Friday, June 13, 2008

Another post from whattville

Cliff Note: This whatville post is dedicated to the anti-hero of my blog, WTAM/1100 afternoon host Mike Trivisonno. And please read this to the end.

Cliff Note 2:By proclamation of the mayor an extra "t" has been added to the spelling of Whattville. This has taken effect on June 15, 2008. Please make a note of this.

He's in Ohio
Where I come from
And a whole lot of people
Think he is scum

He rants and raves
They think it is funny
He makes his station
Boat loads of money

Triv has his interns
And Rado
And Marty
They all have fun
It sounds like a party

He'll eat on the air
He'll chomp
And he'll slurp
And when he is finished
He'll let out a burp

We want to hear traffic
And weather
And sports
But Triv will just tell us
We can just eat his shorts

He talks about Rado
And all of his bits
He talks of his wife
And her real nice hospitality

With some of his content
We don't think should pass
Triv will just tell us
To kiss his 29 number one books

Me being a nice guy
I want to tell you a fact
This surly curmudgeon
Is only an act

His fussing
His fuming
His making us shout
While doing his business
He helps people out

Sometimes when he's funny
He raises some money
To help youth in a snow storm
By keeping them warm
He lines up the acts
And puts coats on their backs

But on this June day
I just want to say
Bad feelings don't hover
And you shouldn't judge
A book by it's cover

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Liquid said...

I am lovin' this side of you!