Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Father's Day Ditty

Cliff Note: I hadn't planned on posting like Theodor Geisel for Father's Day. However, Pat Jenkins threw down the gauntlet, so I thought I'd give it a try. I also found out when I googled the name to get the correct spelling, Dr. Seuss was born in Springfield. Not Pat's Springfield, in Ohio, but Springfield, Massachusetts. And Pat, seeing you threw down that gauntlet, come back and pick it up.

I am a dad
And so are others
We are good dads
We have good mothers

Our children are born
We can not shirk
The job we have
We go to work

They copy all
Our every moves
Their love for us
Always soothes

They repeat what we say
Sometimes we all pray
When they go to our folks
They forget on that day

We'll be a pal
We'll be a stranger
We'll be close by
If they are in danger

We know how to make
Their faces turn red
We'll read them their stories
And tuck them in bed

I mooed at the cows
I quacked at the duck
If your children read this
They'll know they have luck

I helped them deliver
The Sunday Post
Then when they got home
I'd make them french toast

I watched them all grow
Graduate from their schools
Now it is their time
To make family rules

Now that this ditty
Has come to an end
I hope that my children
Look to me as a friend


Sindi said...

That was so beautiful, I almost started to cry. You are really good at poetry. :-) Don't stop now, keep it up you are great.

Monday through Sunday said...

Happy Father's Day!!

Great post!

Pat Jenkins said...

i will not repeat
your brilliant feat
but wish you wixAy
a happy father's day!!

Anonymous said...

happy Father's Day Cliff!