Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fred Award

As most of the friends of this blog are aware, I got a surprise at the beginning of the year when I had mentioned one of my favorite books. Mark Sanborn, the author of "The Fred Factor," paid a visit to my comment section, thanking me for recommending his book. Mark recommends people hand out "Fred Awards" when they do something ordinary extrordinarily well as a tribute to Fred Shea, his former postman.

I would like to bestow the Fred Award on David McMahon, of authorblog fame. David, much like myself, promotes other blogs and in doing so, he motivates these bloggers to do their best. He comments at times via email, and he usually gives a short, very complimentary, message. Several times a week, David recognizes other bloggers with his post of the day. I was even honored a couple of weeks ago with a runnerup designation. David is a leader among bloggers and provides inspiration for all who stop by to do their best.

Cliff Note: I receive no "blogola" from Mark Sanborn. I do consider him a leader and a friend whom I have never met. Having said that, I would like to recommend you click on this link and go to the Mark's online store where you will be able to purchase a wide variety of motivational materials, and you will be able to get a free download of the Fred Certificate, pictured above. And once again, I suggest you get copies of his books, the Fred Factor and you Don't Need a Title to be a Leader, both excellent books.


Anonymous said...

Such a cool award Cliff, and no doubt David deserves it!

=) Bella

Monday through Sunday said...

very cool! Congrats David!!

Hope you having a good day!