Monday, June 02, 2008

Story of the Wall That Heals

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Michelle said...

I know two ex vietnam vets (via online friendships) who have health struggles to this day. Such a tragic war!

These posts also ring a completely different set of memories for me. A psychiatrist dealing with Vietnam vets one said in a paper that the vets of the Rhodesian bush war showed identical symptoms. Both fought extremely stressful and controversial wars, but in the case of the latter they had no country to return to, in a manner of speaking.

I knew a friend of my dad's who checked for landmines under his bed and TV lounger every day.

It also irks me, to be honest, that the other countries who fought in Vietnam get a similar cold shoulder/snubbing by the world. In fact I never even knew other countries fought with the USA until I was in my late 20s!