Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

I was practicing a concept somewhat foreign to me called planning ahead, and getting my Father's Day post ready and written. It will be posted shortly before 1:00AM my time, about 7 hours before I plan to get up. You gotta love some features of blogger.

Anyway, I thought since Father's Day has been used in the past to embarrass the dads, I would turn the tables this once.

My daughter, Martha, of Welcome to My Crazy Life, and others, fame, delivered a weekly paper when she was going through her teenage years. The neighborhood she delivered in was away from ours, so I helped her to deliver. When we finished, sometimes I would make a stop at the Goodwill. Martha, being a typical teenager, would hide in the car, so her friends wouldn't see her in the car in front of the store.

Later the Goodwill in town was moved to another location. It was next to a hardware store. Martha got to know the hardware store well.


Pat Jenkins said...

ain't it fun to embarrass them when we can?...

Martha said...

But yet now...I love goodwill!!! Small world, aint?