will just tell us
We can just eat his shorts

He talks about Rado
And all of his bits
He talks of his wife
And her real nice hospitality

With some of his content
We don't think should pass
Triv will just tell us
To kiss his 29 number one books

Me being a nice guy
I want to tell you a fact
This surly curmudgeon
Is only an act

His fussing
His fuming
His making us shout
While doing his business
He helps people out

Sometimes when he's funny
He raises some money
To help youth in a snow storm
By keeping them warm
He lines up the acts
And puts coats on their backs

But on this June day
I just want to say
Bad feelings don't hover
And you shouldn't judge
A book by it's cover

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dr. Seuss I ain't..

or, Horton blogs a who?

They say we bloggers aren't so smart
We have no brains, we have no heart
Well I am here, I want to say
We are special in every way.

We blog of laughter
We blog of tears
We blog of chicken
And imported beers

We blog of our houses
We blog of our cars
We blog of signs
We blog of bars

We blog when it's raining
We blog when it's sunny
We write our comments
When your blog is funny

We blog of our work
We blog of our food
And when we are finished
We blog of our mood

We blog of our spouses
Our sisters and brothers
Our friends and our famlies
And then we find others

We blog of our drives
We blog of our trips
We make some mistakes
We blog of our slips

We blog in a car
We blog in a boat
In the middle of winter
We blog in a coat

We blog about peanuts
We blog about coke
Some of us even
Blog about smoke

Some bloggers live near
Some bloggers live far
If you're on my blogroll
I think you're a star

And while I have blogged this
It popped in my head
Dr Seuss couldn't blog this
Because he is dead

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fred Award

As most of the friends of this blog are aware, I got a surprise at the beginning of the year when I had mentioned one of my favorite books. Mark Sanborn, the author of "The Fred Factor," paid a visit to my comment section, thanking me for recommending his book. Mark recommends people hand out "Fred Awards" when they do something ordinary extrordinarily well as a tribute to Fred Shea, his former postman.

I would like to bestow the Fred Award on David McMahon, of authorblog fame. David, much like myself, promotes other blogs and in doing so, he motivates these bloggers to do their best. He comments at times via email, and he usually gives a short, very complimentary, message. Several times a week, David recognizes other bloggers with his post of the day. I was even honored a couple of weeks ago with a runnerup designation. David is a leader among bloggers and provides inspiration for all who stop by to do their best.

Cliff Note: I receive no "blogola" from Mark Sanborn. I do consider him a leader and a friend whom I have never met. Having said that, I would like to recommend you click on this link and go to the Mark's online store where you will be able to purchase a wide variety of motivational materials, and you will be able to get a free download of the Fred Certificate, pictured above. And once again, I suggest you get copies of his books, the Fred Factor and you Don't Need a Title to be a Leader, both excellent books.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Featured Blog-All Things Cleveland

As most of my readers know, I live about 40 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio, and work on the east side of the city. My blogging is a result of my activity on Cleveland area message boards. One of the message boards I occasionally post on is the television board. One of the other posters is one who calls herself "tvspy." She is also a very active blogger and knows her history of Cleveland. One of several blogs she has written is called All things Cleveland. All things Cleveland is a very well written, well designed, blog. If you want to know about my home area, you should pay her a visit.

Also on her blog is a link to several other blogs she has written, one is about the history of US route 20, and others are about the Law and Order television shows. All are interesting blogs. Take some time and check them all out.

Cliff Note:Being a lady and married 33 years is the only thing she has revealed about herself, which is probably a smart thing, given some of the folks that visit those boards. Then again, not everybody have the character of those who read my blogs.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Who's the Newest Guy in Town




1980 American League rookie of the year, Joe Charboneau, was on hand to sign autographs at the Rittman IGA this afternoon. The Foutty's brought Joe to Rittman today as part of the first anniversary celebration as a thank you to the good people of Rittman. I was also there with the WIXYcam.

One thing I can always appreciate, being one who has a name which is commonly misspelled, is when a celebrity's name is misspelled. But then again, only a fan would notice this one. That banner had been hanging for 2 weeks and Joe's last name is spelled "Charbenau." The correct spelling for those keeping score is Charboneau.

Cliff Note: 100 years from now, who will care?

Anyway, today when I went to see Joe, Donnie Foutty, one of the owners, took a WIXYcam photo of Joe with me. And I wasn't as prepared as I should have been, as the WIXYcam's batteries went dead right after that picture was taken.

Anyway, you may ask why Joe Charboneau is so special. Joe Came to the Cleveland Indians in the late 1970's from the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for a pitcher named Cardell Camper(who?) But Joe was a legend of sorts. It was said that he opened up beer bottles with his eye socket. His nose was broken so much that he could drink beer through a straw through his nose. During spring training 1980 the Indians went into Mexico for an exhibition game. Joe was stabbed in the ribs with a pen.

After the stellar year of 1980, Joe's stats took a dive and he was sent back to the minors and by 1983 Joe was out of baseball. Joe did have a bit part in the movie "The Natural" with robert Redford. He was a member of the New York Knights.

This afternoon Joe was very cordial and treated everybody well.

Ricky would have loved going there today...

