Friday, June 06, 2008

Repost: Once again Hometown Proud

Cliff Note:This is a repost from May 30, 2006 when the Rittman IGA had opened it's doors after an absence of almost 7 months of a full service grocery store in town. More notes to follow the original post

Wednesday, May 30, 2006 was a big day for the residents of Rittman as the IGA re-opened their doors. The first folks to walk through the doors were my daughter Martha, her husband Kevin, and children Ben, Makenna, and Silas. Ben had told everyone that the IGA was opening and that he was going to be the first customer. After choosing applesauce and chocolate milk, Ben was indeed the first customer to check out at the new Rittman IGA. Owner Dan Foutty is presenting Ben with a ball for being the first customer(Ben calls this his IGA ball). What makes me happy to see is that Rittman has it's full service deli and bakery back. The store is set up the same as before with some welcome changes. Prices are more reasonable, and as pictured there is a special on selected meats where you can choose five packages for $19.99, which is similar to what one of the stores in Wadsworth offers. I will be trying their chicken in the next few days and will report on the quality shortly thereafter. Also the seniors of Rittman now have a place to shop again. And with the price of gasoline having escalated, any trip out of town saved will be appreciated.


Additional Cliff Notes:In the past year the Fouttys have run an efficient, clean, and well stocked store. The Rittman offers some of the best fried chicken around, surpassing the chicken of the previous owners which was very tasty.

The family has contributed greatly to the community, bringing in car shows, a petting zoo, and concerts in the parking lot. All this is an added value given the escalating price of gasoline. That alone will keep people in town.

The Foutty's are very visible around the store, helping keep the store clean and orderly. They have proven that they care about the people of Rittman.


Michelle said...

Wonderful. :-)

Pat Jenkins said...

it is good to see "mom and pop" places making it back.... i wish them all the success..

Sindi said...

I just loved reding about the IGA store. An IGA store just down the road from me closed last month and it made me sad. I loved seeing the pic of Martha and her family again. Great Story:-)

Liquid said...

Your eye pleases me

.......and your heart too!