Repost: Once again Hometown Proud

Cliff Note:This is a repost from May 30, 2006 when the Rittman IGA had opened it's doors after an absence of almost 7 months of a full service grocery store in town. More notes to follow the original post

Wednesday, May 30, 2006 was a big day for the residents of Rittman as the IGA re-opened their doors. The first folks to walk through the doors were my daughter Martha, her husband Kevin, and children Ben, Makenna, and Silas. Ben had told everyone that the IGA was opening and that he was going to be the first customer. After choosing applesauce and chocolate milk, Ben was indeed the first customer to check out at the new Rittman IGA. Owner Dan Foutty is presenting Ben with a ball for being the first customer(Ben calls this his IGA ball). What makes me happy to see is that Rittman has it's full service deli and bakery back. The store is set up the same as before with some welcome changes. Prices are more reasonable, and as pictured there is a special on selected meats where you can choose five packages for $19.99, which is similar to what one of the stores in Wadsworth offers. I will be trying their chicken in the next few days and will report on the quality shortly thereafter. Also the seniors of Rittman now have a place to shop again. And with the price of gasoline having escalated, any trip out of town saved will be appreciated.


Additional Cliff Notes:In the past year the Fouttys have run an efficient, clean, and well stocked store. The Rittman offers some of the best fried chicken around, surpassing the chicken of the previous owners which was very tasty.

The family has contributed greatly to the community, bringing in car shows, a petting zoo, and concerts in the parking lot. All this is an added value given the escalating price of gasoline. That alone will keep people in town.

The Foutty's are very visible around the store, helping keep the store clean and orderly. They have proven that they care about the people of Rittman.

Attention Liquid:

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thank You City of Wadsworth

For educating so many this past weekend. And thank you also for honoring the veterans who have defended our country during a very unpopular war.

And thank you Vietnam veterans for serving our great country, and not running, during this time.

Using their talents

To remind us not to forget a very dark day in our nation's history.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Looking for a few good people

The Traveling Museum; Donations Accepted

The trailer that transports the "Wall That Heals" serves as a mobile museum during the display. In previous posts, I have shown parts of this museum which serves to educate some minds and refresh others. Donation boxes were also set up within the area and attended by active military personnel.

They Still Contribute

Many stories abound of Vietnam vets who came back and could not function as the contributing members of society they would wish to be. I would like to write about two diasabled vets who who have been major contributors.

Bill Willoughby is a retired U.S. Army Major. He lost most of the use of his left arm in Viet Nam when he was shot. Bill has used his leadership skills and has become a major presence in the business world. He also founded the company I work for, so in effect, he's been responsible for my getting a paycheck for the past 16 years. He has made sure his employees have comparable benefits to the rest of the industry. And Bill has made sure that he has the leadership in place to insure that the company delivers the best possible product in the safest possible work environment. He has also served in a civilian capacity for the Secretary of Defense.

Dave Roever
is a Christian evangelist who suffered major burns caused by a phosphorus bomb in Vietnam while serving in the Navy. He witnessed several other servicemen give up when their wives and girlfriends gave up on them. His wife never gave up on him, and neither did the Lord. I saw Dave Roever at the Promise Keepers event in Cleveland, Ohio in 2005. He's been serving his fellow vets along with telling men how to be leaders in their own home. Because of his war-time experience of service, injury and recovery, he is uniquely qualified to speak to the needs of military personnel.

These two, and others still continue to serve their country by serving their fellow man.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Story of the Wall That Heals

Click on image to enlarge

Wadsworth Students Show Their Gratitude

The windows of downtown businesses in Wadsworth were decorated by thank you notes to the veterans made by students of Wadsworth City Schools, who were also responsible for the bringing of the wall to Wadsworth.

On the fence, by the gazebo, were banners from all the Wadsworth Schools, signed by all the students. THANK YOU WADSWORTH CITY SCHOOLS.

A place of rest, and some conversation

St. Mark's Episcopal church is located on the square in Wadsworth and is right next to where the west end of the wall was. They had offered a place for prayer in their sanctuary and provided a place to rest, free coffee and water. I had gone up there to get some water for myself and my wife and got into conversation with two people. One was a Vietnam vet and the other was from the church, a native of Singapore. The young lady from Singapore had shared with us that even though many Americans didn't know why our country was in Vietnam, the people of her country did, and were grateful. She shared with us that the Asian countries were set to fall like dominoes to communism had American forces not been in Vietnam.

I had mentioned to the vet that I couldn't understand why soldiers returning home after serving their tour of duty were treated the way they were by their fellow citizens. These young men, for the most part, were drafted into the service and had no choice in where they served. According to the fact sheets I posted below, at least 25,000 of the casulties were 20 years old or younger. As I said previously, they couldn't legally drink anything stronger than 3.2 beer, they weren't old enough to vote, but they were old enough to die for our country. They died for the freedom those folks who spit on them take for granted.

Information Available

All names on the wall were on a data base. Volunteers were on hand to give you a printout, and show you how to locate where the etched name. There was also information in the area on how to locate anyone who might have served in Vietnam. The trailer is open 24 hours, until 6:00pm Monday night June 2.

Many came to see......

Some left flowers to honor those who gave their all.

To some of us, we studied it as current events. To this generation, it's history.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Broadcast equipment used by reporter of National Public Radio-NPR. No matter what their views were those journalists had to be as brave as the service people as they reported the action.

Some Notibles who Served in Vietnam

Those of us who grew up as Cleveland Browns fans recognize Rocky Blier as a member of the enemy Pittsburgh Steelers. But in a more important game, he served all of theUSA as a member of the United States armed forces in Vietnam.

Many people reading this post owe more than a debt of gratitude to James Kimsey.

These photos were on the trailer that transported the Traveling Vietnam Wall. The trailer also serves as a traveling museum. If it comes to your town, you owe it to yourself to check it out.